Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

A relationship between an Earth and a Water sign can be a most complicated affair. It also has the potential to be one of the most powerful due to the emotional nature of the Water sign and the well-rounded nature of the Earth sign. Read more about Capricorn and Cancer compatibility below!

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Capricorns are known for being responsible, accountable, and disciplined. If these people say that they’re going to do something, they always do it. They’re also fiercely independent, which can be a problem for the emotional Cancer who always needs someone around to pick them up.

Capricorn’s perfectionist behavior can start to wear on the Cancer-born who prefers to let go, let loose, and relax for the sake of their mental health. Regardless of which way you look at it, these two have a strong passion for life, and when they’re together, this passion comes to fruition.

Capricorn and Cancer Sex and Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy

Putting Capricorn and Cancer together in an intimate situation is a recipe for success. There is a strong attraction between these two, and the best way to awaken their passion is to allow them to love each other. Cancer needs a little time to warm up, and it might take some time before they’re comfortable enough to open up, but it’s well worth the wait.

Cancer is a sign of great emotion, so if you can get this person to open up and give you their love, you’re in for passionate, intimate, hot, and steamy sex. Capricorn doesn’t quite possess the level of intimacy that Cancer does, and that can become a problem. When there isn’t a lot of love and attention in the home for Cancer, he or she starts to wonder what’s going on with their partner, and they won’t wait forever.

The good news is that there is a high likelihood that these two signs will be able to get along, but a lot of this depends on whether or not Capricorn opens up and if Cancer is a reliable and stable enough person for Capricorn to open up to. If Cancer can dial in their emotions and keep everything under control, these two will always have great sex.

Capricorn and Cancer Trust


Capricorns are not trusting people, and it takes them a long time to warm up to Cancer. When they first meet, Capricorns don’t trust anyone, and they will question every little thing they do. This is a huge problem for Cancer. At times, it can seem like too much to overcome. It’s important that these two don’t panic early on.

Once Capricorn starts falling in love, and the two start to get closer, Capricorn will open up, and they’ll see that Cancer is worth trusting. Capricorn-born people are always looking for the worst in people, but luckily, they won’t find that in Cancer.

Cancers are not the type of people to have a lot of skeletons in their closets. They don’t possess any ugly qualities, and they hold themselves to a high moral standard due to their exaltation of Jupiter.

The key is whether or not Cancer can make Capricorn realize all of this. If these two feel the devotion from the other person, they’ll have no problem trusting each other, and they’ll be able to let their partner roam freely without jealousy or animosity. This factor is critically important for the independent Capricorn who doesn’t like to be held back.

Capricorn and Cancer Communication


When a Capricorn and Cancer meet, it’s almost like they’ve known each other their whole lives. They jive immediately, and communication comes easily. There’s a lot of theories as to why this is, but some people believe that both signs value traditional relationships where partners listen to each other, talk about their day, and share in each other’s emotions.

Both signs share a mutual attraction that is always friendly and warm, which makes for good conversation. Even if Capricorn is talking about something so boring that it makes Cancer want to fall asleep, both these signs have such powerful mutual respect for the other that they listen anyway.

They can talk about anything even if they have different circumstances, and the relationship they share is often confusing to other zodiac signs. There isn’t a better combination of active and constructive communication than Capricorn and Cancer.

This skill is important in the journey of life because it will help them at every turn. When they get married and need to start making joint financial decisions, they’ll have the ability to communicate properly and accomplish their goals. When they have children, the same will apply, and they’ll always be on the same page.

One important caveat is that they must connect on a deep level for this to happen, and it won’t happen in every relationship. Cancer cannot get too clingy, and Capricorn needs to be open-minded enough to listen to Cancer even when they don’t agree.

Capricorn and Cancer Emotions


Interestingly enough, both of these signs represent exaltation in Jupiter, which means that they heavily rely on each other for the emotional stability of their relationship. Cancer needs Capricorn to make him or her feel better and vice versa. This can create a powerful bond that becomes unbreakable but dangerously co-dependent. This is the type of relationship that involves self-harm and worse when things don’t go right.

They both want a relationship like their ancestors had, but they’re living in different times. Women are doing things they weren’t many years ago, and men are as well. It’s important that both of these signs understand the emotional nature of a 21st-century relationship and how it differs from those of the past. Both men and women face different challenges today, and they need to be supportive of each other.

What you have here is one of the most and least emotional signs. Capricorn feels little emotion about everything and is instead focused on career, financial, and social gains. These people would much rather go out and get something important done than spend a night with the family.

This ideology is contradictory to what Cancer wants. Cancer would much prefer to stay in, spend time with family, and nurture relationships within the house even if it means making less money or giving up one of their goals.

All of this stems from Capricorn’s lack of emotional depth. These people have a shallow emotional pool, so they’re not feeling much, and in return, they don’t feel much for their partners. Even if they’re passionate, loving, and caring, they can quickly start to think about themselves first, and that can be impossible to change.

Capricorn and Cancer Values


Some might say that Capricorn and Cancer people are “old school” or “traditional,” and they would both agree with that. These two like stability, they value a traditional life, and they want to make sure they provide a normal life for their children.

What separates a relationship between these two from other zodiac sign combinations is their willingness to keep at it even when things get rough. This factor alone is what makes this one of the best relationship combinations in astrology. They’re so willing to continue in their relationship no matter what that it can sometimes backfire. They might feel like a failure for giving up, but sometimes you need to know when it isn’t working and realize it never will.

Capricorn and Cancer Together


The stability and disciplined nature of both of these signs make for a great time in shared activities. They plan things well, organize all their activities, and put together a plan that works well for all parties involved. Chances are, their house is usually where things are held, they entertain often, people gravitate towards them, and others will put them in charge of organizing parties and local events.

Cancer and Capricorn make a great team, and they agree with each other easily on most things. They find mutual respect in each other’s opinions, and that’s the key to their success. These two would make great business partners, and they would work well together in a family business.

What’s critical to their success is that they respect each other’s differences and understand that sometimes they need to do things separately because they don’t agree. They agree and do things together so often that a little independence is good for them. The only person who would get in the way of that is Cancer, and they must let their Capricorn partner have some space now and again.


A relationship between Capricorn and Cancer is a successful one and one that we could all model. They have a deep connection that almost seems unfair, but it all has to do with their planets’ location and how it impacts their behaviors. What’s most important is that they don’t do anything to lose their partner’s trust in the beginning. If they can do that, they’ll likely build a highly successful relationship that lasts a long time.