Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

Aquarius and Pisces are pleasant and amiable beings who have plenty in common. Their unique personalities lead to a remarkably friendly and romantic union that, in some ways, intensifies their overall compatibility.

Two things that take priority in this extraordinary love-match are intellectual and mental stimulation. The biggest aspect of this matchup is their friendship. Aquarius and Pisces enjoy engaging in stimulating conversations that often impact them in the most positive ways.

A third pillar that keeps this relationship afloat is Pisces’ empathy. The emotional Pisces Sun sign allows their partner to cherish and embrace their idiosyncrasies and quirks without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Aquarians love the comfort and solace their partner offers them.

Their relationship may be sunshine and rainbows for the most part, but they’re bound to take a different turn the deeper they get into it. Their personalities often hinder them from realizing the best aspects of their relationship.

Keep reading to find out more about the Pisces and Aquarius relationship and how compatible they are as a couple.



Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiacal cycle. Their personality strongly relies on Neptune, their ruling planet, along with the position they hold in the zodiac. Pisces’ birthday falls between the 19th of February and the 20th of March.

This astrological sign’s symbol is two fish swimming in a circular motion (Pisces is Latin for ‘fish’). The fishes stand for Pisces’ struggle to strike a balance between reality and fantasy. Men and women born under this sign are sensitive, emotional, and compassionate.

Pisces is the fourth mutable sign after Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. The ‘Two Fish’ cycle begins in the winter season, which explains the fluid and flexible qualities within Pisces people. It comes as no surprise that Pisces falls under the Water element. Their connection with water inspires their imagination, intuition, and creativity.

Positive Traits

Pisces-born individuals are very dependable. A Pisces will put others’ issues before theirs and help wherever they can. They’re also extremely sapient folks who don’t wait for you to tell them there’s something wrong; they can quickly tell.

Pisces rarely condemns anyone for their mistakes. They have a sympathetic personality that makes it easy for them to understand other people’s problems quickly. Wherever possible, Pisces beings will do their best to avoid drama in the form of fights or conflicts.

They will use their fine and intelligent qualities to restore peace between two or more warring parties. They generally have a sincere passion for peace and love. Whenever a chance presents itself, Pisces won’t back away from promoting these fundamental values.

Negative Traits

Pisces are generally the most optimistic and high-spirited beings you’ll ever meet. Whenever they get depressed though, expect their negative traits to get the best of them.

Another unlikable trait about Pisces is their unnatural connection to the spiritual and mystical. Their partners may find them too complicated and decide to walk away from the seemingly awkward relationship.

Pisces-born individuals may become overwhelmed with their emotions and lose their zeal to live life to the fullest. It takes immeasurable amounts of time and energy to bring them back to their cheerful selves and snap them out of their depressed state.

Finally, Pisces’ honesty and impassiveness may not be the best traits to incorporate into a relationship. Their partners will quickly take note of their fragility and use it to their advantage. Pisces folks get emotionally overwhelmed once they realize their weaknesses have been exploited without their knowledge.



Aquarius dates range from January 20th to February 18th. Aquarians rank 11th in the zodiac. They are the zodiac’s last Air sign after Gemini and Libra. Aquarius falls under Uranus’s leadership. Uranus stands for revolution, tension, change, riots, and generally anything unexpected that happens in life.

Aquarius is the fourth fixed sign after Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. These four cardinal signs fall anywhere between Autumn and Winter. They are all characterized by their enthusiastic nature and ability to develop an idea and build upon it.

The Aquarius personality’s symbol is the philanthropic and objective Water Bearer. The Water Bearers represent the zodiacs’ famous visionaries who often formulate alternative utopias and quirky realities to impact their status quo positively.

Positive Traits

The Water Bearers’ Air element motivates them to lead their best life and give little thought to anyone else’s opinion. They highly regard their freedom and express themselves through their friendly and happy-go-lucky personalities.

Aquarians have what it takes to become exceptional leaders. They are naturally friendly, intelligent, and caring individuals who make it their priority to ensure projects are done promptly and in the best way possible.

The Water Bearers rarely disappoint when coming up with the most impressive and most creative ideas. Men and women born under this Air sign are open-minded folks who draw inspiration from various sources to develop creations for the good of those around them.

For example, they spend a lot of time and effort to come up with unprecedented methods for tackling large scale and personal problems. Aquarius personalities love nourishing their knowledge by learning something new every minute of every day. They often take great interest in languages, sociology, literature, history, and geography.

Negative Traits

Aquarians are practical people who rarely consider others’ emotions. It’s uncommon for the Water Bearer to put themselves in someone else’s shoes to get a glimpse of their hardships. Their shallow outlook on various everyday life issues makes them too quick to make unjust and unfounded assumptions.

Another thing about Aquarians is their socially distant personality. Water Bearers love the warmth and company that people provide, but they hardly spend any meaningful time with them. They focus solely on making their dreams a reality without considering that they may need an alternative opinion in any of their numerous undertakings.

Aquarians enjoy their own company and abruptly distance themselves from social gatherings. Some may consider it rude, but that’s just their nature. They opt to be detached from their family and friends most of the time. They love coming up with new and exciting ideas without any form of distraction or unwanted input.

Aside from their self-willed nature, their extremist and unpredictable personalities are among their worst traits. Whenever they get depressed, sad, or angry, they exaggerate their emotions and may do the unthinkable at any time and deeply regret it later on.

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility in Friendship, Communication, Love, Sex, and Marriage



The companionship between Pisces and Aquarius is a coming together of two intrinsic traits: kindness and inventiveness. Each of these signs is naturally romantic. They spend their free time trying to develop new plans and ideas for their benefit and those around them.

Aquarius isn’t one to deal with people who don’t share their ideas and visions for the future. Because Pisces is sympathetic and understanding, the Water Bearer finds it easy to confide in them.

When Aquarius comes up with an idea, Pisces is right there by their side, and ready to support them where they can.

The Fish and the Water Bearer combine their sentimental and intellectual resources to build a stable and lasting friendship. The excitement and action in this friendly union make it a lot better for both parties.

Pisces and Aquarius’ friendship is also beneficial most of the time. While Aquarius inspires Pisces to develop new plans and schemes, Pisces inspires the Water Bearer to be more kind and tolerant.



When the Piscean and Aquarian minds come together, there’s bound to be an explosion of unimaginable ideas and innovations. The trust between them gets greater the more they share and spend time in each other’s company.

The smoothness of a typical Pisces and Aquarius communication rests solely on their emotional relations. These two should go out of their way to maintain an open-minded approach to the other’s ideas.

In most cases, the Aquarian rarely recognizes the Piscean’s need for emotional support and overall balance. Pisces finds it challenging to recognize Aquarius’ slow commitment attitude.

Communication between these two signs suffers whenever instability arises. Aquarius may distance themselves from any emotional interactions. They may also unleash their negative side on their Pisces partner whenever they feel like their freedom is infringed.

Pisces, being the ever emotional sign, won’t handle Capricorn’s harsh words lightly. Sadly, Pisces has to keep up with their partner’s tantrums for most of their relationship. How they relate with one another quickly changes from a fun and friendly relationship to one centered around attention and power.



For the first few months, the Pisces/Aquarius pairing will have an adequate level of passion and heat. Lust and love will exist in equal measure, but only if they maintain their mutual compassion and understanding.

Both parties have to compromise to keep the relationship potent for longer. Pisces and Aquarius have no choice but to give in to each other entirely and sincerely throughout all stages of their union.

Each one has to be ready to listen to the other and establish a middle ground. With the Pisces and Aquarius relationship’s complex nature, neither may be prepared to be understanding or empathetic to their partner.

Pisces is quite stubborn, and Aquarius is a hot-tempered sign with a shallow capacity of tolerance. Repairing a relationship like this may need more than just mutual understanding. There’s simply no room for impatience or complacency.

As they get deeper into the relationship, the passion that once existed between them slowly starts to fade away.



Sex between the Fish and the Water Bearer is admirably hot and intense. Before they get into the intimacy stage of their relationship, Aquarius and Pisces keep their relations strictly congenial. They move on to the romantic side of things after establishing camaraderie and trust.

In the beginning, there’s never a dull moment in the Aquarius/Pisces sexual affair. Aquarius stimulates Pisces, but only on an intellectual level. Pisces is the exact opposite; they’re exciting and adventurous lovers.

While Aquarius brings risk and excitement into their sexual encounters, Pisces instills the much-needed caring and emotional aspect into things.

At some point, Pisces may grow weary of Aquarius’ lack of emotion and endless disappointments. Their almost-satisfying sex life comes to a bitter end once the Fish calls off the relationship abruptly after letting their feelings get the best of them.

The sex life between these two signs can work out only if Pisces avoids being overly emotional, and Aquarius decides to listen to Pisces more often.



As a married couple, Pisces and Aquarius may not enjoy genuine happiness for most of their relationship. Their dissimilarities will always hijack their union and limit their growth as lifetime partners.

These strong-willed Sun Signs often have conflicting views and never shy away from voicing their honest opinions. Both parties need to be patient and understanding. They should understand their flaws and also be mindful of those of their partner.

Understanding their individual and collective imperfections will give them a good chance of success at a bounteous marriage.

Aquarius and Pisces also need to nurture one another’s capacities through engaging in spontaneous, creative, and thought-provoking activities. Doing so will strengthen their willpower to ignore their trivial errors and focus more on building their conveyance with one another.

Pisces should appreciate and encourage their Aquarius partner’s ideas, and Aquarius should learn to tone down their highly temperamental natures and become more tolerant of their Pisces partner.

Bottom Line

Relationships that involve adjacent signs in the zodiac – like Pisces and Aquarius – rarely have the highest compatibility ratings. This match-up has a 38% chance of success based on their poor understanding of each other’s personalities.

For this relationship to work, both parties need to maintain an acceptable level of balance. Pisces should offer their intellectual Aquarius partner some space to put their thoughts together.

Aquarius should learn to understand their compassionate Pisces partner and give them the security and stability they need. If both signs put in the effort and learn to compromise when necessary, their compatibility rate has a good chance of going a notch higher.

Their union won’t always be a walk in the park. However, once Pisces and Aquarius put aside their differences and embrace their similarities, things might take an unexpected turn for the better!