Capricorn and Libra Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

The Capricorn and Libra compatibility and relationship is one that’s based on happiness and strength. It doesn’t take long for these two to step away from the friend zone and kindle their flame of passion. Their union makes for a straightforward and reasonably simple emotional bond.

These two share several traits that make it possible for them to stay together for the long term.

On the other hand, Libra and Capricorn may appear to be aloof and far-flung from one another. Both parties long for love and attention from their partner. Sadly, their differences get in the way of their intimate connection most of the time.

Unfortunately for these two, a wild war of words can erupt at any moment due to their frequent disagreements.

It’s no secret that the Libra/Capricorn relationship isn’t one whose compatibility is one to brag about. It all boils down to their characters and their abilities to cope with each other’s weaknesses.



Capricorn and Libra Compatibility

Capricorn dates range from December 22nd to January 20th. Men and women born under this sign are symbolized by the mythical Sea-Goat. This half-goat, half-fish creature. Capricorn’s spirit animal inspires them to maintain a fighting spirit, especially amid turmoil and chaos.

Capricorns are the last of the zodiac’s Earth signs (right after Taurus and Virgo). Members of this element are generally grounded and patient enough to turn their dreams into reality.

The Sea-Goat’s planetary ruler is Saturn. It symbolizes their unique level of restriction and restraint in tricky situations. These men and women love connecting with their feelings, mainly through meditation.

Positive Traits

A typical positive trait among all Capricorns is their natural desire to make their dreams a reality. They are relentless in their efforts and do whatever it takes to make something meaningful from their unique ideas. They are the zodiac’s most diligent and ambitious signs.

Whenever a Capricorn gets to the top, they bask in the wonder of their achievements and become motivated to push themselves further.

As a result of their ambitious and hardworking natures, the Sea-Goat handle their responsibilities with utmost pragmatism, maturity, and discipline. They pursue their goals while making sure to stay organized and always follow the rules.

Whenever they make a mistake, Capricorns learn from their mistakes and own up to them as well.

Negative Traits

As hardworking as they are, Capricorns can also be highly pessimistic beings. Their no-nonsense attitude can make them fail to observe the good in their life and focus only on the negative. They are die-hard perfectionists who get deeply depressed whenever they fail to achieve their desired goals.

Because they’re afraid to fall into a spiral of deep depression, Capricorns become too hard on themselves. Their unnatural obsession with perfection and success hinders them from getting that much-needed relaxation.

Their hunger for success often makes them stubborn and difficult to convince. Libra and Capricorn concentrate on their ideas and choose not to look at things from an alternative perspective.



Libra birthdays range from September 23rd to October 22nd. Being the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is linked to Justitia, a Roman deity, and represented by the Scales. Their eccentric symbol reflects a Libra man or woman’s passion for symmetry and harmony.

Libra’s spirit animal is the gray wolf. These creatures are very loyal and opt to do things in groups rather than by themselves. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, known for representing love, money, and beauty.

Libra is the first of the three air signs alongside Gemini and Aquarius. Members of these elements have traits that are generally fixated on harmony and balance.

Positive Traits

Libras are famous for their well-balanced, beautiful, and charming nature. Their strength comes from making things aesthetically pleasing and orderly. They’re generous as they are self-indulgent.

Libras are superb conversationalists, smart, and witty. They’re fast on their feet and have the liveliest imaginations. These folks can fit well in any group or company setting thanks to their intelligence and problem-solving abilities.

There are many extroverted signs in the zodiac, and Libra is one of them. They love being around extraordinary people and learning as much as they can from them. A Libra’s social nature is among their most vital traits. Other traits of a Libra include fairness, idealism, and their abounding love for peace and harmony.

Negative Traits

Libras love everything beautiful – themselves included. They’re critical of other people’s appearances and become reluctant to spend time with anyone that fails to meet their standards.

While Libras can be exceptionally fun and engaging, they’re not the most reliable zodiac signs. You can count on them to show up to a party or social gathering, though they won’t be keen on keeping time. Their self-absorbed nature makes them feel bad about themselves whenever their presence is not noticed.

Libra’s non-confrontational and diplomatic nature is excellent, but it can also cost them their friends and family members. Whenever they judge a case to the best of their ability, the losing party will hold a grudge.

Capricorn and Libra Compatibility in Friendship, Communication, Love, and Sex



From the outset, Libra and Capricorn have very little in common. Their friendship becomes stronger each time they agree with one another.

Yes, these two have their fair share of similarities, but they’re not as conspicuous as one would think. The Scales are more outgoing and social than the Sea-Goat. The latter is all about the work and rarely has time for anything or anyone else. The two friends make their dreams come to life but in entirely different ways.

Both Libra and Capricorn are pioneers at heart. Since they both accept the role of creating new ideas, it becomes impossible for them to acknowledge each other’s ingenuity.

Libra is intellectual and analytical. Capricorn doesn’t mind following their learned friend’s lead, provided they will help them in turn. The sooner Capricorn and Libra opt to work hand-in-hand, the faster they can realize the power of a joint effort.



When it comes to striking conversations, Libras are warm and welcoming, while Capricorns are quiet and reserved. Their unique approaches to communication leave them unable to express themselves towards one another openly. At some point in their interactions, Libra and Capricorn may need to have someone intervene so they can meet somewhere in the middle.

Naturally, Libra isn’t thick-headed or unapproachable. However, once they get into a relationship with the Sea-Goat, they develop a headstrong trait that makes them challenging to deal with. Since Capricorns don’t see the point of wasting time in useless banter, Libras try to emulate their character to make the playing field level.

What follows is a cold war between the two friends where there are no winners or losers. They also build a barrier between them that hinders them from knowing more about each other and cultivating a healthy relationship through meaningful and emotional conversations.



If Libra and Capricorn were to fall in love, it would mostly be due to their attraction to each other’s good looks and nothing more. Both signs have a natural affinity for fashion and appearance. They strive hard to maintain their physical appearance and are hell-bent on concealing their bad sides from each other and the rest of the world.

Libra and Capricorn share an ever-growing affection that almost comes off as a fixation. It seems to progress from intrigue to full-on infatuation. The longer they keep their fascination with each other’s appearances, the higher their chances of arousing their subconscious romantic desires.

When they finally realize their massive potential to enjoy a good relationship, Capricorn and Libra don’t waste a second in consummating their union. The connection makes the two parties feel complete at first, but it quickly takes a downward turn the longer they are together.

The negative energy from Capricorn and Libra’s relationship is too intense. At some point, it’s bound to rub off on their friends, family, and generally anyone outside their relationship.



Like their love life, Capricorn and Libra’s intimate moments are hot and steamy at first but lessens in intensity with every session. The spark they once had at the beginning gradually dies and leaves their relationship formless and desolate. Their sexual inactivity may occur once they realize how little they have in common.

Any flourishing relationship gets the best sex from gaining a deeper understanding of each other. The sex only merges personalities and brings the two lovers closer in the process. Unfortunately, this rarely happens in a Capricorn/Libra relationship. Rather than bringing them together, sex between this incompatible pair only pushes them apart.

Libra and Capricorn stand a chance of reclaiming their once satisfying sex life only if they liberate themselves from the barriers they have erected. Libra needs to be a little less demanding, and Capricorn must steer clear of seeking external sexual satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

If there’s a word befitting that describes the typical Capricorn and Libra relationship, ‘difficult’ would be it. This is not to say that their entire relationship is marred by negativity and unrest. The Sea-Goat and the Scales have a good run together, but it’s one that’s not guaranteed to last very long.

Based on their relations in the different areas of their union, Libra and Capricorn have a combined compatibility rate of 34%. The biggest challenge that this duo has to overcome is their lack of emotional respect for each other. Of the two, Capricorn is the most notorious for overlooking the need for respect and mutual understanding.

The moment Libra and Capricorn find a way to get past their egos and strive to earn each other’s respect, the faster (and easier) it will be for them to tolerate each other’s shortcomings. Everything else will fall into place, and they’ll raise the chances of prolonging their fruitful and joyous union!