Aquarius and Leo Compatibility in Life, Love, and Sex

When the Water-Bearer and the Lion come together, their relationship will be both intense and energetic. The Aquarius and Leo compatibility is quite impressive and guarantees an unforgettable experience for both people.

Leo’s creativity and Aquarius’ independence paves the way for a happy and healthy romance. They are both opposites in the zodiac chart, meaning they have a natural attraction to one another. Aquarius fuels Leo’s dominance by respecting their decisions and supporting them in all their endeavors.

Leo plays their part in the relationship by making Aries laugh and engaging them in witty banter. The Lion generally spices up their time together and makes sure their partner never gets bored. A result of Aquarius and Leo’s beneficial dependence is a fun and adventurous experience. Leo respects Aquarius’s unique vision, and Aquarius appreciates Leo’s allure.

Both parties are more than willing to try anything new to keep their romantic relations new and unexpected. Though Leo and Aquarius relish the time they spend in each other’s company, it gets quite competitive at times. Provided they keep their competition light and fun, Aquarius and Leo stand a chance of enjoying a lasting and fruitful union.



Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Those born under this sign are born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February. Contrary to their name, Aquarians are air and not water signs. Air signs are intellectual and strive to impact change in their immediate surroundings.

The Water Bearer is Aquarius’s avatar. Aquarius folk are ruled by the planet Uranus, a representation of innovation and sudden shifts. Uranus compels Aquarius men and women to do away with ingrained habits and develop new lifestyles.

These Air signs have a fixed quality that enables them to stay committed for the long-term no matter what comes their way. You can rely on an Aquarian to grow, extend, and nurture fresh ideas into a global phenomenon.

Positive Traits

Aquarians rack their brains to come up with the most fitting solutions for different issues in their lives. Most of the time, they opt to keep their ideas unique; they rarely follow other people’s way of doing things.

Men and women born under this sign have a natural affinity for human interaction – a trait that is heightened by their friendly nature. Air zodiac signs are known for their free-spirited nature. Aquarius, being an Air sign, never lets anyone bring them down; they hold their happiness to the highest degree.

Aquarians are equally ambitious and generous beings. They will often come up with positive, long-term plans to impact their community and the world at large.

Negative Traits

Being a fixed sign, Aquarians are naturally thick-headed. It’s almost impossible to change their thought pattern once they’ve already made up their mind.

Aquarians are often pessimistic as to whether what they’re doing will work out in the end or not. Aquarians love being the center of attention. When they don’t receive any attention from those around them, they are hurt emotionally.

They fall into depression for long periods until they figure out how to earn their friend’s or partner’s acclamation.

Even though they’re expert listeners, Aquarians don’t fall under the emotional group of signs in the zodiac. They don’t bother to understand other people’s situations and downplay their predicaments.



Leos have their birthdays between July 23rd and August 22nd. Leos are classified as a Fire element. Leo ranks fifth in the zodiac family and has the Lion as their avatar. Like Cancer, Virgo, and Libra, Leos have the Sun as their supreme ruler.

Leo ranks second in the zodiac’s Fire elements just between Aries and Sagittarius. Fire signs are quick to inspire and act. Like Capricorns, Leos would rather take control and lead their teammates to success rather than take orders from someone else.

Leos are fixed signs, meaning they exist at the center of every season. This Fire sign’s fixed nature inspires orderliness and responsibility, among other positive traits.

Positive Traits

Leos take pride in extending their generosity. They don’t mind showering their loved ones with every good thing, including money, love, and attention. Their generosity is what makes them stand out among other signs.

Leos are self-confident beings who are fully aware of their commanding stature. Leos make superb leaders for many reasons. For one, they share their self-confidence and inspire others to find self-confidence.

One thing that Aquarians and Leos have in common is their admirable perseverance and strong determination. Even when something happens along the way, the fiery Lion will use their optimism as fuel to make their dreams and ambitions a reality.

Negative Traits

As much as Leos believe in working together, these Fire signs loathe taking instructions from anyone and everyone. They’d rather be team leaders rather than be humble and law-abiding minions.

Leo’s self-confidence often makes them develop a vile sense of arrogance. Their ‘all-in’ behavior makes them condescending to their peers. They’re always out to make their self-value and self-worth known to others outside their social class.

They take control of everything and hardly ever respect anyone who doesn’t share their dreams and determination. Most people consider the Lion’s strong will to succeed as downright stubbornness; this is true to some extent, considering Leos prefer to do things their way and overlook other people’s opinions.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility in Friendship, Communication, Love, and Sex



The companionship between the Lion and the Water Bearer is a sight to behold. Both parties have something special to bring to the table, as far as personal values go. Leo’s creativity and strength coupled with Aquarius’s visionary ideas and overall positivity makes for the perfect friendship.

It’s never a dull moment in a typical Leo/Aquarius relationship. Their time spent together is always lively and full of energy. They consider each other interesting and amiable. They have a zealous approach towards anything in life; action and adventure are their forte.

Aquarius and Leo have a sincere admiration for one another: The Lion appreciates the Water Bearer’s unique ideas and innovative mind. Aquarius appreciates Leo’s vivacity and infectious self-confidence.

Whenever the Air sign conjures up a new idea, they look up to the Lion to take it up and make something meaningful out of it. This duo works together to realize their collective dreams.



Intelligence runs through the Lion and the Water Bearer’s veins. Their conversational skills are also on point. When you combine their wisdom with their smooth speaking skills, Aquarius and Leo have one of the best social interactions of any zodiac matchup.

These two together are the life of any party. It’s easy for anyone to be jealous of their sparkling relationship. They talk and laugh together and make it seem as though there’s no one else in the room. The electric charge between these two Sun signs makes their communication worthy of third-party appreciation.

If the two partners want to keep their interactions positive, Leo needs to take a step back and consider Aquarius’s input more often. When the Lion gives the Water Bearer a chance, they will realize how superb they are in self-expression. Leo can also learn a great deal from Aquarius and vice versa.



Although Aquarius and Leo have a seemingly perfect relationship, they struggle a great deal, especially when it comes to trust issues. Their love affair is based on many things – including enthusiasm and affection – but trust is not one of them. These two always seek to know more about each other by any means necessary.

Funny enough, it doesn’t hit them how little they know about each other until they break up and go their separate ways. Luckily though, there’s little to no chance of these two disbanding at any point in their relationship.

As lovers, Leo and Aquarius are lively and strong enough to tackle every challenge that comes their way. Aquarius, being a non-committal being, may hinder the Lion from showing their romantic side.



Sex between a Leo and Aquarius is what you’d expect from two opposite signs in the zodiac: passionate, warm, and liberating.

Leo and Aquarius are two naturally sensual beings who do their best to satisfy each other on all levels. Leo loves being in control, while Aquarius loves being the experiment-oriented one of the pair. The Water Bearer instinctively knows what to say and where to touch their partner to impart that much-needed sexual healing.

The Aquarius/Leo sexual relationship is so good, you’d think there’s no downside to it. In a real sense, there are a couple of downsides, but not ones that would damage their typical relations. For a fulfilling time together, Leo needs to give Aquarius a chance to take their already-perfect lovemaking sessions to new heights.


Aquarius and Leo are 89% compatible. From the descriptions above, these two relate well in all facets of their relationship. As individuals, these two signs are energetic, intellectual, and passionate about helping others.

The Water Carrier and the Lion are two independent beings with a high intellectual capacity. This duo bond over outdoor activities such as travel and sports since they understand that a relationship is built on more than just regular sex and expensive date nights.

For Aquarius and Leo to secure a lasting union, they need to address their differences and work on their trust. Aquarius should learn to embrace the idea of a lifelong commitment. The Lion should tone down their wild, emotional nature and let the Water Bearer have an opinion over different issues in their relationship.

Marriage between this duo can work, but only if they focus on strengthening their strong points and fixing their weak ones. Loyalty, trust, and freedom should reign supreme in all stages of their relationship.