Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

Astrological pairings are tricky affairs. They often yield the most unforeseen Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility results. Sometimes, it might appear as though your relationship has been given the seal of approval by the heavens.

Other times, it may seem as if your fairytale union is astronomically damned from the start. Unfortunately, the Pisces-Sagittarius relationship identifies with the latter.

On the plus side, astrology is not a proven determinant of potential love matches. Not all zodiac pairings can lead to happy, fulfilling, and healthy connections throughout their time together. Of course, there will arise plenty of roadblocks along the way, but that’s the norm in every relationship!

If you’re a Pisces-Sagittarius couple, this post will shed some light on your different interactions in different aspects of your relationship. Spoiler alert! It’s not all sunshine and rainbows all through. Although the bad parts outweigh the good, there’s still plenty of room for adjustment.

Before anything else, let’s kick explore the Pisces and Sagittarius folk’s character traits.

Pisces (aka The Dreamer)


Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility

The ‘Two Fishes’ symbol represents the Pisces folk. Since they rank last in the zodiac family, they’re sometimes considered the last born of the zodiacal cycle. Pisces-born individuals are born between February 19th and March 20th.

Pisces exists under the Water element, which explains their frequent inclination to make plain their emotional side. Water is an astrological representation of the moistening principle that connects and binds all natural forms.

Neptune (the god of the sea) and Jupiter (the god of prosperity) are the bodies that govern Pisces. The nefarious Neptunian energy oversees escapism and illusion in a disenchanted Pisces. Jupiter rules their spiritual characteristics and heightens their vivid imagination.

The fish is a mutable sign, meaning that they quickly adapt to whichever state of affairs they encounter.

Pisces Positive Personality

Being the 12th sign in the house of the zodiac, Pisces-born individuals are the most compassionate, empathetic, and psychic beings of the zodiac. Their extreme qualities come from the belief that they take in all the fears, hopes, pain, and joys of all the signs that came before them.

Pisces beings channel their inner clairvoyance to bring out the most creative version of themselves. They also utilize their sense of romance and music to demonstrate their kind and gentle nature.

Pisces-born individuals are famous for their generous and empathetic qualities. To them, other people’s needs are more important than their own. They can also use their phenomenal intuition and intellect to inspire their friends and family to become better versions of themselves.

No other sign in the zodiac is as devoted as the Two Fish. When they’re truly committed to something, nothing and no one can get in their way.

Pisces Negative Traits

Most of the time, Pisces’ positive traits may become their biggest downfalls. For example, their high level of compassion leaves them vulnerable to deceit and greed from those closest to them.

Additionally, Pisceans’ self-sacrifice and selflessness sometimes lead them to be codependent, vulnerable, and needy in relationships. Their partner may exploit their fragile and unguarded nature and leave them in a deep state of depression.

Pisceans often motivate people to do something positive with their lives, forgetting they also need some motivation. They can quickly lose interest in something they start and become reluctant to get back to it later.

Otherwise known as the Dreamers, Pisces will continuously pursue their dreams without zeroing in on those around them. They are natural escapists who will pay little to no attention to the status quo.

Sagittarius (aka the Archer, the Centaur)


The Sagittarius period starts from the 23rd of November to the 22nd of December. The Centaur is the primary symbol of Sagittarius. The half-beast and half-human Centaur embodies an equilibrium of wisdom and primal instinct among Sagittarius people.

Sagittarius-born individuals are Fire signs (the last of the zodiac) and are always pursuing higher knowledge. They launch their quest like flaming arrows, running after intellectual, spiritual, and geographical adventures.

This Fire sign falls under Jupiter’s rule. Otherwise known as Phaethon (meaning blazing star), Jupiter is synonymous with growth, spirituality, and abundance. Sagittarians are also flexible and have no difficulty being flexible and adaptable to situations.

Sagittarius Positive Traits

Members of this constellation are quite the adventurers! They always keep an open mind and never listen to what others have to say about their adventurous spirit. Every time the Centaur moves, they subconsciously replenish their physical strength and emotional energy.

Throughout their explorations, Sagittarians always make it a point to make new friends and learn something new.

These mutable Fire signs perfectly blend in with new cultures, groups, and generally, everyone from all walks of life. Their honest, optimistic, and free-spirited nature always makes them a favorite among large groups of people.

Feelings of jealousy or possessiveness rarely overcome Sagittarians. They have a ‘live and let live’ mentality that helps them keep the peace with those around them. The only time they will meddle in someone’s business is when they’re offering a helping hand.

Sagittarius is generally a good conversationalist who can easily compete with a Gemini in telling captivating stories.

Sagittarius Negative Traits

Sagittarius’ main weakness is their inability to stay focused on an important subject. Their open-mindedness only allows them to see the bigger picture without knowing how to handle the tiny details that truly matter the most.

Sagittarians are also among the most impractical beings in the zodiac. They fail when it comes to expressing themselves honestly and lucidly. As a result, they may end up confused and disillusioned whenever they stumble on getting their points across to someone else.

While their honesty is something to admire, most people often mistake it for bluntness and impatience. Their animated personality and talkative trait won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Most people hate change – not Sagittarius. They are too open to new experiences to a fault. It sometimes gets complicated for the Centaur to commit to a single relationship and sustain it for the long term. In most cases, their carefree spirit makes them emotionally numb to heartbreaks and breakups.

How Compatible are Pisces and Sagittarius as a Couple?
The curious Centaur meets the emotional Fish – it’s a tricky love affair that can either blossom gracefully or crush miserably. The following is a comprehensive look at the Pisces-Sagittarius union and whether or not they should peg their hopes on embracing a happy ever after!

Pisces and Sagittarius as Friends


A Sagittarius and Pisces friendship is a representation of the perfect pairing. The Centaur gets into fellowship with a philosophical and intelligent mind, while the Two Fish prefers to keep their fantasies to themselves.

At the start of the comradeship, it’s clear to see that Pisces and Sagittarius are worlds apart personality-wise. As their friendship progresses into a more emotional union, the two friends will complement one another in extraordinary ways.

Sagittarius defends Pisces from the evils of the world using their enthusiastic and dynamic nature. Pisces offers Sagittarius a heart of compassion and empathy. They generally relieve the Centaur from the stresses of their adventures.

Pisces calms the aggressive and energetic Sagittarius, while Sagittarius is gentle with the calm and quiet Pisces. Both signs balance their contrasting characters remarkably well. They are both mutable members of the zodiac who are persistent in their goals and follow them to success.

Pisces and Sagittarius in Conversation


This duo doesn’t see the need to make known their emotions or exchange their thoughts with the real world. Pisces and Sagittarius connect more on an ‘act first, talk later’ philosophy.

Pisces is the intuitive one of the two and uses their power to read Sagittarius with reasonable accuracy. There are lots of elements that Sagittarius often gets wrong, though. It shows that the ‘act first, talk later’ communication method is limited in its effectiveness.

Sagittarius doesn’t care to connect with their calm and reserved partner by any means possible. Sagittarius may bother to learn more about Pisces only when they decide to have a candid and emotional conversation.

Since both signs excel in creativity, they can exchange their intellectual inputs for different thought-based projects. Doing so will help strengthen their bond and enable Sagittarius to explore Pisces’ philosophical train of thought as well as their emotional depth.

Pisces and Sagittarius in Love


As a couple, these mutable signs share traits, such as indecision, flexibility, and adaptability. Sagittarius gets into a romantic relationship with Pisces with the primary agenda of exploring new and exceptional depths of their union. They’re in pursuit of a motivational factor, something to keep them focused on their partner and nothing else.

Pisces people are more sensitive and tend to connect with their Sagittarius partner on a telepathic level rather than an emotional one. Sagittarius often expresses their honest views about Pisces with no second thought about how it would affect them.

They often make their thoughts known in sarcastic tones and expect Pisces to find the humor in their statements. Pisces seek out any form of compassion from Sagittarius’s sentiments but end up feeling disappointed on most occasions.

This pair is a perfect match in most areas of their life, but love is just not their forte, unfortunately.

Pisces and Sagittarius in Bed

In Bed

If by any chance, Pisces and Sagittarius succeed in taking their questionable romance to the bedroom, they’d have the time of their lives! Believe it or not, Sagittarius and Pisces are two fully adaptable signs.

All sorts of magic happen between the innocent Pisces and the high-spirited Sagittarius behind closed doors. Sagittarius and Cancer also have a thing for fantasy, hence the need to roleplay now and then.

Of the two, Pisces becomes nostalgic whenever they’re not together. Sagittarius is all about the sexual healing that comes with each lovemaking session.

However much they enjoy each other’s time together, Sagittarius and Pisces rarely hit the intimacy peak. The absence of a soulful connection outside the bedroom is one of the major factors that hold these two signs back from gaining full compatibility.

Pisces and Sagittarius in Marriage


As a married couple, Pisces and Sagittarius share a unique emotional connection. It’s a pretty strange phenomenon, considering these two lovebirds show no promise of a fulfilling marriage life while in courtship.

When the two get deeper into their marriage, Pisces won’t be the only one capable enough to understand their partner’s emotions telepathically. Both Sagittarius and Pisces find it easy to communicate their physical needs, sexual desires, and intimate feelings.

The more they get to know each other, Sagittarius and Pisces will share a deep spiritual and emotional connection. Since they have forever to spend together, they will take this time to impact the other positively.

Sagittarius will teach Pisces to be lively, independent, and adventurous, while Pisces will teach Sagittarius the essence of family, loyalty, and hard work. This couple hopes to have a wonderful family together, complete with little feet running all around the house.
Whenever they encounter problems in their marriage, Pisces and Sagittarius take some time off from each other. The moment they gain calmness, they come together and address their issues in the maturest way possible.

Bottom Line

Pisces and Sagittarius enjoy a 50% compatibility rate. It’s not something to be proud of, considering most relationships with these two signs don’t last long. On the outset, it will be an uphill task for the Two Fish and the Centaur to exit the platonic field and begin establishing a physical bond.

The moment they enter into each other’s company, their learning process begins. They develop a deep sense of fascination with one another and think that their relationship will last till the end of time. Sagittarius and Pisces romanticize one another and envision their shared connection as a ‘fairy tale’ type of love.

Unfortunately, the mutual infatuation doesn’t last very long, mostly owing to their varying personalities. The truth is that the bond they share represents a time in their lives when they needed genuine happiness. That’s why both parties will seize the moment and cherish their time together while it lasts.