Aries and Capricorn Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

We all know that Aries is a fierce and robust personality. These people make their presence known, and they have a habit of lighting up every room they enter. Aries takes each day by storm, and they possess this powerful nature that is hard for other signs to understand. As a result, it sometimes makes them a tough person to get along with.

The independent and disciplined Capricorn holds themselves to a high standard, they’re traditional, typically conservative, and they believe in living a stable life. They’re a perfectionist at heart, and that jives well with the competitive and fierce nature of Aries. Let’s find out if Aries and Capricorn Compatibility is good.

What’s most important is that these two don’t let their competitive personalities clash. Once they start competing against each other for dominance, the relationship can start to crumble.

Aries and Capricorn Sex and Intimacy

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

When it comes to sexual compatibility, these two don’t get along easily. These two signs are ruled by Mars and Saturn, and those planets are considered astrological enemies. In the bedroom, Mars and Saturn throw a lot of obstacles in the way of having a healthy sex life. As a result, they don’t possess a lot of desire for each other, which can escalate to adultery and affairs if they don’t get things in order quickly.

This problem likely arises because Aries needs to be in control. Capricorn doesn’t take kindly to this and possesses a lot of the same feelings. When Capricorn feels like they’re losing control, they start to lose their energy and give up on the situation. This will make Aries feel like they’ve lost control, and the result is hurt feelings.

Deep down, both of these signs know what their partners want. They know that they have to relinquish control sometimes, but it’s not in the stars for them. They can’t seem to take their foot off the gas. If they could do it, even for a moment, they would have incredible sex, and they would be fiercely attracted to each other.

Capricorn just wants a normal life; they want a good relationship, and they demand a stable one. Aries needs someone who massages their ego, and Capricorn is not that type of person, so it’s unlikely that these two will ever experience sexual bliss.

Aries and Capricorn Trust

Both of these signs do everything to the best of their abilities. They never take shortcuts, they don’t look for the easy way out, and they give it all they’ve got. Because of this, trust is no problem. They see this type of behavior in their partner, and they have an incredible amount of respect for them as a result.

Even if they come to a point where they don’t agree, they’ll never betray their partner’s trust. At least not right away.

That said, when you’re living life going through the motions like they seem to do, it’s easy to take the other person for granted, and when you do, bad things can happen. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but these two must remain honest and faithful with their partner. They must take the time needed to kindle the spark of their relationship and show the other person how much they enjoy their company.

Aries and Capricorn Communication

If Aries and Capricorn are talking about work goals, financial achievements, athletic recognition, or someone who treated them wrongly, they’ll always have something to talk about. Once they start to venture outside those topics, forget about it – they have nothing to say.

Capricorn sees Aries as impulsive and erratic, so they have a hard time valuing the Fire sign’s opinions. No matter what Aries says or does, Capricorn always feels that it’s unreasonable, and they won’t let them get away with making a poor decision that puts their stability at risk.

We all know that Capricorn goes through life with two feet firmly planted on the ground at all times, and even though they possess a certain level of fire and endurance, they never let it get out of control.

This can come off as condescending to the Aries partner, who thinks that Capricorn feels like he/she is better, and that doesn’t fly with their competitive nature.

Aries has no patience for this. Aries thinks that Capricorn is incredibly boring and moving too slowly. Both of these signs are wrong in their way, and they must try to understand their partner more rather than passing judgment all the time.

Aries and Capricorn Emotions

As you’re reading through this, you probably think you have a firm understanding of both of these zodiac signs. Aries and Capricorn think they understand everything about their partners as well, and that’s the biggest problem they face.

When they first enter a relationship, they develop an image of their partner, and from that point on, they’re unable to change that image. No one in this relationship wants to change for the other person or the benefit of the relationship as a whole; they’re both stuck in their ways.

What you end up with is a messy relationship that lacks understanding and emotional support. Both Capricorn and Aries are not the most emotional signs, so what they need is to understand each other, and they never will.

They’re both stubborn and narrow-minded signs that have a hard time accepting any other ideology, and they can’t think outside the box of what they deem acceptable.

Aries and Capricorn Values

At the core, Aries and Capricorn value transparency, honesty, and hard work. They’re looking for a partner that they can succeed with and celebrate their wins. This is one of the only areas where they can relate to each other because they share the same beliefs about how they should conduct their lives; they just have unique ways of doing it.

Aries flies through life each day, not listening to anyone, taking risks, making hard decisions, and doing so without consulting anyone because they think they know what’s best.

Capricorn slowly and methodically moves through life, not listening to anyone, doing everything carefully, making hard decisions, and doing so without consulting anyone because they think they know what’s best.

Can you see where problems come in here?

There’s no checks and balances in this relationship, so they each think they’re making the right choice, and they’re not consulting their partner. As a result, the overall value system of the relationship is broken because they’re always choosing to do things that they want without considering that their partner might want something different.

Aries and Capricorn Together

When Aries wakes up every morning at 5 am to hit the gym, Capricorn would much rather hit the snooze button and get up in two hours. When Capricorn spends six hours on a project, Aries comes in and finishes in 30 minutes but does so in a sloppy way. These are the fundamental differences between these two personalities, and there’s very little they can do to correct the problem.

They don’t understand each other, so they have a hard time agreeing on things to do for fun or play as well. Aries would prefer to speed through life, keep moving at all times, and chase the next thrill. Capricorn likes to take things slowly, enjoy the moment, and take in a deep breath of air.

The best activities for these two to do would be something that allows them to compete against each other because they love competition, and they both love winning. Competition is where their differences will be put on display. You’ll see how they approach tasks with completely different strategies that often end with the same result.

This is a lesson they need to learn because they need to realize that there are many ways to achieve success in life; you don’t need to do it a specific way. They’re both successful in their own right, but they need to get out of each other’s way and let them face the issues head-on.

Competition is very healthy for Aries and Capricorn, and the more they compete against each other, the more they might discover their partner’s strengths.


Nothing about this relationship is easy. Neither partner possesses a light and gleeful heart. Instead, they’re both judgemental, critical, and fierce. The relationship can quickly end up being a competition for who’s the better lover, provider, supporter, parent, spouse, etc. They’re always competing to prove that the other person isn’t pulling their weight or that they’re not doing something the right way.

The only way for these two to succeed is to realize that there are many different ways to reach the finish line. Even if you’re not a fan of how your partner is doing it, it’s okay, and you need to accept that. Unfortunately, both of these signs are far too stubborn, and they’re not likely to compromise enough to ever see that.