Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

Aquarius and Virgo have somewhat shaky compatibility, especially since their intrinsic personalities are different. Although this couple is mismatched, they still manage to see eye to eye on various issues. For instance, Virgo is passionate about creating structure and schedule; Aquarius loves disintegrating structures. Read more about Aquarius and Virgo compatibility in this article.

While Virgo sets personal restrictions, Aquarius doesn’t hold back on spontaneity, expansion, and freedom. They have a devil-may-care personality, and they always have a half-full glass mentality. Virgos are often pessimistic and critical and view the glass as half empty.

On most occasions, Aquarius and Virgo only excel as friends and hardly as lovers. Their emotional disconnect won’t allow them to live together as a couple. On the plus side, though, Aquarius and Virgo can make a splendid match only if they level out their differences and adapt to each other’s modus operandi.

This post shall look deeper into these two Star Signs, their personalities, and what makes them so incompatible. Let’s kick things off with the most compassionate sign of the zodiac.

Aquarius Overview


Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Birth dates of anyone born under this sign range from between the 20th of January to the 18th of February. Contrary to their name, Aquarians are air and not water signs. Air signs are abstract and intellectual thinkers.

Aquarius folks’ ruling planet is Uranus, a representation of innovation and sudden shifts. Uranus compels Aquarius men and women to do away with ingrained habits and develop new lifestyles.

They are also fixed signs who are pros at carrying on the path that is already existent. You can rely on an Aquarian to nurture, extend, and grow fresh ideas into global phenomena.

Aquarius’s avatar is the water bearer. These air signs make waves in their immediate surroundings and impact change for the better.

Aquarius Positive Traits

One of the reasons Aquarians succeed in all their ventures is primarily because of their intellect and ingenuity. These water bearers will rack their brains to develop the most fitting ideas or solutions for a particular problem in their lives. Most of the time, their ideas are unique, and rarely will they follow someone else’s examples.

Air zodiac signs are famous for their free-spirited nature. Aquarius, being an air sign, holds their happiness to a high degree and never lets anyone bring them down. They do their best to pass on their positive mindset to those around them. They have a natural attraction to their fellow human beings – a trait that is evidenced by their friendly nature.

Aquarians are equally ambitious and generous beings. They will come up with positive, long-term plans to impact the planet for generations to come.

Aquarius Negative Traits

Although Aquarians are positive thinkers, they often make spontaneous decisions that may otherwise yield the wrong results. The water bearers are inconsistent and unpredictable beings who act contrary to normal standards.

Aquarians are extremists who never set any limits for themselves. As a result, they adopt unforeseen extremist tendencies that may directly impact those around them. They experience off-the-charts levels of happiness and sadness, depending on the situation.

Fixed signs are stubborn, and Aquarians are no different. It’s almost impossible to change these Star Signs’ minds once they come to a decision. If they consider their opinion right, then no other opinion matters to them.

Virgo Overview

Virgo dates fall between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September. Their ruling planet is Mercury, otherwise known as ‘the messenger.’ Mercury represents intellect and communication. Other signs under Mercury’s command are Virgo and Gemini.

Virgos are the second of the three earth elements in the zodiac (fall between Taurus and Capricorn). Earth elements are generally pragmatic and highly reliable beings. The Virgo symbol is the maiden, which represents this earth sign’s stable independence and pure intentions.

The maiden is a mutable sign and joins other planets like Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini. Mutable signs are generally the zodiac’s most adaptable forces. These Sun Signs are always open to new ideas and often feel the need to include others in their plans.

Virgo Positive Traits 

September-born individuals understand very well the importance of working hard. They often spend a lot of time and energy on a single idea until they get their desired results.

Virgos are also innovative and artistic beings who spend their time perfecting their skills. Some of their favorite hobbies include painting, singing, theater, and dances. They’re also loyal beings you can rely on to keep your secret safe or stand with you in bad times.

The maidens are patient beings. In relationships, they’re loving beings who never give up easily on their hard-headed partners. In friendships, they see the best in everyone and choose not to focus on their wrong sides. Giving up is not in their DNA.

Virgo’s kindness is unmatched. They express their big-hearted nature to anyone and everyone with no exception. At work, their intelligent and responsible traits make them remarkable employees. Any boss would be pleased to have a Virgo in their team.

Virgo Negative Traits

Virgos have high personal standards that often fuel their need to critique anything they don’t like.

Despite being as patient as an ox, a Virgo can also be as stubborn as a mule. If they’re in a relationship with an equally adamant partner, the couple may not last very long. Both parties will often clash and hardly acknowledge each other’s opinions.

Virgo-born individuals are naturally people pleasers. They will readily forfeit relationships with their friends or soulmates to get approval from other people in their life.

The perfectionist mentality in Virgos often interferes with their progress and happiness in life. They simply cannot proceed with anything in life without achieving their desired goals.

Their constant dissatisfaction with their minor failures may cause them to have a lesser appreciation of their more significant achievements. Consequentially, they end up falling into an extreme form of depression.

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

When Aquarius and Virgo come together, there’s no telling the outcome of this unexpected pairing. Based on their lively personalities, it seems as though both parties have a lot to offer each other.

While some may argue that this is a matchup that’s doomed to fail from the outset, there’s no reason to rule them out just yet! Let’s find out how the messenger and the maiden cope in the following critical sectors of a romantic tie-in:



Aquarius and Virgo share a back and forth relationship that leads them to question their friendship most of the time. Aquarius is fixed on the outrageous and fantastic things in life, while Virgo opts for an ordinary and rational approach to everyday life.

On the plus side, Aquarius and Virgo’s differences help them to view life from different perspectives. Aquarius adopts Virgo’s carefree spirit, while Virgo will learn to have a keen eye for the best that life can offer.

Being air signs, Aquarius folk often focus on expanding their intellect. Virgo, the earth sign, is more realistic and logical. Both friends will view each other’s mannerisms as somewhat mysterious and divergent.

If Virgo focuses too much on the practicality of issues, or Aquarius becomes too undependable or detached, disagreements between them are inevitable. For their friendship to work, the water bearer and the virgin should accept each other’s characters and embrace the positive aspects.



Communication is one of the biggest obstacles to a successful relationship between these two Star Signs. They both find it challenging to address their problems and instead prefer to keep their negative feelings to themselves. There’s a bad side to their silence: the more they keep their feelings bottled in, the worse their relationship gets.

Virgos sometimes try to be vocal about their opinions of Aquarius, but they’re mostly negative. The messenger’s strong judgment won’t sit well with the virgin’s tender soul. Virgo expresses their hurt non-verbally since they often lack the words to put their emotions across.

When Aquarius notices Virgo’s pain, they get overwhelmed with a deep sense of regret and sadness. Aquarius tends to become hard on themselves the moment they see the impact of their words.

In moments of tension, Aquarius and Virgo need to formulate ways to enhance peaceful communication between themselves. Additionally, the earth sign needs to take a step back and consider other methods to express their displeasure.



Aquarius is smart, charismatic, and charming. To Virgo, none of these traits are essential to the relationship. Aquarius’s persona is capricious and fickle.

Love goes either way in a typical Aquarius/Virgo relationship. Virgo requires a consistent partner to bring out their inner happiness, while Aquarius needs someone to love them as they are.

When Aquarius and Virgo first meet, they will keep their interactions as minimal as possible. They will need time to understand each other and get used to their mannerisms.

Once they feel they know each other reasonably well, and their friendship is secure enough, they’ll take a shot at a romantic relationship together. At the outset, neither will feel an instant attraction to the other. Aquarius and Virgo’s love will grow the more they get to know one another personally.

Throughout their time together as lovers, Aquarius and Virgo will be overwhelmed by each other’s personalities. The chances of them lasting as a couple are slim to none.



As with all other aspects of their relationship, sex between Aquarius and Virgo is dicey. This couple often relates reasonably well outside the confines of the bedroom. However, when it comes to matters of sex, things take a different turn.

In a typical relationship, sex can either make or break a relationship. Based on Aquarius and Virgo’s personalities, it’s clear that their lovemaking session will be a planned affair rather than a spontaneous, emotional instinct. Either party should make an effort to enhance excitement and variety in their sexual relations.

Aquarius, being the Sun sign, needs to be in control during sex. The Virgin is often reserved and willing to follow whatever their partner instructs them to do. Aquarius has the potential to turn the calm and silent Virgo into a wild and naughty bedroom partner with just a single touch.

If the messenger has no idea how to approach Virgo in bed, then there’s no hope for their sex life.

Aquarius and Virgo Marriage 


If Virgo and Aquarius don’t counter their differences during courtship, there’s no chance of a successful marriage. They both need to step up and put in extra effort in mending their relationship as spouses for a genuine ‘happy ever after’.

Aquarius and Virgo need to reconsider their stances and accommodate their partner as they are. The longevity of their marriage depends mostly on Virgo’s adaptability. If the virgin can channel their mutable nature to get used to Aquarius’s personality, there’s no doubt their marriage will last a lot longer.

Aquarius’s stubborn nature, however, may hinder Virgo’s efforts to keep the marriage afloat. While Virgo views Aquarius as hard-headed, Aquarius views Virgo as a problematic spouse who doesn’t give them room to express themselves.

Aquarius and Virgo might cut short their relationship by deciding to split before they officially get married. Of course, this can be a non-issue if the couple decides to change their attitude toward one another and just let sleeping dogs lie.

Bottom Line

Aquarius and Virgo have a 30% compatibility rate. As far as Aquarius and Virgo’s relationship goes, there’s no denying how challenging this Star sign compatibility is. Air and Earth are never a good match.

Virgo opts to view life with a critical, methodological, and analytical approach. Aquarius lives life in an unconventional, open-minded way, sometimes with a hint of eccentricity. The romantic path these two signs share will never be an easy one. Their frequent disagreements may cause them to go their separate ways at some point.

The only thing that keeps them together is their shared desire to positively impact the planet. If Aquarius and Virgo can focus on their shared goals rather than their differences, there’s no telling how far these two will go in their relationship.

They should learn to cultivate the ‘live and let live’ mentality and develop a mutual tolerance. Though it won’t be easy, either one should be ready to take the first step and set the foundation for a more prosperous and fruitful relationship.