Libra and Cancer Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

The Libran and the Crab – how compatible are they as a couple? To the outside world, these two are the perfect couple who fully complete each other. Behind the ‘happy couple’ facade though, there are many issues between Libra and Cancer that go unnoticed by most people. In this article you will find more about Libra and Cancer Compatibility than anywhere else.

Most people don’t know that Cancer and Libra don’t get along most of the time. If anything, they have plenty of issues between them that jeopardize the progress of their emotional and individual growth as a couple.

Their efforts to understand or get along with one another can sometimes present a few challenges with their romantic compatibility. Simultaneously, their receptiveness to each other’s weaknesses can also open a door for open communication and emotional healing.

Let’s look into Libra and Cancer individually and find out what’s to love and what’s to hate about them. One thing they have in common is their distaste for drama. Keep reading to find other personality traits that can bring them together or draw them apart!



Libra and Cancer Compatibility

Librans are people whose birthday falls between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October. Libra is under Venus’ rule and is the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac.

Since Venus represents the Roman goddess of pleasure, beauty, and love, Librans have a fancy for all the finer things in life. Venus inspires this Air sign’s materialistic nature and their unhealthy obsession with luxurious stuff.

Libra’s sign is denoted by the Balance Scales, which stands for their constant pursuit of fairness and justice.

Libra Positive Traits

Librans are very mindful about upholding right and condemning wrong. They have a deeply rooted instinct to stand up for people who receive unjust treatment. Their shared instinct, combined with their nonpartisan nature, can make Librans impeccable mediators.

Librans often seem generous, helpful, and charming individuals who enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces. They’re sociable, chatty people who don’t mind sharing their knowledge and possessions with strangers and loved ones alike.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Librans don’t disappoint. They’re hopeless romantics who will go out of their way to win their soulmate’s heart.

Librans are intellectual beings who soak up information and ideas around them like brainy sponges. When communicating, Librans watch their words and argue their points in the gentlest way to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

In addition to being passionate, pleasant, and classy, Librans are also fair and understanding. They think twice before making a decision and listen to both sides equally when judging a case.



Cancerians are people born between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July. Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac family and belongs to the cardinal Water element (along with Scorpio and Pisces).

Water is an astrological representation of the coherence and the moistening principle that unites all forms of nature. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon. The moon can be an intuitive, dynamic, and nurturing force to a Cancer.

The symbol associated with Cancerians is the Crab. Since crabs balance their time between the shore and the sea, Cancers share the same ability to exist in both material and emotional realms.

Cancer Positive Traits

Cancers have a tremendous creative force. These beings possess wild and expansive visions that can transform a single word into a lengthy story in the shortest time.

Compared to other signs of the zodiac, Cancers are more nurturing, intense, and emotional. They are compassionate and protective of their loved ones. While their parental instinct may seem overbearing most of the time, it’s good to know that it comes from a caring heart and a warm place.

Cancers are intuitive. If anything, Crabs depend a great deal on their intuition rather than rational or practical judgment. Their dependence on their intuition comes mostly from their ability to recognize emotional changes in people around them.

Cancers are quite a romantic lot, except that they expect the same attention and care from their lovers. When they don’t get it, the relationship can take an unexpected downward curve.

Cancer Negative Traits

All the signs in the zodiac have their dark sides, and Cancer is no exception. First of all, Cancers are overly sensitive.

Once you say something harsh to a Crab, rest assured that they’ll hold it against you for the rest of the day (sometimes for the rest of their lives). Their sensitivity may bruise their self-esteem. The pain may cause them to become slightly paranoid and indulge themselves in a show of self-pity.

Cancers’ complex moods drive them to be moody on most occasions. They often seek solace in their shells whenever they’re uncomfortable or upset. Angry crabs can have the most intense emotional outbursts or get violent when provoked.

They can also get vindictive and do whatever it takes to get back at those who cross their boundaries or mess with anyone they love. Cancers can be kind and loving, but they can also be the complete opposite whenever their emotions get the best of them!

Libra and Cancer Relationship Compatibility

Cancer and Libra are the last couples you’d expect to have a smooth-sailing relationship. Libras are free-thinkers under Venus’s rule, while Cancers are moody Water signs under the moon’s leadership.

Their difference in planetary rulership and personality traits profoundly affects how they relate to friendship, love, communication, and a host of other relationship-related aspects.

Libra and Cancer Friendship


Libra and Cancer share a robust and friendly bond. Both signs complement one another by offering what the other doesn’t have.

Libra and Cancer need comfort and luxury, as well as security and stability. Their friendship would be a lot stronger if they work towards achieving the same goals.

When they first meet each other, the scales and the crab don’t dance to the same tune. Their friendship gets off to a rocky start, but it gets better with time.

Libra and Cancer are intellectual and sentimental beings. They’re deeply in touch with their feelings and emotions. However, their differences get the best of them, and most of the time, they struggle to keep their friendship afloat.

Libra doesn’t appreciate Cancer’s irritability, while Cancer can’t stand Libra’s know-it-all display of intelligence. This is just one of the myriad of differences these two signs have with one another.

Libra and Cancer Communication


Cancer and Libra share a sweet relationship. How they relate with one another on a conversational level, however, is wanting.

Cancers are naturally introverted. They find solace surrounded by the walls of their homes and rarely have anything meaningful to discuss. Like their spirit animal, the crab, Cancers love the comfort their shells provide.

Libras, on the other hand, are among the most social beings in the zodiac family. They are natural extroverts who love to immerse themselves in the company of their colleagues or friends.

Libra is chipper and outspoken. Cancer is moody and quiet. The kind of conversations we can expect from this combination are dull, pointless, and uninteresting. Like everything else in their relationship, the differences in their personality traits often get in the way of a hearty conversation.

Most often, they misunderstand each other and find themselves exchanging insults in heated arguments.

Libra and Cancer Love


When Libra and Cancer get into a romantic relationship, they complete each other emotionally and intellectually. Both signs have a mutual appreciation for the finer things in life – especially when it comes to their surroundings.

The crab and the Libran can only merge their energies when they decide to work towards a shared goal. Without anything to unify this pair, it may take some time for them to develop feelings for one another and become romantically involved.

In most cases, the only thing that brings Cancer and Libra together is their shared desire for companionship and attraction to beauty and love. Neither ever shy away from blending their powerful intellect and emotion.

One of the things that hold them back from becoming romantically involved is their indecision over who will take charge of the relationship. Both signs love to be in control, and neither enjoys being ruled over by anyone. The promise of a harmonious love is guaranteed once they determine who should take charge at any one time.

Libra and Cancer Sex


Libras are seductive and romantic, whereas Cancers are more expressive sexually, and they always come up with new ways to satisfy their partner. They are both attracted to flirty individuals and their romance has no boundaries.

Cancerians are pros at communicating with their partners and never settle for a single type. Variety is more their preference.

Libra’s bedroom activities mostly revolve around creativity and sensuality. No Libra will shy away from novelty, so there’s a good chance that their lovemaking sessions will leave them thirsting for more time together. Cancer is typically turned on by slow touches on the chest, while Libra prefers gentle caresses on the lower back region.

Their astrological elements almost always get in the way of their sexual satisfaction. Libra’s an Air sign, while Cancer’s a Water sign. Libra loves it fast and straight to the point, while Libra prefers to take their time and flow according to the sexual current. Although Libra may try to be friendly and patient, Cancer may have a problem adjusting to Libra’s speed.

Their sex life can be one of a kind if they already share a deep emotional connection. It would be best if they began their relationship on a friendly note before advancing abruptly to the sexual side of it.

Libra and Cancer Marriage


There’s nothing Cancer and Libra want more than to solidify their relationship. They may be passionate about their careers, but they find no value in them when they have no one by their side.

If they’ve been together for quite a while, it will be difficult for them to split up. Cancer longs for tenderness and emotions, and Libra seeks to be the pragmatic and responsible party in the relationship.

At the same time, Cancer and Libra view marriage as a personal association that gives them the feeling of security and stability. When they feel complete in each other’s company, they subconsciously boost their compatibility and, eventually, their relationship.

The best part of a Libra/Cancer marriage is that they each end up getting what they want from the union. Their communication becomes more consistent, and they develop a united front that helps them withstand any challenge. They also become more meticulous and careful the moment they step into parenthood.

As with any other marriage, Libra and Cancer may face plenty of threats that may, in turn, threaten their stability. How they maneuver their way through the storms of life will depend significantly on their collective efforts and how committed they are to the lifetime relationship.


The one thing that makes Libra and Cancer romantically distant from one another is the high expectations they have of one another. Cancers wish for their partner to compliment them, hold them by the hand, and generally love them for who they are.

Libra needs someone to take up their ideas and make something meaningful out of them. It doesn’t stop there; they also need their partner to be full of life and fully submissive.

Cancer and Libra can disappoint one another when they get into the relationship and expect nothing less than what they’ve set for their ideal partner.

The only way they can grow as a couple and develop a lasting relationship is for both of them to cling on to their independence, no matter the situation. They should set their sights on strengthening their emotional ties and focus less on how neither lives up to each other’s expectations.