Libra Horoscope: Sign, Dates, and Personality

Date Range: September 23rd – October 22nd

Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Top Compatibility: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Venus

Best Day: Friday

Favorite Color: Light blue

Element: Air



Arguably one of the best conversationalists in the zodiac, Libras have a knack for making new friends and forging new relationships. Rarely will you find a Libra alone. If you easily get triggered by how a Libra spends more time with their friends, then this Air sign isn’t the ideal match for you.

Libras have a secret knack for flattery; no genuine compliment is ever enough for them! Their appreciation for compliments has a lot to do with the fact that they never take time to appreciate themselves. Librans are too harsh on themselves for reasons only known to them.

All Libra-born men and women spend a considerable part of their youth just searching for a soulmate. They’re suckers for love and all the positive vibes that come with it. When they eventually settle for the ideal partner, they hold them in the highest regard.

If you ever get into a relationship with this Air sign, expect nothing but honesty and loyalty throughout the union.

Libra Strengths

The following are a couple of the Scales’ loveable traits:


Libra-born folks are superb mediators because of their unmatched diplomatic nature. They take their time to listen to both sides of a conflict and issue their honest thoughts with no bias whatsoever.

They will use their exceptional eloquence to give the reason for their judgment. By the time the Libra is done speaking, both parties will be aware of their mistakes and gain insight into how to handle a similar situation in the future.


Libras are one of those signs in the zodiac that anyone would want to be around often. Their mild, gentle, and polite personality makes it possible for them to forge lasting bonds with practically anyone in their social scope.

Their ruling astrological body, Venus, makes it possible for a Libra to overlook someone’s flaws and concentrate solely on their beautiful aspects. They prefer judging people based on their character and never on their physical appearance.


Libras are everything you’d ever wish for in a lover: they’re patient, kind, loving, and understanding. They relish the idea of loving and being loved. They are firm believers in true love.

Because they’re under the goddess of love’s rulership, Libras are unrelenting in their quest for a fairytale kind of romantic ‘happily ever after’. These charming Air signs often spark their emotional encounters with harmless flirtations and work their way into a serious and long-term union.


Virgos aside, Libras are among the zodiac’s most intelligent signs. Their brains are wired to think logically, rationally, and critically. Their elevated thought patterns give them an advantage over everyone else and allow them to move further in life.

Because of their intelligence, Libras always have a solution for every negative situation. They also have a logical and fair judgment for any case that comes their way. During conversations, Libras are slow to respond but quick to share their wisdom.


Quite charming and pleasant, this Sun Sign seeks peace in every area of their life. They’re careful not to cross anyone’s boundaries and often caution people not to cross theirs. On most occasions, Libras spare their own needs and tweak their personalities to avoid crossing paths with those closest to them.

These Air signs can’t stand the thought of disappointing or harboring negative emotions towards their friends or family. Libras often take the blame to end a feud and restore the peace.

Libra Weaknesses

No zodiac sign is ever perfect. Here are a couple of Libra’s’ weakest points:


Libras are annoyingly indecisive. These folks can spend hours (even days) just racking their brain on what decision they should make on a particular issue. To a Libra, every verdict they are called upon to make is one that should be handled with utmost care.

Their slowness to give their two cents on a matter may hold back a lot of things, especially if it’s needed ASAP.


Libras put a lot of attention on themselves because of their desire to be better than everyone else. Libras spend their time devising ways to upgrade their looks and behavior to gain attention from everyone.

Libras are charming and fascinating. However, these two positive traits quickly become unbearable once they make everything about them, and no one else. Libra’s self-centeredness can be a source of entertainment since they come off as self-deprecating without even knowing it.


Although it’s understandable for a Libra-born individual to have a close attraction to all things good and beautiful, they sometimes take things overboard. Libras join the likes of Taurus, Leo, Aries, and Gemini in their exaggerated passion for materialistic stuff.

Libras spend their time dreaming about how to make more money to cater to their superficial needs. When things work out for them financially, they splurge more on themselves without considering others.


Laziness is one of those traits that, unfortunately, defines a Libra. It’s not that they’re physically unable to accomplish a specific task; it’s just that they’re unwilling to engage their body and mind to get it done. They’d rather do something they fancy, like sleeping, or bragging about how they’re better than everyone else.

Laziness in Libras can be a good thing or a bad thing; being slothful can help them develop great ideas or make their existence purposeless.

Libra Love and Relationships

Libras in a romantic affiliation love exuding a beautiful form of self-confidence. Once they have their eyes fixed on their ideal partner, they transform themselves into master seducers who are 100% sure of their every move.

The Scales express their perfect conversational nature and make their beloved feel special in every way. They give their partner affection and praise like no other zodiac sign can. Libras will appreciate every effort made by their significant other to dazzle them. Their partners will easily know when their Libra partner is pleased with their romantic endeavors.

Because these Air signs are super friendly, they complement their partner even in instances where they’re undeserving of their kind words. However, Libras are picky when it comes to choosing an emotional partner.

They get turned off fast by introverted partners. They’d rather have a fellow Libra or any other extroverted signs as their life partner. When they finally find the perfect someone, they stay loyal through thick and thin.

Libra Friends and Family

Libra men and women know that they’re free to be themselves around their friends and family. Their friendly nature pushes them to organize outings and gatherings for special people in their lives. Within those gatherings, Libras promote an aura of harmony and balance that makes the entire setting entertaining.

Libra’s indecisiveness and ability to be swayed easily isn’t anything new to those who know them best. Funny enough, they use the Libra’s weaknesses against them or to get what they want from them in the subtlest ways.

Family and friends of a Libra can always rely on them to solve problems among them. They trust the Air sign’s judgment and unbiased nature. Their distaste for drama and arguments makes Libras the peace-loving members of their inner circle.

They are super fun and always ready to lend a hand whenever they’re required to do so. It’s unusual to find a Libra in a longstanding feud with a friend or family member.

Libra Career and Finances

Peace and harmony reign supreme in every area of a Libra’s life, their finances and career included. Libras are influential leaders and avid risk-takers. These men and women seek to preserve truth and justice in all their financial undertakings.

Since they work best in groups or teams, Libras are keen on ensuring peace and unity in the workplace setting. In case of any qualms, the Scales handle them in their characteristic fashion to guarantee a harmonious work environment.

Libras are naturally hardworking. They won’t struggle to fit in any job that endorses truth, justice, and everything else the Air sign stands for. Such jobs include working as a municipal court judge, multimedia, journalist, or a mediator/ombudsman.

Their conversational nature will also give them an advantage in jobs that mostly center around persuasion like a customer service representative or marketing promotions specialist. Their Venus-inspired love for art also makes them ideal for art-oriented jobs like an interior decorator, or graphic artist, etc.

Attracting a Libra Man

Libra males are fast on their feet. If you’re to get their attention, you have to match their agility and grab the earliest opportunity. If they’re not in an emotional commitment, then you’re in luck.

Unattached male Libras are always in pursuit of a lasting relationship. Once you make the best impression and get his attention, consider him your lifetime partner. The Libra man won’t let you go no matter what!

When making your move, wear something subtle that reflects three of his favorite colors: green, purple, or pink.

Attracting a Libra Woman

Making a female Libra fall in love with you isn’t as difficult as most men believe. As in the case of a Libra man, Libra ladies fall for anyone who takes the initiative. NEVER pressurize her (or any woman for that matter) to get into an emotional commitment with you. Allow her to weigh her options and get back to you when the time is right.

When approaching a Libra woman, be as friendly and polite as you possibly can. Lend her a listening ear and express your ability to talk amusingly and intelligently on diverse topics. Also, mind your looks. No libra woman would want to be spotted with a grimy, rugged, and unkempt chap.