Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility in Life, Love, and Sex

There will always be an element of progress and positivity when it comes to an Aquarius/Capricorn love match. Both signs have a variety of commonalities that solidifies their union to make it more promising. The Water Bearer admired the Sea-Goat’s visionary ideas and strong will.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius are logical and futuristic beings. They have a synchronized level of intelligence and a shared desire for knowledge. Capricorns are analytical, organized, and always in pursuit of the most viable solutions to every problem. These traits fit in rather well with Capricorn’s compulsiveness. But what about Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility?

Aquarius relies on Capricorn to give the greatest support and motivation required to make their dreams a reality. Both parties always see the good in everything and owe their successes to their goal-oriented nature.

The Capricorn and Aquarius personalities often clash heads due to their differences of opinion. They’re both opinionated and highly competitive beings and have entirely different approaches to life. Although they have their similarities, they often choose to focus on the negative facets of each other’s personalities.

Despite this, Capricorn and Aquarius have a very good chance of making something of their rocky relationship. It all boils down to mutual respect and understanding.

Overview of Aquarius

Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility

Aquarian birthdays range from the 20th of January to the 18th of February. Aquarians are Air signs; ironically, they’re symbolized by a Water Bearer pouring water from an ewer. Aquarians are under the rulership of Uranus, or the Awakener. Its transits and aspects impact sudden shocks and changes among its subordinate astrological signs.

Aquarius is the zodiac’s eleventh sign. Natives of this sign are known for their odd, rebellious, altruistic, and friendly nature. They’re most attracted to emotional beings like Pisces and Libra.

Like Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus, Aquarians are also fixed signs. They have a righteous yet firm conviction to accomplish whatever they set their minds to do.

Positive Traits of Aquarius

Being Air signs, Aquarians are swift in their movement, flow, and intellect. They’re knowledgeable and well-connected to their surroundings. Nothing happens without Aquarius being in the know. In case of any issue, Aquarius will craft a well-founded idea to tackle the problem to ensure everything falls into place.

Aquarians are freedom-loving beings. They thrive in their freedom of expression and use that to uplift others who may be going through challenging situations.

Once you earn the loyalty and trust of an Aquarius man or woman, they can be genuinely loving. Aquarians are team players who thrive exclusively on intelligence and accord their seniors with the respect they deserve.

Negative Traits of Aquarius

Emotions often rule these Air signs. As much as they may be the best team players, they won’t get the work done if they’re not in the mood. When they get the motivation they need, they do their best work without compromise.

Aquarians are naturally rebellious. They openly go against societal norms and boldly go against orders that don’t fit with their line of thought. Although they feel the need to provide a fresh perspective to specific issues, they often come off as thick-headed to people around them.

If you often hang out with an Aquarian being, try not to get on their wrong side. They will temporarily (sometimes permanently) block you out of their thoughts and leave you to your own devices in times of hardship.

Overview of Capricorn

Capricorns have their birthdays between the 21st of December to the 20th of January. They rank tenth in the zodiac family and have the Sea-goat – a half-goat, half-fish aquatic creature – as their symbol. It represents ambition, curiosity, intelligence, and steadiness.

The Sea-goat also stands for Capricorn’s ability to flourish in untenable conditions.

Capricorns fall under the Earth element alongside Taurus and Virgo. Earth signs are naturally patient, grounded, and practical. Earth signs center around the senses and deal with crafting and conservation.

Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn. In astrology, the ringed planet motivates the Sea-Goat to change their destiny for the better and experience immense growth.

Positive Traits of Capricorn

Despite their classic elegance and beauty, Capricorns rarely bother chasing fame or glamor.

Among Capricorn’s most undervalued traits are their phenomenal sense of humor. Their light-hearted personality plays a vital role in building their flexibility to survive the most challenging situations.

The Sea-goat is naturally cool-headed and down-to-earth. One of their most vital areas lies in their power of discernment. Capricorn-born men and women are splendid judges of character and provide a safe space for anyone to approach them for practical advice.

Saturn’s influence over the Sea-Goat makes them open to commitment, be it friendly or romantic. However, before they can jump into any long-term commitment, Capricorns need to know that those they’re putting their trust in can be trusted.

Negative Traits of Capricorn

Capricorn’s diligence and determination may make them extraordinarily relentless and stubborn. They sometimes force their solid work ethic on those around them without caring about others’ personal needs, values, or rhythms.

Capricorn’s discerning nature makes them too critical of their friends and family on most occasions. They overlook their downsides and become too judgemental of others’ flaws or life choices.

If Capricorn-born men and women allow finances to take center stage in their lives, they can quickly become excessively materialistic, ambitious, and miserly. Capricorns rarely express their true feelings. Without proper support, the Sea-goat may become overwhelmed by their troubles and have a severe mental breakdown.

Compatibility Between Aquarius and Capricorn in Friendship, Communication, Love, and Sex



The friendship between the Sea-Goat and the Water Bearer is one of two opposites. Capricorns are more sagacious and practical, while Aquarius is more innovative and intelligent. The former has a well-judged opinion over everything, while the latter takes a more theoretical perspective over different issues.

Though they have a wide disparity in personality, they often get past it once they work together to realize their individual and collective ambitions.

Aquarians and Capricorns are obstinate and adamant. The Sea-Goat loves to maintain order in every aspect of their lives. They rely on their well-calculated plans to boost their chances of success in all their endeavors.

Aquarians can accomplish tasks based on their psychological preparedness; they don’t follow a particular order of going about their business.

Aquarius doesn’t mind consulting the organized Sea-Goat for support or advice. Capricorn readily offers their hand of help, despite knowing very well that the Water Bearer may go contrary to their wise counsel.



Communication between Aquarius and Capricorn personalities is quite limited and senseless for most of their relationship. Because the two don’t have a lot in common, it’s quite difficult for them to be interested in the same topic.

The Capricorn/Aquarius communication is founded on empathy. The Sea-Goat is a character of few words; they only chip in when they have something meaningful to bring to the conversation. It’s because of this that their Aquarian partner – and everyone else for that matter – views them as being either uncommunicative or taciturn.

As Aquarius talks passionately about an interesting philosophical point, Capricorn will just sit quiet and chip in when needed.

Although the talkative Air sign and the soft-spoken Earth sign may have problems communicating verbally, they have no problem communicating non-verbally. They exchange hidden messages through winks, smiles, or other subtle physical gestures. Doing so intensifies their questionable compatibility.



Before Aquarius and Capricorn can identify as lovers, their friendship should have a solid foundation. Without a close friendly bond, it will be rather tricky for the two Sun signs to build trust and find ways to accommodate each other’s unique personalities.

Trust between this duo doesn’t come easily. The whole bonding process is somewhat of a struggle for both signs.

When Aquarius and Capricorn get into a friendly or emotional relationship, the Sea-Goat isn’t incredibly generous with their trust. Capricorn takes time to build confidence in anyone they wish to spend the rest of their lives with. They expect their partner to be just as truthful as they are. Luckily for the Earth sign, the trustworthy Air sign also values honesty with all their heart.

For the Aquarius/Capricorn romance to last, both parties need to treat their relationship more like a lifelong union and less a psychological imprisonment.



Though Capricorns are naturally organized beings, their orderly nature takes a back seat once they’re behind closed doors with their partner. Describing the sensual Sea-Goat as inhibited or old-fashioned is a clear insult to their real personality. Being an Earth sign, Capricorn isn’t the shy bird when it comes to lovemaking.

The heat between Aquarius and Capricorn is pretty intense! When they’re in each other’s company, time stands still. The daring Water Bearer is fickle and light-hearted. The Capricorn personality finds it particularly difficult to pin down Aquarius to one place.

Aquarians approach their lovemaking sessions with a free-flowing, footloose attitude. They’re quite flexible when it comes to who takes the lead. Capricorn prefers being the submissive party and lets Aquarius have their way with them. The only thing that may hinder satisfaction on Capricorn’s side is their need for emotional fulfillment.

The Water Bearer wouldn’t change their sexual status quo one bit. Because of this, the Sea-Goat has no choice but to comply and simply go with the flow.


Aquarius and Capricorn are 37% compatible. For the better part of their relationship, the two signs hardly find each other attractive. Even though both characters are traditionally under Saturn’s rule, they have entirely different zodiac roles.

These two signs struggle a great deal with developing or maintaining a close, emotional bond. Neither character is ready to commit to the other; their differences often get in the way of compatibility.

What these two need in their relationship is respect and spontaneity. The Sea-Goat should encourage the Water Bearer emotionally and mentally. Aquarius should return the favor by supporting Capricorn’s aspirations and ideas.