Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility in Life, Love, and Sex

There’s immense satisfaction in the Pisces/Aquarius love match. These two believe in their dreams; they’re also compassionate and idealistic individuals.

The Aquarius mind is awash with visionary ambitions, whereas Pisces is extremely supportive and ever-loyal. Pisces can also be very generous with their time and resources – a trait that the Aquarius partner finds extraordinarily attractive.

The majority of their relationship is centered around their differences rather than their commonalities. Aquarius is dismissive of important issues that may arise in their relationship with Pisces. Most of the issues that may arise are left to Pisces to fix as they are regarded as the relationship’s problem solver. Keep reading about Aquarius and Pisces compatibility.

Aquarius is experimental and analytical, whereas Pisces follows their heart’s inspiration. The Water Bearer is firm in their decisions, while the Fish is both cynical and optimistic. These are just two of the many differences that push these two intellectual signs apart.

For this relationship to work, both parties need to establish and maintain a sense of balance. If Aquarius relishes their freedom, Pisces should respect it and grant them room to explore on their own without question.

Overview of Aquarius

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

The Aquarius season starts from January 21st through to February 20th. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and has the Water Bearer as its symbol. The spirit animal has a fragile underside and an impregnable external shell. Water Bearers maintain a firm grip on things in their life.

Aquarius is a cardinal sign and joins the ranks of Gemini and Libra as one of the zodiac’s Air signs. They’re the last of the zodiac’s Water signs. Under the Air element’s influence, Aquarius people can be extremely creative and emotional.

Uranus is Aquarius’s ruling planet. It instills feminine (or yin) qualities among the Water Bearers that help them arouse their deepest emotional desires and cravings.

Positive Traits of Aquarius

Aquarian’s underlying nature reflects that of their ruling astronomical body, Uranus. Their moods tend to fluctuate most of the time. Their upbeat, bright, and optimistic behaviors are synonymous with Uranus’s waxing phase.

The Water Bearers are people of principle and will go to great lengths to uphold their truths. They believe in honesty, restoring peace to warring parties, and generally creating a conducive environment for growth and stability.

They are generous, intuitive people who are always willing to extend a helping hand whenever they can. They don’t mind giving up their comfort, provided they don’t leave anyone at loose ends.

Negative Traits of Aquarius

The two most common negative traits of Aquarius is their sensitive nature and vibrant personality. They tend to either lose their temper rather abruptly or opt to sulk instead.

Aquarius’s perfectionist nature comes from the high expectations they place for others and themselves. As a result of their far-fetched ambitions, they can come off as being annoyingly persistent. Their friends and family may notice it, but they don’t see it themselves.

Aquarians have a warm nature, which is expected of them. However, they can sometimes extend their warmth and vibrancy to people who find it annoying. Some may take advantage of their generosity and use it for their own mental or material gains.

Overview of Pisces

Pisces are Sun signs and rank last in the zodiac. All Pisces signs were born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March. They are the most emotional zodiac Water signs and exist under Neptune’s rule. The planet Neptune inspires escapism and illusion in Pisces people.

The energy that Neptune radiates is similar to that of the ocean: mysterious, magical, and sometimes frightening.

The Fish is Pisces’ astrological symbol. In some cases, the Pisces symbol is represented as two fish swimming in the opposite directions, representing the dual nature of the Pisces personality.

Pisces is a visionary mutable sign who gets deep into spiritual discovery and influences those around them to do the same.

Positive Traits of Pisces

Pisces are popular for their compassionate and forgiving nature. Their dreamy and sensitive character makes life one big fairy tale to themselves and those around them. They are always in search of any imagery or symbolism in almost every aspect of their daily lives.

The Fish can become subtle chameleons who quickly change their attitudes to reflect the status quo. Pisces have the ability to take in the energy of the people around them. They instantly tap into the prevalent mood in a room and quickly adapt to it.

Pisceans can also be very creative, empathetic, intuitive, generous, forgiving, and romantic. They are also natural healers who can take care of both emotional and physical traumas.

Negative Traits of Pisces

Pisces are incredibly emotional beings who get offended by the smallest issues. Their dynamic nature makes them unable to handle life’s challenges.

They tend to focus more on the negative side of life and fail to acknowledge the positive. It’s quite rare for a Pisces to think positively. Even when they do, they quickly shift their thoughts in the opposite direction.

Like the Scales, Pisces are indecisive and hate having to make choices. In relationships, they always leave the decision-making tasks to their partner.

Pisces beings neither have the time nor energy to pursue their goals in life. They are avid procrastinators who lack the willpower to put their plans into action.

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces Friendship


A friendship between Pisces and Aquarius is one based on kindness and innovation. They’re both naturally idealistic and swift when it comes to coming up with new plans and ideas.

Pisces and Aquarius beings find fulfillment in the little things in life. When things go south, they rely on each other to come up with a string of solutions.

Aquarius often gives up on people who don’t share similar dreams or ambitions; Pisces, on the other hand, is more sympathetic and understanding toward anyone with conflicting views.

The Fish and the Water Bearer have a very good understanding as friends. In times of conflict, Aquarians develop an intellectual attitude and become detached, while Pisces becomes naive and sympathetic.

The Water Bearer is driven by their intellect, while the Fish is driven by their emotions. Aquarius can teach their Pisces friend to come up with fresh plans and schemes, while Pisces can impart tolerance and kindness to their Aquarian friend.

Aquarius and Pisces Communication


When the Aquarius and Pisces personalities come together for a conversation, their discussions are arousing and beneficial. As stability reigns and the relationship evolves, the trust between them grows.

From the outset, Aquarius and Pisces feel at ease exchanging thoughts and opinions with one another. Pisces loves the attention and warm compliments they receive from Aquarius. On the other hand, Pisces makes it their priority to express their appreciation through material gifts.

The Air sign and the Star sign often have contradictory opinions. At some point, communication between this duo ceases whenever they don’t come to an agreeable conclusion on certain topics.

Although it happens regularly, Pisces’ forgiving nature is a critical factor that pushes their relationship forward despite the myriad of differences. Pisces understands that their relationship is more than their uncalled-for arguments.

Aquarius and Pisces Love


The minor differences that exist between Aquarius and Pisces make them appear as an unconventional couple. Aquarius has a somewhat rigid and logical thought pattern. Pisces has an over-the-top emotional intensity that’s fascinating in Aquarius’s eyes.

These minor differences are what bring them together as a couple in the first place. Any characteristic that Aquarius lacks, they find it in Pisces and vice versa. When Aquarius and Pisces fall in love, they enjoy a unique sense of wholeness and fulfillment that they never had as friends.

The more they dwell in each other’s company, the more they learn more about one another. Aquarius comes to understand Pisces’ emotionality, while Pisces gets a more rational understanding of their Aquarius partner.

The fact that Pisces and Aquarius connect instantaneously means there’s hope for their relationship. Their mutual understanding gives a picture of the relationship they can enjoy once they opt to put their differences behind them.

Aquarius and Pisces Sex


Unconstrained sex between the Water Bearer and the Fish forms the foundation of this twisted relationship. Aquarius enjoys the feelings of ecstasy they receive from Pisces. The time they spend together gives both signs peace of mind and a worthy distraction from life’s stresses.

It takes time before the Aquarius/Pisces pair warms up to each other sensually. They need to earn each other’s confidence in all sectors of their relationship before trusting each other with their bodies. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of time for them to fully trust one another and establish an unbreakable bond.

Pisces doesn’t hold back when it comes to satisfying the Water Bearer’s sensual desires. The Fish draws its energy from its intuitive and empathetic nature. Aquarius and Pisces are passionate about role-play lovemaking because of its interactive nature.

Bottom Line

Aquarius and Pisces relate rather well but fail miserably in the most important areas of their relationship. It’s for this reason that this duo has a disappointing 38% compatibility rate. Unfortunately, they don’t compliment each other the way a loving couple would.

Pisceans crave true love, but their Aquarian partner isn’t in a position to give them what they want. At some point, they may opt-out of the relationship due to its stressful nature.

When Aquarius and Pisces establish a bond between them, they stand a good chance of uncovering fresh perspectives about each other. Aquarius should learn to fit in with their partner’s irregular tendencies. They can do this by adopting a fun and accommodating attitude, which the Fish will embrace with open arms.

For a good part of their union, Pisces finds themselves on the receiving end.

The moment the Water Bearer meets their partner’s physical and emotional desires, there’s no doubt their compatibility will soar to greater heights!