Cancer Horoscope: Sign, dates and personality

Date Range: June 21 – July 22

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20

Top Compatibility: Capricorn and Taurus

Ruler: Moon

Favorite Days: Monday and Thursday

Favorite Color: White

Element: Water



Cancers are the deep thinkers of the galaxy and one of the most challenging zodiac signs to understand. These people are highly emotional and sensitive to everyone around them, and they care tremendously for the people in their lives.

Part of the reason why Cancers are so concerned about what others think is because of their deep love and empathy for their family and friends. No one is closer to their family than a Cancer, and their sympathy always shines through.

Cancers born in the sun are the most loyal zodiac signs, and they’re best equipped to empathize with pain and suffering.

Since Cancer is a water sign like Pisces and Scorpio, they’re guided mostly through emotions and intellect. Although, Cancer seems to use his or her heart more than their brain compared to the other water signs. Their emotional nature sometimes leads them down a path of self-destruction. At a young age, they realize they don’t have coping mechanisms to deal with how difficult life can sometimes be.

Cancer-born people are quick to fall into self-pity and wonder why life is always against them. It’s important for Cancer to have a positive Aries or Sagittarius around to pick them up. Water signs always need an uplifting and motivating Fire sign around to make sure they stay on the right track.

It’s crucial that Cancer learns to rely on their own instincts rather than trusting everyone else because they may get taken advantage of.

Cancer Strengths

Let’s take a look at some of the best traits of the crab.


Cancer-born people have a great imagination, but they’re able to use it in a way that benefits everyone. Their caring and compassionate nature allow them to take their wild imagination and come up with ideas that other signs could have never fathomed.

Take an Earth sign, for example. Signs like Taurus are much too grounded to come up with interesting ideas; that’s why these two make such a good pairing. Whenever you need a good idea or someone to help you think outside the box, you’ll want to have a Cancer nearby.


Cancers are deeply emotional, and they care about their friends and family a great deal. As a result, they go the extra mile to ensure that everyone about them is always happy. They’re loyal lovers, friends, and family members who are always available when you need someone to help you.

Call upon a Cancer when you need help moving, traveling, packing, or help with your children. No matter how big or small the task is, there’s a Cancer-born to help you with it.

Sometimes this selflessness can backfire because people are prone to take advantage of Cancer. These zodiac signs can also possess feelings of resentment when they feel like no one ever cares about them the way they do about others.

It’s important that Cancers take the time they need to nurture themselves and pay attention to their needs once in a while. If they don’t, they’ll always struggle to find true happiness.


It’s no secret that Cancer is the most emotional zodiac sign in astrology, but why is that? It’s likely due to the positioning of the sun relating to a Water sign. Water signs are naturally emotional, and they lead with their heart, but Cancer does this even more than most signs.

Cancers always put their heart first, and that’s usually a good thing as long as they’re careful about who they let into their lives. They have a giant heart and always use it as a force for good.

Their emotional nature leads them to live great lives surrounded by people they love. When you’re in the presence of a Cancer, you’re in the presence of love and empathy. They’ll listen to you, hear what you’re saying, offer a shoulder to cry on, and provide you with good and well thought advice.


Cancers have an uncanny ability to relate to people and feel their pain. These zodiac signs are able to spend time with so many different kinds of people because of their personality changes based on who they’re with. If someone is experiencing a moment of turmoil, the Cancer-born will ensure that their behavior fits the needs of that situation. If someone is celebrating an accomplishment, they’ll change for that.

These people are accommodating, and as a result, many people like them. It’s so crucial that they don’t let this become overwhelming. Many water signs are easily taken advantage of because they don’t know when to put their foot down.

Cancer Weaknesses

Now let’s look at some of the traits that Cancers may want to avoid.


Pessimism, self-loathing, and pity are the main issues that Cancer-born people have. When they fall into a rut, they have a hard time coming out of it, and these zodiac signs are so sensitive that they don’t often listen to the advice of others.

If you try to tell a Cancer they’re being negative, they’ll say that you’re picking on them and that you never support them.

Their emotional nature is unstable, and a Cancer-born can crack at any moment. Once they’ve cracked, you’ll have a hard time picking up the pieces, and they can fall into a deep depression that can last weeks, months, and even years.


One of the biggest problems in the life of Cancer is insecurity. These people don’t often feel confident in themselves or their ability to do anything, so they challenge the people around them. If you’re in a relationship with a Cancer, they might expect you to constantly reassure them that you’re not cheating and that you do love them.

Their insecurity runs deep, and it’s worse when there’s no one around. When a Cancer is left alone, they go inside their head, and their mind is always running. While they have a big heart, they have a dangerous mind, and that brain will constantly tear them down if they don’t figure out a way to pick themselves up and gain some confidence.


Their suspicious nature comes from a lack of self-confidence. Cancers live in their head, so they’re always thinking about what can go wrong and what will go wrong. These zodiac signs feel that someone is always out to get them, and it makes it hard for them to trust people.

This behavior is most challenging in relationships. Cancers make great partners but don’t expect them to make it easy on you. They’ll question your every move, want you to prove where you’re going, and make you hand over your phone so they can check it.

It’s not that they don’t trust you; it’s just the manic nature of Water signs. They can’t control their insecurities, and it rubs off on everyone around them.


When you combine insecurity and suspicion, it leads to manipulation. Some might call Cancer-born people martyrs because it seems as if they work against themselves. They expect to fail, and as a result, they sometimes do.

Even though they love their friends and family, they may sometimes use them to add fuel to their fire. When Cancer falls into addiction, they use their families to enable them to continue to provide the source of their addiction.

It’s so crucial that Cancer does not pair up with another sign known for self-loathing like a Leo. If the two of them find themselves together and down on their luck, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Cancer Love and Relationships

Cancer is highly emotional, and feelings are at the center of everything they do. These people are gentle, caring, and loving, and they’re not afraid to show the world how sensitive they are. The problem is, when you wear your heart on your sleeve, you’re bound to get hurt.

If you’re in a relationship with a Cancer, it’s important to understand that a lot of love is non-verbal. Their affection is deep, so it won’t always result in loving kisses and cuddles, but instead, Cancers show their love the most through their actions.

In relationships, these zodiac signs are great at showing how much they love their partner through their actions. They’ll do things around the house, take care of the children, and prove how important they are. This is how they develop a sense of self-worth, and it’s critical to their happiness.

Cancer Friends and Family

In friendships, Cancer will happily connect with anyone and everyone around them as long as that person is sensitive to their needs. They’re full of respect and empathy for all the people in their lives, and they’re master communicators. Cancers believe that they have an uncanny ability to see through people, but sometimes that special power might fail, and they get taken advantage of by someone looking for a handout.

Bonds are important to Cancer-born people, and that’s where family comes in. These people are sentimental, and they like to live a traditional family life built around a white picket fence, two children, and a family pet. Cancers make excellent parents and spouses.

Cancer Career and Finances

These zodiac signs are not afraid of work, and they will roll up their sleeves and put in their time. They work best when left alone. Even though Cancers love people, they find that people are a distraction in the workplace and can cause them to veer off-track.

Cancers do best when they’re involved in careers that help others and allow them to be selfless. Expect them to perform best in careers such as nursing, medicine, politics, and public service.

When it comes to money, they’re smart about it. They work hard, earn their money, save it, invest it, and watch those investments grow. They’re good with their money, and they do a nice job of managing it properly. Cancers are usually in control of household finances.

How to Attract the Cancer Man

Cancer men know what to do and how to do it; they’re just too shy. Don’t expect these men to come out and tell you what they want; you’ll likely have to pry it out of them. Their partners need to make the first move but to do it subtly; otherwise, you might intimidate him.

These men are complex and sensitive, but they’re protective of their loved ones and very loyal partners. Many people turn to Cancer men when they’ve been hurt before because they’re so nurturing and compassionate.

What makes a Cancer man feel important is when he knows he’s taking care of someone else’s needs. He never gets excited about treating himself; he’d rather have you get what you want.

Just make sure that you set clear boundaries right away with Cancer men. These zodiac signs are known for getting clingy and needy, especially when he falls into one of his depressive episodes.

How to Attract the Cancer Woman

Attracting a Cancer woman is a lot like attracting a Cancer man; you have to make yourself the one to feel vulnerable, so she doesn’t have to. These women are not quick to fall in love, and you need to earn her trust.

Remember that she’s a deep thinker and spends a lot of time worrying and overthinking things. Don’t think for a second that you’ll get her for a one-night-stand. She desires a romantic partner who isn’t afraid to take control.

Even though she’s very cautious, she is incredibly erotic and sexual when you get her to show her true feelings. She desires a passionate and powerful sex life, but she demands someone who is honest, trustworthy, and respectful.

Cancer is the sign of sensitivity, emotion, and intellect, and they’re one of the most unique signs of the zodiac. These people require a large social circle of friends, and they usually achieve that by having a compassionate outward nature.

While they’re not outgoing, they do most of the listening. It’s so important that they take time to tell people what they sometimes want instead of getting stepped on and treated like a doormat.