Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

How strong is the bond between Aquarius and Cancer? After reading this article you will know everything about Aquarius and Cancer compatibility. Honestly speaking, they’re not that fond of each other as an astrological couple. As friends, however, Aquarius and Cancer manage to put their differences aside and work towards improving their relations.

Aquarius/Cancer compatibility chances depend on their horoscopes. On the most fundamental level, these two exist on two different planets. Aquarians live in a world of intellect. Much of their lives depends on intellectual independence, humanity, and unconventionality.

Cancer dwells in an emotional, personal, and up-close world. Their life’s mission is to forge lasting relationships with their friends, family, and generally everyone they care about and love.

Aquarius and Cancer are two opposite signs that have entirely different approaches to life. It might take a while (and plenty of strenuous compromises) for them to coexist in a safe, romantic space. Let’s first explore each sign’s personality traits and use that to determine their chances of thriving in a romantic relationship.


Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius dates range from January 20th to February 18th. They are the zodiac’s last Air sign after Gemini and Libra. Aquarius falls under Uranus’s leadership. Uranus stands for revolution, tension, change, riots, and generally anything unexpected that happens in life.

The Aquarius personality’s symbol is the objective and philanthropic Water Bearer. It is a vivid representation of God’s nourishment upon the earth. Aquarians rank 11th in the zodiac. The Water Bearers represent the zodiac’s famous visionaries who always come up with quirky realities and alternative utopias to impact the status quo.

Aquarius is the fourth fixed sign after Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. These four cardinal signs fall anywhere between Autumn and Winter. They are all characterized by their enthusiastic nature and ability to develop an idea and build upon it.

Aquarius’ Positive Traits

Aquarians never disappoint when it comes to formulating new ideas. They are open-minded individuals who draw their inspiration from different sources. They do their best to come up with never-done-before methods to solve personal or large scale problems.

Aquarius personalities love learning something new every minute of every day. Their spheres of interest include literature, history, geography, languages, and sociology.

The Air element in the Water Bearers motivates them to live their best life without thinking about what anyone thinks about them. They value their freedom and express it through their friendly and easy-going personalities.

Aquarians also have what it takes to become remarkable leaders. They’re friendly, caring, and intelligent beings who go out of their way to ensure projects are done not only on time but also in the right way.

Aquarius’ Negative Traits

Aquarians are socially distant individuals. They opt to be detached from their friends or loved ones most of the time to formulate new ideas without any external disturbance. They often prefer their own company and separate themselves from the crowd abruptly. Some may consider it rude, but that’s just how they are naturally.

The Water Bearers love the warmth and company that people can provide, but they hardly make time for them. They focus on making their dreams a reality without considering that they may need an alternative opinion in all their undertakings.

Aquarians are practical people and focus less on others’ emotions. They never put themselves in someone else’s shoes to try to understand what they’re going through. They have a shallow outlook on issues that makes them too quick to make assumptions.

One of the worst traits in any Aquarian, aside from their stubbornness, is their extremist and unpredictable nature. Whenever they’re depressed, sad, or angry, they exaggerate their emotions and may end up doing something unthinkable at any moment.


The Cancer season starts from June 21st through to June 22nd, which occurs around the start of Summer.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and has the Crab as its symbol. The spirit animal has a fragile underside and an impregnable external shell. Crabs use their claw to maintain a firm grip on objects. Cancerians channel that same energy to hold on to their comforts in the form of pets, adored family members, or job security.

Cancer is a cardinal sign and joins the ranks of Pisces and Scorpio as one of the zodiac’s Water signs. They’re the first Water signs in the zodiac. Under the water element’s influence, Cancer people can become extremely creative and emotional.

The Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet. It instills feminine (or yin) qualities among the Crabs that help them arouse their deepest emotional desires and cravings.

Cancer Positive Traits 

Cancerian’s underlying nature reflects that of their ruling astronomical body, the Moon. Their moods tend to fluctuate most of the time. Their upbeat, bright, and optimistic behaviors are synonymous with the moon’s waxing phase.

Cancerians are also naturally caring and sympathetic to a fault. Their love is comparable to a mother’s: warm, nurturing, and reassuring. What’s even better is that their affection is impactful, both physically and mentally.

The Crabs are people of principle and will go to great lengths to protect what they stand for. They believe in truth, restoring peace where there’s none, and generally giving themselves a purpose for theirexistence.

They are intuitive, generous people who are always willing to help others whenever they can. They don’t mind sacrificing their comfort, provided they don’t leave anyone at loose ends.

Cancer Negative Traits 

The two most common negative traits of Cancer is their sensitive nature and vibrant personality. They tend to either lose their temper rather abruptly or opt to sulk instead. Their sulking is comparable to how their spirit animal buries itself with sand to escape external threats.

Cancer’s oversensitive nature often stems from the high expectations they set for themselves or others. As a result of their fairy-tale expectations, they can become annoyingly naggy. Others may notice it, but they don’t see it themselves.

Cancers have a motherly nature, and that’s fine. However, they can sometimes extend their nurturing personality to people who don’t appreciate it. They find it annoying, for the most part. Others may take advantage of their generosity and use it for their own mental or material gains.

Another weakness in Cancer is their constant need for assurance. Even though they are fully capable of accomplishing a task independently, they still need someone to uplift them most of the time.

How Compatible are Aquarius and Cancer as a Couple?

The following is a closer look at how Cancer and Aquarius relate in different facets of a romantic relationship:

Aquarius and Cancer Friendship 


Aquarians have a flashy and modern outlook on life, while Cancers are naturally emotional and sensitive. The Water Bearer is friendly, intelligent, and maintains good relationships with the outside world. Cancers keep to themselves, and they tend to be reclusive and touchy.

Even though both signs are ambitious and stubborn, they also have one negative trait in common: they detest opposition. Aquarius and Cancer don’t like to be corrected by each other or by anyone else. They’re independent beings who love to do things according to their specifications without any external interference.

Aquarius and Cancer have plenty of differences that draw them further apart the longer they stay together. However, they have a high chance of enjoying a good friendship only if they integrate their corresponding traits.

Aquarius and Cancer Communication 


Aquarius is an intellectual being. Most often they find themselves drifting far from their original starting point. Whenever this happens, they are hardly aware of it. It’s always up to Cancer to restore their realm of thought and keep their conversations smooth-flowing.

Cancerians are as intelligent as they are empathetic to others’ needs. They have a natural talent to listen to others’ problems and offer viable solutions willingly. While Aquarius often misses out on the conversation’s trivial moments, Cancers will quickly see them.

Cancer and Aquarius are exceptional conversationalists. Whenever one of them runs out of something to discuss, the other will seamlessly chip in and keep the conversation going with a more engaging topic.

Sometimes, however, Cancer may not catch up on some of the remarks Aquarius makes in jest. They may understand it entirely, but they may not find anything funny in their statements. That’s why humor is minimal in a typical Aquarius/Cancer conversation.

Aquarius and Cancer Love 


Aquarius is one of those signs that treasure their freedom. When the Crab steps into the picture with their possessive attitude, Aquarius won’t stand for it. Since Aquarians speak their truth, they will often tell their partner off in the most uncivil tones.

The result of Aquarius’s outbursts depresses and saddens Cancer. Even then, stubborn Cancer will maintain their stance and keep trying to draw Aquarius away from a free lifestyle. Cancer wishes that Aquarius would acknowledge them as their partner and spend most of their time with them.

Unfortunately, the ‘on and off’ cycle will be part of the Aquarius/Cancer combo. Sometimes, however, Aquarius will play their role as a caring partner and support Cancer in what they want to achieve in life.

Aquarius and Cancer Sex 


Cancer and Aquarius’s time together sexually is nothing close to exciting. Sex between these two is, at the very least, stressful.

When Cancer decides to set their boundaries during sex, it comes at the cost of Aquarius’s pleasure. The Water Bearers are natural innovators and freedom lovers. They always want to take the lead during sex and try out the newest positions with zero restrictions.

When Aquarius and Cancer come together for sex, the latter often becomes stressed about how they can enforce their boundaries gently. Aquarius has to go the extra mile and implore Cancer to let their guard down and help provide satisfaction.

Aquarius often comes to the playground with intense energy, only to be left hanging by their playmate. Cancer strongly believes that sexual intercourse should be driven by an emotional connection rather than by lust.

Their time together in bed can be quite fulfilling only if Aquarius slows down and makes an attempt to meet Cancer’s demands. Failure to do this and the Aquarius/Cancer sex life and relationship is bound to go down like a lead balloon.

Aquarius and Cancer Marriage Life

Marriage Life

Marriage between Aquarius and Cancer is a complex and sensitive affair. However, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of this duo enjoying a blossoming marriage together.

Both Cancer and Aquarius and charismatic and hardworking individuals who will put all their effort into whatever they want to achieve in life. Since marriage is a big deal to both parties, they will find a way to merge their energies and abilities to yield noticeable results.

Conflict is one thing that both Aquarius and Cancer do their best to avoid at all costs. Contrary to how these two relate in courtship, Cancer and Aquarius overlook their differences and instead notice each other’s attitude, cheerful nature, and positive actions.

Aquarius is protective of Cancer, and Cancer has a nurturing attitude towards Aquarius. If this mutual reliance continues in their marriage, then their life together will last for the longest time!


Aquarius and Cancer are a lot of things, but a perfect couple is not one of them. This duo has a disappointing 31% compatibility rate. They don’t complete each other the way an average couple would.

The Crab may find the relationship too stressful at some point. Cancerians crave genuine intimacy, but their Aquarian partner isn’t in a position to give them what they want.

When Aquarius and Cancer establish a bond between them, it can be surprisingly excellent. They stand the chance of uncovering new and fascinating perspectives for each other. Both parties have a hunger to build their knowledge. They can go places only if they establish a strong foundation at home.

Aquarius should learn to fit in with their partner’s unusual tendencies. They can do this by adopting a fun and homey attitude, which the Crab is sure to appreciate. Cancer always finds themselves on the receiving end for a better part of their union.

The moment the Water Bearer meets the Crab’s emotional and physical needs, there’s no doubt their compatibility will pick up as time goes by!