Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

When Aquarius and Taurus come together for a romantic union, the pairing seems rather unlikely. As the two explore their relationship further, they learn more about each other.

The Bull and the Water Bearer – how compatible are they as a couple? Keep reading about Aquarius and Taurus compatibility. To anyone outside the relationship, these two are the epitome of a perfect fairytale couple who satisfy each other in every aspect. Unfortunately, there are plenty of issues between Aquarius and Taurus that go unnoticed by outsiders.

Taurus and Aquarius don’t get along most of the time. They often see things from different points of view; this may limit their emotional and personal growth as a couple.

Their efforts to understand or get along with one another can sometimes present a few challenges with their romantic compatibility. Their receptiveness to each other’s weaknesses can also open a door for open communication and emotional healing.

Let’s look into Aquarius and Taurus individually and find out what’s to love and what’s to hate about them. One thing they have in common is their distaste for drama. Keep reading to explore other personality traits that can bring them together or draw them apart!


Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

Aquarius dates range from January 20th to February 18th. Aquarians rank 11th in the zodiac and they’re the zodiac’s last Air sign after Gemini and Libra. Aquarius is the fourth fixed sign after Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. These four cardinal signs fall anywhere between Autumn and Winter.

Aquarius ranks last among the zodiac’s three Air signs, right after Gemini (the Twins) and Libra (the Scales). Air signs are inclined towards walking their talk. Before they can put their ideas into action, they probe everything to ensure a conducive environment for progress.

The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus. The astrological body inspires a sense of civil disobedience in men and women under the 11th zodiac sign. They often feel compelled to do things out of the norm to embrace their free-spirited nature.

Aquarius’ Positive Traits

Aquarians never disappoint when it comes to formulating new ideas. They are open-minded individuals who draw their inspiration from different sources. They do their best to come up with never-done-before methods to solve personal or large scale problems.

There’s nothing these Air signs love more than quenching their perpetual thirst for knowledge. They’re always open to positive criticisms and use them to get ahead in life.

The Water Bearer’s Air element inspires them to live their best life without thinking about what anyone thinks about them. They value their freedom and express it through their social and free-spirited personalities.

Aquarius’ Negative Traits

Aquarians love keeping to themselves. Quite often, they prefer being distant from their loved ones or closest companions to avoid external distractions when formulating new ideas. Some may label their behavior as uncivil, but that’s just their nature.

Aquarians always seem withdrawn whenever they think about something for too long. Because they tend to drift away often, communication with them can be a huge waste of time.

Whenever Aquarians don’t get what they want, they get extremely angry. To release their frustrations, Aquarians throw tantrums and throw things.

Aquarius’s behavior is quite peculiar and highly unpredictable. They have a particular reaction and mannerism to every situation.

Overview of Taurus

Taurus folk are born between April 20th and May 20th. Taurus is the first of the three Earth signs of the zodiac (before Virgo and Capricorn). Earth signs are prone to practicality and rationality. Tauruses focus on the here and now. They create elaborate plans for survival and stick to them for the rest of their lives.

Taurus is a fixed sign that knows their purpose in life. Venus rules Taurus; it inspires their style, aesthetics, and how they cope in the financial world. The Morning Star inspires a long list of positive things among Taurus-born individuals including gracefulness, creativity, love, pleasure, and beauty.

The Bull is Taurus’ avatar and represents their courageous trait. When the Bull is pushed to the limit, they can inflict physical and emotional pain with no regret whatsoever.

Taurus Positive Traits

If you’re looking for a loyal being in the zodiac, Taurus should be your first choice. When Taurus develops an attraction to you, they can become overly-attached.

If ever you’re in need, rely on the Bull to lend a helping hand or a word of consolation. Taurus beings are, among other things, kind-hearted, generous, and often influence others to become better versions of themselves.

The Bull is naturally peaceful and steers clear of any conflict at any cost. Taureans are also quite cautious in all their undertakings. Before taking a step, they weigh the consequences and adjust their plans to suit their desired outcome.

Taurus Negative Traits

The Taurus Sun Sign is naturally materialistic. This trait, in particular, doesn’t fit well with relationships. They can easily choose their possessions over their soul mates without batting an eye.

Taureans can be hard-headed, passive beings who procrastinate more than they act. As a result, they find themselves achieving their goals later in life. Since they hate losing their possessions and the people around them, they might develop a dominating nature. Not many people can adjust to their controlling nature.

Like an angry bull, a Taurus will charge towards their competition with no deliberation whatsoever. They only get back to their usual selves once the threat is out of the way.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus in Friendship, Communication, Love, and Sex



Aquarius and Taurus share a robust and friendly bond. Both signs complement one another by offering what the other doesn’t have. Aquarius and Taurus need comfort and luxury, as well as security and stability. Their friendship would be a lot stronger if they would work towards achieving the same goals.

When they first meet each other, the Bull and the Water Bearer don’t dance to the same tune. Their friendship gets off to a rocky start, but it gets better with time.

Aquarius and Taurus are intellectual and sentimental beings. They’re deeply in touch with their feelings and emotions. However, their differences get the best of them, and most of the time, they struggle to keep their friendship afloat.



Taurus and Aquarius share a sweet relationship. How they relate with one another on a conversational level, however, is wanting.

Aquarians are naturally introverted. They find solace surrounded by the walls of their homes and rarely have anything meaningful to discuss. Like their spirit avatar, the Water Bearer, Aquarians love the comfort their homes provide.

Taurus, on the other hand, is among the most social beings in the zodiac family. They are natural extroverts who love to immerse themselves in the company of their colleagues or friends.

Taurus is chipper and outspoken. Aquarius is moody and quiet. The kind of conversations we can expect from this combination are dull, pointless, and uninteresting. Like everything else in their relationship, the differences in their personality traits often get in the way of a hearty conversation.

Most often, they misunderstand each other and find themselves exchanging insults in heated arguments.



When Aquarius and Taurus get into a romantic relationship, they complete each other emotionally and intellectually. Both signs have a mutual appreciation for the finer things in life – especially when it comes to their surroundings.

The Water Bearer and the Bull can only merge their energies when deciding to work towards a shared goal. Without anything to unify this pair, it may take some time to develop feelings for one another and become romantically involved.

In most cases, the only thing that brings Taurus and Aquarius together is their shared desire for companionship and attraction to beauty and love. Neither shy away from blending their powerful intellect and emotion.

One of the things that hold them back from becoming romantically involved is their indecision over who will take charge of the relationship. Both signs love to be in control, and neither enjoys being ruled over by anyone. The promise of a harmonious love is guaranteed once they determine who should take charge at any one time.



Aquarians are seductive and romantic, whereas Taureans are more expressive sexually, and always devise new ways to satisfy their partner. They’re both attracted to flirty individuals, and their romance has no boundaries.

Aquarians are pros at communicating with their partners and never settle for a single type. Variety is more their preference.

Taurus’s bedroom activities mostly revolve around creativity and sensuality. No Aquarius will shy away from novelty, so there’s a good chance that their lovemaking sessions will leave them thirsting for more time together.

Their sex life can be one of a kind if they already share a deep emotional connection. It would be best if they began their relationship on a friendly note before advancing abruptly to the sexual side of it.


The one thing that makes Aquarius and Taurus romantically distant from one another is the high expectations they have of one another. Aquarians wish for their partner to compliment them, hold them by the hand, and generally love them for who they are.

Aquarius needs someone to take up their ideas and make something meaningful out of them. It doesn’t stop there; they also need their partner to be full of life and fully submissive.

Taurus and Aquarius can disappoint one another when they get into the relationship and expect nothing less than what they’ve set for their ideal partner.

The only way they can grow as a couple and develop a lasting relationship is for both to cling to their independence, no matter the situation. They should set their sights on strengthening their emotional ties and focus less on how they fail to live up to each other’s expectations.