Libra and Aquarius Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

A Libra-Aquarius relationship is reasonably satisfactory and always produces the best results. When they first meet each other, Libra and Aquarius instantly connect on a mental and emotional level. In this article you will find a lot of interesting information on the topic of Libra and Aquarius Compatibility.

Their relationship reflects their shared passion for general knowledge, music, culture, and people. Libra satisfies Aquarius by providing a unique sense of emotional freedom and a feeling of security.

Likewise, Libra plays an important role in the relationship with Aquarius by stimulating Aquarius’s intellectual needs. Libras are innovative, creative, and full of ideas. They make the relationship as a whole more promising by initiating riveting and contentious concepts.

This pair brings out the best in each other. Aquarius and Libra have a sincere admiration for each other’s admirable personalities and connect mostly on an intellectual level.

The following is a brief rundown of Libra and Aquarius, complete with the various personality strengths and weaknesses that define them as independent signs of the zodiac:



Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

Libra is the only sign in the zodiac that is symbolized by an inanimate object (the Scales). Their symbol bears a close association with the mythical Greek goddess, Themis. She is believed to exist in the heavens as a stellar constellation and inspires Libra’s obsession with symmetry and fascination with balance.

Libras always seek to create and maintain equilibrium. Birth dates of a Libra range between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October. Because the Libra season starts during Autumn, anyone born under this sign is naturally prone to taking charge of social justice and diplomacy.

Libra is an air sign and falls under Venus’s rulership. The planet Venus inspires love, beauty, and exquisite materialistic taste.

Libras are cardinal signs and excel at kickstarting new initiatives. Libras can make excellent stylists, art critics, designers, and decorators.

Libra Personality Strengths

Libras are cardinal air signs whose dynamism revolves around serving others. They have remarkable social skills and interpersonal connections.

These two primary traits influence Libras to be people-pleasers who put their needs last and cater to those around them first. They’re also charming intellectuals who come off as sexy and attractive to the opposite sex.

Libras are great listeners and communicators in equal measure. While they may seem distracted and inattentive, you can rest assured that they’re displaying the highest level of attentiveness.

Libras are also peaceful beings who use their fairness to restore unity where there’s conflict. They maintain their peace with those around them by being mindful of their words and actions.

Libra Personality Weaknesses 

While supportive and generous, it’s hard to imagine the possibility of a Libra having negative personality traits. Like all other signs of the zodiac, they have their good side and their bad side.

One of their weaknesses is their constant need for gratification. Libras are self-centered beings who handle criticism very negatively and become insecure when no one notices them.

Because they have a keen eye for beauty and classiness, they tend to focus more on their outward appearance than their inward character. They flirt too much with anyone that catches their eye, which won’t sit well with their partner.

Libras sometimes find it challenging to take sides and spend too much time on a single item. They can be a bother to anyone who urgently needs their informed judgment on an important issue.



Aquarius is the zodiac’s last air sign, alongside Libra and Gemini. Air signs are natural geniuses who exude objectiveness, calmness, and analytical mannerisms. Their symbol, the Water Bearer, confers life and water on the land. Aquarius folk are under the planetary rulership of Uranus.

Otherwise known as the Georgian planet, Uranus governs technology, the extraordinary, and the unexpected.

Aquarians are individuals born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February. These individuals are known as the ‘reformers’ who live to inspire change in all aspects of our existence.

They fit in perfectly into all pursuits that involve the deconstruction and reconstruction of new systems of awareness, thought, and social justice.

Aquarius Personality Strengths

With their vibrant enthusiasm for life, Aquarians are socially versatile beings who thrive best in groups rather than in the company of one or two acquaintances.

They get on pretty well with ordinary and influential people who share their zest for living. They fit in perfectly in any kind of social setting, such as dinners, parties, games, and so on. Aquarians have the most innovative ideas in groups and work teams. They can work independently, but they prefer sharing ideas with equally intelligent minds.

The groups they affiliate themselves with always seek to improve or liberate society from environmental challenges or social norms. One of the best things about Aquarians is their unique altruistic spirit. They’re ready to offer their assistance with no judgment or second thought.

Like Libra, Aquarius loves fairness, and they’ll do what it takes to get justice for the wronged and the oppressed.

Aquarius Personality Weaknesses

Aquarians love being the center of attention. When they don’t receive any attention from their friends or workmate, they get hurt emotionally. They may end up being depressed for long periods until they reach the acclamation they so desire.

Aquarians tend to lose focus on anything they set out to accomplish. They’re often pessimistic as to whether what they’re doing will work out in the end or not.

Even though they’re great listeners, Aquarians don’t fall under the emotional group of signs in the zodiac. They don’t bother to understand other people’s situations and downplay other people’s earnest predicaments.

Once an Aquarian has set their mind to something, it’s impossible to convince them otherwise. Their hard-headedness might cost them a few relationships, but they don’t let one or two losses alter their thought patterns.

How Compatible is a Libra and Aquarius Relationship?

Both parties have plenty to offer one another in this relationship. Their partnership can be mutually beneficial, only if they share ideas more often and conform to their personality traits and mannerisms.

The following is a detailed outline of how Libra and Aquarius thrive together. We’ll focus our attention on some of their crucial points and determine their overall compatibility from their interactions.

Libra and Aquarius Friendship 


Aquarius and Libra enjoy a harmonious friendship that predominantly centers on intelligence and vigor. Both air signs have an open admiration for art and beauty, and neither likes to be bound in any way.

Both friends also like to gain more knowledge in their ways: Aquarius learns more by experiencing things firsthand, while Libra learns from analyzing and observing everything. What they can’t learn on their own, they learn from each other.

The Libra/Aquarius friendship is a reflection of their enthusiasm and positive approach to life. They tend to set more goals as individuals based on the time they spend together.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, and Libra is a cardinal. Aquarius completes the partnership by coming up with new ideas while Libra takes it up and makes it promising. Their teamwork is outstanding and paves the way for a sincere and stable relationship between Libra and Aquarius.

Libra and Aquarius Communication 


Libras, like Leos, are natural leaders who always want to take charge of the conversation. Aquarians happily oblige and agree with almost everything that comes from Libra’s mouth. Even though the Waterbearers are splendid conversationalists, they prefer putting their listening skills into action most of the time in their relationship.

Like most relationships, Libra and Aquarius often develop difficulties communicating with one another. Their relationship will continue to grow stronger only if the lines of communication stay open. Aquarians are at liberty to vocalize their disappointments with the Scales, more so when they become indecisive.

Libra should also have the freedom to make known their feelings, desires, and frustrations. Both parties sometimes downplay or even ignore solid advice from their partners, which should not be the case if they want to maintain their positive relations with one another.

The longer this couple stays together, the better they become at predicting one another’s preferences and needs.

Libra and Aquarius Romance 


Aquarius and Libra get drawn to each other romantically, mainly through their thoughts and conversations. Libra gives Aquarius a satisfying feeling of acceptance that, in most cases, sets the stage for a heated romance.

Before this duo can grow their relationship, they need to trust each other with every aspect of their lives, which may be a problem for Libra since they openly battle insecurity. Their chances of relishing a promising romantic union could get slimmer if they both had troubled relationships before meeting each other.

Mutual trust never comes easy in a Libra/Aquarius relationship. It’s something they need to yearn to grow with every sexual or social interaction they make as a couple.

Libra and Aquarius are incredibly social beings who crave outside attention and approval of their relationship. When others disapprove of their union, they may think twice about their relationship and call it quits at some point.

This couple should focus more on building their trust in one another and turn a blind eye to what the rest of the world has to say about their union.

Libra and Aquarius Sex 


Aquarians always seek to satisfy their curiosity in bed by suggesting new styles and fun positions. They often surprise Libra with their immense sexual knowledge that almost comes across to them as a god-given gift. Aquarians never stick to a single style when they come together for a steamy lovemaking session.

Libra always wants to control their time together in bed, but they can’t win the sensual war against Aquarius. The Water Bearer has the upper hand over their less aggressive Libra partner.

Aquarius and Libra are remarkably patient and open-minded when it comes to fulfilling each other’s sexual desires. Aquarius, for the most part, free themselves of any taboos or restrictions that may hinder them from giving maximum pleasure to the ever-receptive Libra.

Before Aquarius and Libra get to enjoy each other’s company in bed, however, they need to establish solid trust and comfort. Failure to do so always results in the most uncomfortable situations since both signs will find it challenging to communicate their needs and desires.

Libra and Aquarius Marriage


Neither Libra nor Aquarius is good with work or details around the house. They consider themselves as undomesticated signs who still have a long way to go in their journey of developing their marital union.

None of them understand the ins and outs of handling finances and sorting out the bills. They’re notorious for spending more than they make. Eventually, their massive spending sprees may lead to unforeseen financial hurdles.

Money matters aside, Libra and Aquarius listen and communicate well with one another as married couples should. They are both passionate about widening their social circles, expanding their family, traveling more, and developing their spirituality.

Their differences may cause them to clash once they get too immersed in each other’s business. Libra can get excessively dictatorial over Aquarius, while the Water Bearer can get too hard-headed for Libra.

Through it all, Libra and Aquarius still manage to bring out the best in each other. They do this by drawing strength from their values, goals, and ideals.


Aquarius and Libra enjoy a superb 70% compatibility rate. Since they’re both Air signs, Libra and Aquarius have a solid understanding of one another and have a lot in common.

For one, Aquarians and Libra both love peace. They will do what it takes to foster a good relationship with each other, along with anyone outside their relationship. These shared qualities always bring out the best in both signs.

Despite this couple’s admiration for one another, their agitated Suns make it difficult for Libra and Aquarius to fall in with their personalities. One crucial element they lack in their union is spontaneity. Libra must maintain their share of peace and balance for their Aquarian partner and vice versa.

They should work together to maintain their intellectual association. Libra should tone down their level-headedness and learn when to compromise and concede. They should generally strengthen their strong points and improve on their weak points for a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.