Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

A relationship between these two Water signs is sure to provide extremes on both sides of the spectrum. On one side, you have the zestful and passionate Scorpio who is never afraid to stick their nose into a situation and give their opinions. On the other side, you have the introspective Cancer who prefers to keep things in, love all, and show sympathy to everyone around them.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

The fact that these are two Water signs means they’re sure to butt heads, and you can guarantee that there will be plenty of emotions in this relationship. To better understand how Cancer and Scorpio work together, let’s break it down.

Cancer and Scorpio Sexual and Intimacy

Sexual and Intimacy

When it comes to sex and intimacy, Scorpio stands for the negative aspects of the Water sign, and their emotional nature leads to sexual repression. In some cases, the opposite may even happen. Scorpio will take things to an extreme level and demand certain sexual attention and favors from Cancer.

If the Cancer-born partner receives it well, you’ll have an exceptional sexual relationship that is hot, steamy, and very powerful. If the Cancer-born is too afraid or timid to jump into the action, you’ll have a combative sexual relationship that will never work.

That said, sex for both of these zodiacs is likely to be quite enjoyable as Water signs feel the need to be highly emotional with each other, and they long for a deep connection. When they fall in love, they don’t have a hard time sharing their feelings, and when you pair that with intimacy, the sky’s the limit.

Cancer and Scorpio Trust


These two Water signs demand trust from their relationships, and they give it. Cancer is one of the most trustworthy signs out there, and hopefully, Scorpio realizes that early on. If he/she doesn’t, they might feel that they’re being “led on” or tricked into something, when in reality, Cancer is living their life and being completely trustworthy.

When Scorpio starts to feel betrayed, things get bad. This zodiac sign is known for being possessive and downright evil at times. They let their emotional nature get the best of them, and their mind starts to run wild and pure rage can ensue.

One thing that all Water signs fear is telling the truth. These zodiacs are known for embellishing a situation and carrying it for as long as they can. They’ll lie through their teeth if they think they can get away with it, and while this doesn’t mean they’re unfaithful, it means they need to address their personal affairs and ensure they’re not hurting their partner.

The good news is, both of these signs are likely to trust each other, and as long as they build a solid foundation early on, they shouldn’t have too much to worry about. It’s critically important that they spend the necessary time early in the relationship, developing that trust, building upon it, and proving to each other that they are trustworthy.

Cancer and Scorpio Communication


The fact that you’re dealing with two Water signs speaks to a relationship where communication is simple and easy. Water signs don’t require a lot of communication to begin with because they speak from the heart. They can see the good and bad in each other without even having to say a word. Chances are, you’ll catch these two finishing each other’s sentences, laughing, and poking fun at each other without ever getting upset.

The depth of their communication might be the main source of issues in their relationship, though. The fact that they don’t communicate enough can lead to problems with boundaries if they don’t establish them early in the relationship.

One partner might misunderstand the other because they didn’t take the time to discuss it beforehand. Instead, they simply assumed that the other partner already knew when they didn’t.

When this happens, Cancer is known to run from their feelings instead of tackling them head-on. This could cause problems, and while it’s a rare occurrence and not something expected, it is important that both parties understand the importance of communication and establishing ground rules and boundaries from the beginning of their relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio Emotions


Cancer lives in a place where emotions reign supreme, and that can be difficult for Scorpio sometimes. The Scorpio-born person doesn’t like to address emotions, and even though they feel them very strongly, they prefer to bury them to keep the peace.

Since emotions are a routine part of a Cancer’s life, for this relationship to succeed, Scorpio needs to accept that and try to understand a little about their Water sign and take emotions more seriously. If something happened that upset the Cancer partner, they must take the time necessary to address the issue and make it right.

But don’t worry, Cancer won’t get off that easy. They need to find a middle ground where Cancer is getting his or her needs met but not becoming so much of an emotional burden to Scorpio that they begin to try to claw their way out of the relationship at all costs.

The biggest problem with this relationship is their manic highs and lows, and that’s the truth for most Water signs. They have exceptional days and horrible days with no in-between, but they need to find a way to enter a state of flow in their relationship to keep things on a level basis. This is where an Earth sign usually comes in to help level the playing field.

Cancer and Scorpio Values


When we talk about values, we begin to understand where this relationship struggles. For the most part, it’s sunshine and rainbows for these two Water signs, but neither of them can escape the fact that they have different values in life.

Cancer values having a stable life, with a white picket fence, kids, a great family, and living together peacefully. Based on that knowledge, it sounds like Cancer would pair well with a fixed Earth sign like Taurus.

Unfortunately, Scorpio lives a life that is highly dynamic, ever-changing, and not fixed at all. It’s a constant challenge to coordinate these two lives in a way that makes even a little bit of sense. When they’re not focusing on their own needs, they must give each other the time to address what their partner needs and wants.

Scorpio fears emotion, Cancer embraces it. They need to find a middle ground to make it work for both parties. That’s not always easy, and as a result, they are likely to struggle in this area.

Cancer and Scorpio Together


In their free time, you will likely find Cancer and Scorpio doing whatever it is to be happy. Sometimes it might mean that Cancer has to step outside their comfort zone to take on some crazy task that Scorpio wants. Other times it might mean staying home on a Saturday evening to finish yard work because Cancer is dedicated to the curb appeal of their home.

You will almost always find them together trying to help one another out because they’re two Water signs who accept each other for who they are, and that’s why this relationship succeeds. Just remember how important it is to establish boundaries early in the relationship to prevent issues later on.

If these two can get through the initial hurdles, they’re sure to experience success as they grow older together.


A relationship between two Water signs is expected to have high highs and low lows; we know that. The good news is, Cancer is a sign of stability and care, so they’ll do everything in their power to keep the relationship together and hold everything in place like glue. Sometimes it might be very difficult dealing with the crazy Scorpio’s lack of emotions.

When they can link up and unite on common ground, their emotional nature and powerful love are enough to carry them no matter what happens.

The most important thing for these two Water signs to understand is that they need to meet each other on a common ground; otherwise, the relationship will quickly self-destruct before they’re able to reap the rewards of this union. They need to develop a pure and careful connection that takes into account each other’s feelings and factors them in at every turn.

All in all, this is a highly compatible match between two people who can communicate, love, and live at a deeper emotional level than most other signs. While we think Cancer would pair slightly better with an Earth sign and Scorpio could do well with a Fire sign, the Scorpio-Cancer partnership should do just fine.