Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility in Life, Love, and Sex

It’s well-known that two individuals with a similar zodiac sign will not enjoy a healthy relationship. However, with two Aquarians in the mix, things are bound to take a different, more positive shift.

Let’s talk about Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility. An Aquarius man and woman enjoy all the advantages of a good relationship: companionship, respect, sexual expression, among others. Like all other relationships, however, two romantically-involved Aquarians have their fair share of pitfalls and misunderstandings.

They each have their points of view and unique character traits that may clash at some point. Once the two Aquarians grow fond of each other, they’ll know perfectly well what to expect from their partner.

By nature, Aquarius is quite specific when it comes to matters of the heart. They may look for freedom, acceptance, or generally anything that can give them a sense of belonging in the relationship. When these two similar signs come together, both in search of something from the relationship, they can be relatively compatible.

The Aquarius male and female have a lot in common, so it makes bonding such a straightforward and fun process. Keep reading to find out how the two Water Bearers fair in a typical romantic union.

Overview of the Aquarius Sign

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarians are the 11th sign of the zodiac. Birth dates of men and women born under this sign range from the 20th of January to the 18th of February. Aquarians fall under the Air element, typically associated with the Autumn (Fall) season. Other Air signs of the zodiac include Gemini and Libra.

Aquarius is under Uranus’s rulership and has the Water Bearer as their avatar. Uranus inspires timidity, aggressiveness, and visionary qualities among men and women born under this sign.

Water Bearers, being fixed signs, can quickly adapt to their surroundings regardless of the circumstances. To fully come to terms with the new status quo, they often set some time for themselves away from the outside world. These beings see the world as a spectrum bursting with endless opportunities.

Positive Traits

Aquarians are open-minded individuals who are always open to fresh opinions and ideas. Although they prefer doing things on their terms, they don’t mind giving an ear to external input.

Intelligence is one of the most popular traits of any Aquarian being. These Air signs can quickly come up with extraordinary ideas that have a tremendous impact on those closest to them.

Aquarius’s unmatched creativity and high intellect grant them the unique position of excelling in various fields. The Water Bearer takes an interest in humanitarian sciences, such as literature, history, geography, and sociology.

Aquarians rarely worry about things they can’t change. Their friendliness and easy-going nature make them exceptional companions who can motivate and liven others in the darkest times.

Negative Traits

Despite Aquarius’s remarkable social skills, they often struggle to express themselves whenever they’re in the company of unfamiliar faces. They become lost in thought and often lose their train of thought fast. This negative personality may be the worst setback to success.

Aquarians are naturally unpredictable. They unexpectedly lose their calm and find themselves expressing their anger even without provocation. Friends or partners of an Aquarian may find it somewhat difficult to adapt to this particular trait.

Privacy and independence is an essential aspect of any Aquarian man or woman. These individuals prefer keeping their struggles to themselves. They see sharing their emotions as a waste of time. The more they keep to themselves, the more bitter they become. What follows are frequent and unexpected outbursts that signal the climax of the Aquarian’s caged-up emotions.

Representatives of this Air sign are considered thick-headed because of their need to be independent. Don’t bother trying to change their mind once it’s already made up.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius in Friendship, Communication, Love, and Sex



An Aquarius and Aquarius friendship is built upon intelligence and creativity. The two friends focus on their well-being and that of others around them. They thrive in large groups due to their outgoing and energetic personalities.

Aquarians love forging new connections with third-parties who may help them achieve their goal faster. Their good intentions may take a turn for the worst to the point of neglecting one another’s social needs. Water Bearers are typically driven by their desire to succeed. The Uranus-led signs must know when to draw the line as far as socializing goes if they want to make their friendship last longer.

As friends, the two Aquarians often feel the need to detach themselves from the outside world, especially if they’re working on new projects. They see themselves as too enlightened to mingle with anyone outside their intellectual scope. Aquarians have a cold attitude towards anyone they consider ordinary or dull.

The Water Bearers’ fixed sign makes them opinionated and obstinate. These traits may be annoying to most people, but not to Aquarians. They believe that having something to say about anything leads to efficiency and proficiency.



Communication between two Aquarians is mystical to the highest degree. These two Air signs can easily sense the other’s thoughts and emotions without the need for verbal interactions.

Telepathic communication between the Aquarian man and woman enhances their relationship and boosts their overall compatibility. Third-parties outside their relationship won’t even bother trying to comprehend how these two put their points across to one another.

The Aquarius male and female’s uncanny conversations add some fun and spice to their intelligence-based relationship. When Aquarians get together for a friendly discussion, they talk about anything within the fields of politics and weather. Boring topics to others, but exhilarating and stimulating to Aquarians.

Aquarius’ habit of suppressing their emotions may lead to light disagreements now and then. Although they’re telepathic beings, there are still lots of things that they can’t pick up from their Aquarius partners. Despite their mutual need for privacy, the Aquarian couple will steer clear from lying to each other.

They greatly value honesty, and neither appreciates being lied to. In case of any disagreement, the two intellectual beings will address their issues and come to an amicable conclusion.



Aquarians are astonishingly patient beings. They’re never in a rush to commit to a relationship – they prefer to maintain their friendly relations up until they learn how to handle each other’s weaknesses. Additionally, Aquarians value their freedom; they’re never in a hurry to confine themselves to complex rules and regulations in a typical romantic relationship.

When they eventually make their romantic affairs official, their relationship is nothing short of dynamic. Truthfulness and fidelity are the solid foundations of an all-Aquarian relationship.

In many ways, both parties still manage to retain their freedom despite their romantic commitments. They’re free to socialize and do whatever they want providing it doesn’t jeopardize their union in any way.

In the middle of their relationship, the Aquarius man and woman will value the essence of staying committed to each other. They will block out the outside world and focus more on each other than ever before.

The Aquarius male finds the Aquarius female enticing and mysterious. Her charms are quite irresistible and keep him coming back for more. Their unbreakable companionship guarantees them a good chance of a successful romantic relationship.



Before the Aquarius man and woman become intimate, they need to ensure their minds are at one with each other. They don’t stand a chance of stimulating each other physically if they can’t do it mentally. What better way to understand each other’s mental capabilities than a good old-fashioned romantic date?

Aquarians value the time they spend together. They take this time to explore each other’s mindsets and ensure it aligns with theirs. Water Bearers value the mind over the body. To them, sexual activities are nothing if they don’t gain any form of knowledge from each other.

Once they achieve full mental arousal, the two Aquarians can explore the physical facets of their relationship. Flexibility and experimentation are the main highlights of sex between two Aquarians.

The two sensual beings understand that the ankles and the legs are their partner’s trigger areas. Knowing this, both Aquarians prefer going straight to the point. Just as they value their mental encounters, Aquarians value their physical ones as well – maybe a lot more!


Two Aquarians in a relationship is a recipe for perfect romance, mystical communication, and satisfying sex sessions. The two signs have a relatively impressive 74% compatibility.

This is great on so many levels.

In relationships with other zodiac signs, Aquarians are notorious for breakups, divorces, and generally liberating themselves from the confines of a relationship. They’re not easy signs to convince.

When Aquarius finally meets their match, they take their time to internalize the uniqueness of the situation. It’s not every day they meet with a same-sign partner interested in a romantic relationship. Frequent dates will enlighten each other more on their likes, dislikes, fears, and ambitions.

The Aquarius man and woman have a massive chance of relishing a long-term relationship. As crazy as it sounds, these two opposite signs can complete each other on all levels since they understand what most others don’t.

All this couple needs to do is work on their romantic relations and their trust issues. Their emotional expressions should also be a cause for concern. The moment they get their numerous differences in check, there’s no telling how long these two partners will stay committed to this unique relationship!