Leo Horoscope: Sign, dates and personality

Date Range: July 23 – August 22

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 10, 19

Top Compatibility: Aquarius and Gemini

Ruling Planet: Sun

Best Day: Sunday

Favorite Colors: Gold and Orange

Element: Fire



Leos are natural-born leaders. These fire signs are dramatic, confident, dominating, and difficult to ignore. They’re fiercely determined to accomplish everything that comes their way in life, and that’s due to their ruling under the sun.

Zodiac signs ruled by the sun always have the ability to accomplish goals, but they often do it through collaboration. Although Leo isn’t the ideal matchmaker and doesn’t always work well with others, they can bring the troops together to achieve a common goal.

They’re natural motivators, and they’re able to direct traffic. When there’s a bottleneck in the system, they have the confidence and self-awareness to address the problem head-on and take care of it before it breaks down the whole process. Leos are also generous and loyal. They’re the kind of person that will give you the shirt off their back one day but give you a kick in the pants the next day when you’re slacking off.

As an element of fire, they share many characteristics with Aries and Sagittarius. They’re warmhearted, loving, and they enjoy having a good time. Leo mustn’t allow his or her love for pleasure get in the way of their goals and aspirations.

At times, Leo can become obsessed with the highs of life, leading to addiction and dependency issues. One of the things that allow Leos to stand out most from the crowd is their self-awareness. It’s almost as if they’re the only zodiac sign in astrology that truly understands their shortcomings, and they’re able to limit them while maximizing their strengths.

Leo Strengths

First, let’s start by taking a look at some of the best traits of the Leo zodiac sign:


One of the standout features of Leos is their ability to find passion in everything they do. This could be because Leos are not afraid to do what no one else wants to do.

They see this as an opportunity to get ahead, and Leos will do anything to find a way to get a leg up on their competition. They’re so competitive that they’re willing to step on the toes of their competitors if it means that they’ll look better and perform better in the long run. While they are incredibly passionate about what they do, there are times where Leos can get worn down by life.

During this time, they’re known to sulk and feel bad for themselves. Here is where a cheery water sign or a grounded Earth sign can come in and help get them back on track. Sometimes Leos are 0 to 100% and 100% to 0, but they need to try and find balance in their lives to remain passionate even when things aren’t going great.


Along with passion comes motivation, and it doesn’t take much for Leos to get motivated. They find it in everything they do, and they’re able to carry themselves without often needing someone to pick them up and point them in the right direction.

As previously mentioned, Leos are known to get down on themselves, but those moments are few and far between. Leos are most successful when they can keep two feet planted firmly on the ground with their head chasing the stars. They’re dreamers, and that can sometimes become their biggest downfall in professional and personal relationships.

Earth and water signs might see Leo as a loose cannon who can make a dramatic shift in life at the drop of a hat. They’re not the most stable of signs, and they’re always coming up with new ideas that completely change the framework of their life. Sometimes it’s important to stick with something long enough to see the results, but Leo wants to constantly change everything, and other signs may see that as risky or immature.


While Leos are known for being self-centered, they’re also quite generous. These signs love entertaining, and they love showing off what they’ve accomplished in life. At times, some people might think the only reason they’re invited over to the house of a Leo is so he or she can show you all the fancy stuff they have and how great they are.

But, when it comes to needing someone to help you out, Leos are always there, and they’re more than willing to take control of a situation that has gotten out of hand. If you need help moving, call a Leo because they’ll take over the job and likely do most of the hard work for you.


Leos are full of positive energy, and this is because they’re a fire sign and ruled by the sun. When Leo enters a room, it changes the whole landscape of the room, and everyone suddenly feels a little better.

Leos bring the energy with them to the party, and it usually lifts everyone else up. This is almost always a positive thing, but that’s until there’s a clash, and Leo doesn’t feel like he or she is the center of attention. When you have two fire signs in the room, they can clash. If there are two Leos, forget about it, the personalities will be at odds the whole time, and it could even lead to confrontations.

While it’s important that Leo enters the room with powerful energy, they must also learn to get by when there is someone else in the spotlight.

Leo Weaknesses

We’ve discussed the positive sides of Leo the lion, now let’s talk about some of their biggest weaknesses:


The biggest downside that most people think of when they think of Leo is their arrogant nature. These zodiac signs are full of themselves, and they’re not afraid to let anyone know it. It starts with their love of lavish things, taking holidays, and spending money on items that will allow them to show off. Leos love showing off how much money they’ve spent on belongings, and they need to have the best brand name items.

While this might not seem like a downside to everyone, when a Leo gets something new, expect to know how much it cost, where they got it, why they got it, and why you can’t afford it. Their arrogance can cause trouble in professional and personal relationships as well. Leos think they’re better than everyone else, so it can lead to condescending communication with subordinates and managers.

In personal relationships, marriage with a Leo is tough because he or she will demand special treatment and expect you to oblige. It’s important to have a partner who isn’t afraid to tell Leo when they’re being unreasonable.


Leos believe they’re always right, and their fiery personality makes it difficult to argue with them. As a result, they’re quite stubborn and will argue their point, even if they think they’re wrong—anything not to look bad.

If you’re working with a Leo, expect to do everything their way even if it’s the wrong way. Then, Leo will find some way to blame you for the problem and make it seem like it was your fault.

If you find yourself in a relationship with a Leo, while they’re warm-hearted, kind, and loving, they’re still stubborn and tough to deal with. You need to have a firm backbone and the ability to say no, or else Leo will walk all over you.


“Me” is the number one word in the vocabulary of a Leo, and that’s because they care about themselves above all. Leos don’t get involved in much if it doesn’t have anything in it for them.

That’s not to say that they don’t help out when someone asks or that they don’t care about others, but there’s always a hidden agenda. Even though they’re helping you move into a new house, they’re thinking in the back of their mind about how you can repay them. It may not come out right away but someday down the road, expect to hear from them.


Even though Leos are fiercely motivated and incredibly competitive, they can sometimes be lazy due to their obsession with pleasure.

Leos struggle with this above all else, and it’s the one thing that becomes a personal battle. They’ll hate themselves for being lazy but still not have the strength or motivation to get out of bed to do anything. This can become a vicious cycle, and when Leo starts feeling down, they can fall into a manic depressive state that can last days, weeks, or even months.

Now is when Leo needs a realistic and stable Earth sign to swoop in and save them. Every sign in astrology has a role, but Leo is not the best when it comes to being strong and steady.

Leo Love and Relationships

All fire signs are passionate and sincere in their life. It’s easy for Leo to show love and affection because he/she is so confident. They’ll always take the role of a leader, and they maintain their independence even when they’re in a long-term relationship. It’s important that Leos have space to grow and think.

Most importantly, Leos need a partner who shares a lot of the same values. This zodiac sign doesn’t work well with people with differing opinions. If they have to fight too much to get what they want, they’ll start to feel down on themselves, and this can spiral out of control.

Leo Friends and Family

Being friends with a Leo is great. These zodiac signs are a loyal friend who will always take the time to give you what you need. They are there to help, they are entertaining to spend time with, and they’ll always make sure you do interesting things.

This can go one of two ways for other signs. Water and Earth signs might be intimidated by Leo’s desire to go all the time because they appreciate slowing down and taking it easy once in a while.

Problems arise when Leo isn’t the center of attention or when someone steps in and tries to take over the situation. Leos possess strong masculine energy, and as a result, don’t take too kindly to others stepping on their toes.

When it comes to family, Leos are sometimes neglectful because they’re usually thinking of themselves. These zodiac signs will take care of their family financially, and they’ll protect them against all odds, but they’re not the most emotionally supportive sign out there.

Leo Career and Finances

Leos possess a lot of energy, and they always stay busy no matter what they’re doing. These zodiac signs are ambitious, creative, and positive, so they’ll give their best in their career.

They work best when they don’t have to deal with direct supervision telling them what to do, and that’s why many Leos lead successful lives in entrepreneurship, management, and politics. Anytime you can put a Leo in a position of power, you’re likely to have a recipe for success.

When it comes to money Leos are spenders. It doesn’t matter if they’re spending on themselves or someone else. Having nice things makes them feel good about themselves, and that’s the most important thing in the mind of a Leo.

Attracting a Leo Man

If you’re after a Leo man, expect to treat him like a king. He demands a lot of love and attention, but he’ll certainly return the favor. Leo men do a lot of nice things for their partners, and they spare no expense. Keep in mind that he’ll never show you when he’s upset, but Leo men are actually very fragile and need as much devotion as possible.

Attracting a Leo Woman

Winning the heart of a Leo woman requires drive, selflessness, and a little bit of money. These women desire a fast-paced life with fancy cars, expensive clothing, and nice homes. She’ll be sure to return the treatment with fierce intimacy and unlimited care. It’s important to understand that these women will not compete for your heart, and if you rub them the wrong way, they’ll leave without ever looking back.

These fire signs are full of energy, drive, motivation, and zest for life. Leos are a complicated sign, but they are an essential part of astrology. If they can put their ego aside and work together with the other signs, Leos are brave leaders who pave the way for great changes in this world.