Leo and Libra Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

When Libra and Leo come together, the final result is a beautiful and glamorous relationship. Libra’s artsy, luxury-loving, and vivacious nature complements Leo’s playful, fun, and friendly disposition in a balanced manner that promotes positive energy between the two.

Leo and Libra are a perfect match and they share similar tastes. However, like most couples, there’s bound to be a few areas where their seemingly perfect matchup is called into question.

In this post, we’ll explore various aspects of this relationship, such as sex, love, communication, etc., that will help us determine just how compatible Leo and Libra are. But first, let’s find out more about their personality traits.

Leo Personality Traits

Leo and Libra Compatibility

Leo is at the top of the zodiac chart and is denoted by the lion symbol. If you were born under this supreme sign, then you’re naturally ambitious, powerful, driven, charismatic, and strong. Other salient traits you may develop as you grow include generosity, confidence, passion, and enthusiasm.

You hate losing, and you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your life goals. Towards your journey to the top, you might come off as arrogant, snobbish, and self-righteous. This may make you an enemy to a good number of people in the process.

Libra Personality Traits

Libras are naturally social beings who enjoy being around people. People born under this sign are incredibly well-balanced, beautiful, and charming. They can be equally generous as they are self-indulgent. One thing that stands out about Libras is that they’re quite the diplomatic lot.

This makes them great partners, friends and spouses whose aim is to promote peace wherever there’s conflict. Some of the negative personality traits of this air sign are that they’re indecisive, unreliable, vain, non-confrontational, and too self-absorbed.

With that said, let’s see how compatible these two signs thrive (or survive) in the following key areas of a relationship:

  • Intellect and communication
  • Trust
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Shared activities
  • Friendship
  • Home and Family

Leo and Libra: Intellect and Communication

Rating: 85%

Both Libra and Leo perform remarkably well in terms of communication and complementing each other’s personality traits. How they relate to each other is fast and lively. Both signs have a lot to share and continuously inspire one another with deep thoughts and quippy jokes.

Though these two signs tend to tell white lies, it’s highly unlikely that they would hide important issues from each other. Libras exaggerate their issues, while Leos leave out essential bits and pieces.

A problem may arise if Libra feels like something is off with Leo’s inner sense of security and unfounded confidence. The respect they have for each other can easily fade away once Libra gets too judgemental and vocal about how they expect their partner to be.

The only way Libra can brush off the lack of faith is to accept Leo’s behaviors as the most beautiful part of their character. When both parties communicate freely with one another, it often leads to intellectual growth as a couple and as individuals as well.


Rating: 40%

A Leo and Libra relationship is built on plenty of essential elements, but mutual trust is not one of them. Since they are both social beings and they interact with members of the opposite sex, they often become mistrustful and jealous of each other.

Once the trust between these two horoscope signs is broken, it’s really difficult to restore it into the relationship… or is it?

The two best ways that Leo and Libra can build/rebuild their trust in one another is by relishing shared goals and communication. They can articulate what they each expect from the other person, but only through the help of a third-party.

Leo and Libra both value principle and loyalty as much as they value each other. In fact, there are many things that they have in common. The trust between them can be restored by focusing on such issues and building upon them.

Sex and Intimacy

Rating: 90%

This match oozes with tremendous sexual chemistry. Libra’s an air sign, and Leo’s a fire sign. When the two come together, it won’t be long before they develop a blooming sex life.

Libra’s sexuality and Leo’s confidence are two definitive features that motivate the two horoscope signs to be great lovers when they’re together. They are also free with one another; both signs are open to trying out different styles and positions without fear or hesitation.

Libra, being a cardinal sign, likes to take the lead but by good timing and persuasion. Leos are also savages between the sheets, but they don’t always respond well to constructive criticism.

Libras represent the public eye while Leos are not particularly shy. Although these features might say something in regards to their sexual preferences, they are often well-behaved in public.

Their sex life is bound to last if they discovered their relationship on an ephemeral mutual attraction.

Shared Activities

Rating: 60%

These signs share a peculiar liking to a variety of activities including fancy gatherings, ‘red carpet’ events, or even sex. The only thing that sets them apart is their speed of performing these tasks.

Leo is a fast-thinker and fast-performer while Libra takes time before deciding whether or not they want to do something and for how long they want to do it.

For instance, let’s assume that both signs love sleeping (don’t we all?). While Leo may enjoy sleeping for 15 hours per day, Libra may be slower at deciding how long they’d want to get some shut-eye.

Unfortunately, it might get to a point where Libra’s indecisiveness may become a problem in the relationship. Leo may be tempted to help their partner in making decisions on certain issues. This will not sit well with Libra, who may consider it as a breach of mutual respect.

Leo and Libra need to be patient with each other and respect each other’s way of doing things.


Rating: 95%

Leo and Libra share a solid bond. They both share a positive perspective on life and generally love being in each other’s company. Leos are exceptional entertainers. Libras love listening to their fantastical tales and lively way of explaining.

Leo and Libra are passionate about traveling the world and seeing everything from a different perspective. They see everything as a form of art. They’re close friends who understand the nuances and intricacies that make life into the wonder that it is.

If they’re not entertaining themselves, these two close pals enjoy entertaining others. They’re familiar with the best entertainment joints, movies, clubs, restaurants, and other social places. Such places allow them to know each other better as friends and as companions as well.

Also, the more they dwell in each other’s company, the more they learn from each other. Their harmonious partnership is mostly sustained by their mutual admiration for each other’s traits and their abundant energy.

Each friend has a certain quality that makes up for what the other lacks. Libra, for example, will feed off of Leo’s enthusiasm and strength, while Leo relies on Libra’s discretion and diplomacy to tackle different life situations. This unique partnership helps them accomplish what they never could on their own.

Home and Family

Rating: 70%

Although Leos never shy away from sharing sensitive bits of their life, they generally prefer keeping their family life as private as possible. Libras won’t introduce their partner to their family until they’re convinced that their partner is truly the one.

When the two signs unite in a relationship, they are highly respectful of each other’s boundaries. They both understand how complicated and sensitive family can be.

Leo and Libra are in touch with their creative side. However, they rarely extend that unique quality into housekeeping or home decorating activities, unless it’s really worth it. When designing a space, Leo and Libra tend to get bored and overwhelmed with all the details.

Most of the time they’ll need the intervention of a skilled designer friend or interior decorator. They both consider moving in together as a big deal and are cautious about every detail they put into their new living space.

Even though they’re both mindful of each other’s privacy, neither are thrilled about starting a family together. As time goes by, their stance will eventually change and they will decide to extend their family.


In general, Leo and Libra have a total compatibility rate of 75%. It’s clear to see that this is truly an exciting match. How long they’ll last, however, is something that only time will tell.

Both their interest in sex and communication make them stronger as a couple, but their unity may be disrupted by issues such as trust and money. Once a Leo and a Libra argue over conflicting issues such as these, it may be somewhat difficult to recover and regain their footing.

A good example of this is the former celebrity couple Sam Mendes (Leo) and Kate Winslet (Libra). The couple met in the early 2000s, enjoyed a lively romance and ended up tying the knot in 2003 while on holiday.

Unfortunately, their relationship hit a rough patch during the filming of Revolutionary Road. Their life/work boundaries were simply incompatible and they decided to call their union quits once their work was finished on the movie.

If you notice early signs of incompatibility in your relationship, become vocal about it, and communicate more with your partner. Alternatively, it wouldn’t hurt to get a third-party involved to help solve your problems.