Pisces and Cancer Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

When you put two Water signs together, you get a relationship that is built heavily on emotion. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and is full of emotion, but they use it as a force for good. Cancer is also rich with emotion, but they’re quite sensitive and fixed in their beliefs.

These two have the potential for a great relationship and not bad Pisces and Cancer compatibility. This is possible if they can respect each other’s differences, learn to work together, and understand that they’re not always going to have an answer, so they need to go with the flow. Cancer has a hard time with this because this zodiac likes to always have the answers.

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

The good news is these are two loyal signs who are equipped with the knowledge, patience, and stability to create a highly successful life together.

Pisces and Cancer Sex and Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy

Romance is what brings these two together, and they have a strong but emotional sexual connection. Pisces might come off as a little weird because they can be kinky and get into things that Cancer isn’t used to doing, but their feelings can guide them. Even if Pisces makes Cancer feel uncomfortable sometimes, the Water sign should be able to trust Pisces enough to go with the flow.

Cancer, on the other hand, brings intimacy into play, and it puts a lot more meaning into the act of sex. Cancer doesn’t see sex as an opportunity to please and be pleased; they see it as a chance to connect with their partner and get to know them at a level that few people are able to do.

Cancer is a selfless lover and will likely do everything necessary to maintain a healthy sex life. If Pisces wants to head down an unfamiliar road, Cancer is likely to go along with it because they want to make their partner happy and ensure they have everything they need.

Problems only arise when Cancer is too traditional because Pisces may see this as boring. Pisces need to experiment, try new things, and venture outside their comfort zones. Cancer is not used to this, and it can cause problems if the sign is not willing to be more adventurous.

Pisces and Cancer Trust


Some might call Pisces “cynical,” while others may call them “realistic.” Your perspective all depends on which side you stand on, but Cancer can’t understand Pisces’ unwillingness to believe in stability. Cancer sees life through a traditional lens where you find a partner, get married, move in together, have a family, and retire together. That’s the way they see life, and most Cancer-born people likely strive for that.

Pisces sees that as naive or unrealistic. They think that the perfect life only happens in movies and most people never achieve that. This is where big problems start to become apparent and clear cracks in this relationship start to show up.

If Pisces feels that Cancer is pushing too hard for things like marriage and children, they might start to retreat from the relationship, and this will create trust issues between the two. They both need to be patient with their partner and respect their differences. Pisces needs to realize that dreaming of the perfect family isn’t unrealistic, and it’s possible if they put in the work.

Pisces and Cancer Communication


The conversation between these two water signs can go from motivating, exciting, and earth-shaking to boring and dull very quickly. Pisces likes to talk about new things, abstract ideas, and things that inspire their soul. Cancer prefers to deal with hard facts, real information, and evidence. These differences can create ripples in their relationship that make it difficult for them to connect.

One partner here is always focused on rationality while the other is fleeing it at all costs. It’s a confusing narrative that will require one person to listen and the other to speak at all times. What’s important is that they accept these differences and even jump aboard with their partner and defend their stance.

One area that Cancer and Pisces can show their partner how much they care for them is by standing by their side even when they might not agree on everything. The problem is, Cancer is pretty unmoving in their stances, so they’re not likely to suddenly become open-minded.

Pisces and Cancer Emotions


The one thing that holds this relationship together is their shared emotional connection. Both of these people are water signs, which means that they wear their emotions on their sleeves, and it’s clear when something is bothering them. As a result, they can both feel each other’s emotions no matter what the situation and act accordingly.

It takes two water signs to have this type of connection, and it’s not something that you can recreate anywhere else. While there may be many positives and negatives in this relationship, the one positive is their ability to “feel.”

Sometimes we tend to listen rather than feel when someone is talking to us, but it’s important that we use emotion to guide our decisions sometimes. Certain things in life require rational thinking, but sometimes, we need to simply feel what the other person is telling us, and these two are the best at that.

Where issues can arise is if both parties are upset or dwelling on something, they can become codependent on each other and become horrendous enablers. Cancer must always keep their head screwed on straight so they can be the voice of reason when needed.

Pisces and Cancer Values


Their values are where they differ the most. Interestingly, two Water signs can have such opposing viewpoints on values, but it couldn’t get much different for these two. On one side, you have Cancer who is looking for nothing more than a stable life, a healthy relationship, and a nice family to come home to.

On the other side, you have Pisces who is looking for excitement, thrills, and constant adrenaline. They’ll have a hard time finding balance because they’re looking for such different things out of life. How could both of these people share any similar values when they want completely different lifestyles?

Compromise will be the answer, and it’s almost always the answer when we compare zodiac compatibility. No matter what, the two people involved must learn to compromise, and these two get a lot right. This is the main area where they struggle.

Perhaps Pisces can dial down the volume a little during the week and be willing to come home from work, sit down for dinner, talk with the family, relax on the couch, and go to bed. Maybe Cancer can dial the volume up on the weekend, and they can do exciting activities together, stay active, move quickly, and accomplish amazing goals during that time.

Either way, they need to learn that they’re very different people, but that doesn’t always mean that a relationship is doomed.

Pisces and Cancer Together


As you could likely guess, based on their shared values, spending time together for these two isn’t always easy. They don’t agree on the same idea of “fun,” so they might find their partner’s choice of activities either too boring or too overwhelming.

When the relationship opens up, this difference might be a welcome piece of enjoyment for both of them because Cancer might like the fact that Pisces forces them outside their comfort zone. Pisces might enjoy staying in and cuddling on the couch with a movie on a Monday night.

But, after a while, they might grow tired of these differences, and the constant activity of Pisces may wear Cancer down. Here is where they must once again learn to compromise. The relationship can go one of two ways here.

Either, they compromise, and things work out fine. Or, Pisces may start to create distrust in the relationship because they start running around with someone more exciting and more willing to ignite a fire in their soul. These two Water signs must never bend the truth, and they need to be honest with each other if they’re making them unhappy.

Once they start doing things to lose trust, the relationship will certainly fade, and trouble will start to erupt. They can avoid all of this by being direct, honest, and transparent about what they want and what they need.


A relationship between two Water signs is certain to be full of emotional rollercoasters right from the beginning. From the second these two start dating, there’s powerful emotions and fierce conflict in their behaviors. During the “honeymoon phase,” many of these issues may get ignored.

Once they make it past the relationship’s initial excitement, these two will need to work a little harder to maintain the peace, keep each other happy, and stay positive when things get rough.

Their biggest problems lie in their vision of life. Pisces is always changing, and they want Cancer to jump on board with that but unfortunately, they never will. Cancer is a fixed sign, they are unmoving, unwilling to compromise, and never change. All Cancer desires from life is stability, security, and balance.