Sagittarius Horoscope: Sign, Dates, and Personality 

Date Range: November 22nd to December 21st

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 33, 99, 39, 93, 12, 27, 81

Top Compatibility: Aries and Gemini

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Best Day: Thursday

Favorite Colors: Red, orange, yellow, canary yellow

Element: Fire

Sagittarius overview


Sagittarians are winter beings who are honest, free-spirited, and luckier than other zodiac signs. Sagittarians rank ninth in the zodiac and are denoted by the Archer or Centaur symbol. Being a Fire sign, a Sagittarian man or woman is all about motivation, action, and energy.

Anyone born under this sign is all about treading paths where no other has walked before. They’re very bold beings who take the first chance they get to expand their horizons by exploring the unknown. They’re quick to conceptualize opportunities and ideas that most people may overlook or not notice at all.

Sagittarians join the ranks of Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Leo, and Libra as the zodiac’s most creative minds. They’re great people to have on your team. They rely on their wits and work towards getting the job done in a timely and orderly manner. These Fire signs can fit perfectly as a strong independent CEO or entrepreneur.

Sagittarians consider their independence as their secret weapon. They rarely second-guess their decisions since all their creative visions are on point. Sagittarians siphon Jupiter’s energy to succeed in all their endeavors and get the best out of everything they touch.

Sagittarius Strengths


Sagittarians find it challenging to unlock their full potential whenever they have to adhere to countless rules or answer to someone. Compared to most zodiac signs, the Archers have an admirable individualistic streak that pushes them to work hard for whatever they seek to pursue in life.

These folks don’t mind walking the long path to self-made success on their own. Provided they stay focused on their vision, Sagittarians can make splendid marketers, professors, stockbrokers, or even entrepreneurs.


Sagittarians’ level of intelligence depends on their level of independence. The more room they’re given to themselves, the higher their emotional intelligence grows. They are spiritual souls who strive hard to expand their knowledge and share it with others through deep, meaningful conversations.

Like Libras, Sagittarians are experts at looking at a problem from various perspectives and finding the best possible solution. If you have an emotional issue you want to share, a Sagittarian friend should be your first resort.


Intelligence and curiosity are two traits that go hand in hand. The Archer’s childish curiosity often sparks their insatiable hunger for higher wisdom. What follows is a never-ending spiral of new ideas and inventions that always give rise to new thought patterns.

Sagittarians are happiest when they develop a new sense of curiosity right after solving a previous burning issue. Their curious nature extends to all sectors of their life, both personal and professional.


Among the reasons why Sagittarians are highly regarded of all the other zodiac signs is their big-hearted nature. Archers are intuitive enough to understand what most people can’t and they become super empathetic in the process.

Their soulful and profoundly compassionate nature stems from their openness to other people’s negative experiences. During soulful conversations, these Fire signs listen more than they speak. They do their best to calm their friends/partners and assure them that things will look up.


Sagittarians are never afraid to speak their minds. They love telling the truth on most occasions and steer clear from bearing false witness. Sagittarians hate being lied to; they often wish that everyone was as honest as them so they could avoid having to distinguish the truth from a lie.

Honesty often translates to integrity. For a Sagittarian, this means they can quickly earn the trust of both loved ones and strangers alike without much effort. Deception is not in an Archer’s vocabulary!

Sagittarius Weaknesses


Sagittarians tend to take their curiosity to exaggerated heights once they start sticking their nose into other people’s businesses. Some people may consider the Archer’s interest in their personal life as adorable, while most will find it annoying.

Because they’re splendid conversationalists, they feel the need to share their findings with their friends or closest relatives. When the same is done to them, Sagittarians get frustrated. That’s why they’re very secretive and opt to keep their personal issues… well, personal.


It’s relatively easy for a Sagittarian man or woman to start something, but an uphill task to see it to the end. If this Fire sign doesn’t find any difficulty in whatever project they choose to be a part of, they will abandon it early.

To a Sagittarian, there’s no difference between committing themselves to something and being a prisoner in a foreign land. This trait is sure to leave their romantic partners in a precarious position.


The Archers are well-known for their exceptional organizational skills. It’s only their closest allies who understand how unruly these December-born folks can be. One can easily link their inconsistency to their wild nature.

Anything they do is done out of impulse without proper planning. Sagittarians often throw caution to the wind and hardly listen to what others have to say about their plans.


Sagittarians are among the four most impatient signs in the zodiac; others include Libra, Aries, and Capricorn. The Archers are firm believers in seizing the opportunity while it’s still at hand.

They never like working with anyone who can limit their momentum. The Centaur’s mutable Fire element motivates Sagittarians to adapt fast to new situations and get things done without wasting as much as a second.

Sagittarius Love and Relationships

Sagittarians relish the company of their romantic partner. These folks have a remarkable sense of humor that always keeps their relationships lively and engaging. It doesn’t take long for anyone to form a friendly or emotional bond with a Sagittarian. These Fire signs always approach new connections in a warm, welcoming manner.

Because they’re Fire signs, Sagittarians value the company of a partner who is sophisticated, cultured, and educated. Being a Sagittarian’s partner is thrilling and enjoyable in every sense of the word. The Archers are romantic and often surprise their partner with expensive gifts, genuine love, and a considerable portion of their time.

The flip side of having a Sagittarian as a romantic partner is that they expect their partner to reciprocate their thoughtful deeds. Failure to do so will result in callous and violent treatment from the Archer.

Sagittarians in love are overly ambitious and always seek to grow their relationship by any means necessary. The irony of it is that they’re annoyingly slow to commit to a serious relationship.

Sagittarius Friends and Family

It’s impossible to find a Sagittarius companionless. These Fire signs never run short of friends. These natural-born explorers always connect with new people wherever they go. They use their charming and enthusiastic nature to befriend anyone who they feel could be a splendid companion.

Even without knowing a Sagittarian, you’ll find yourself gravitating around them and enjoying every moment you spend with them. Even though Sagittarians aren’t good at sticking to something for the long-term, they don’t mind cultivating new relationships.

These folks are equally devoted to their next of kin. In case of any family-related issues, Sagittarians will step in and help out wherever they can.

Family members and friends of a Sagittarian understand how much they value independence and freedom. The only key to maintaining a happy and harmonious relationship with an Archer is to accord them the liberty they cherish so dearly. Sagittarians are easy-going, merry signs who love living their lives to the fullest while keeping an open mind to intimate connections.

Sagittarius Career and Finances

Sagittarians are pros at envisioning projects. The moment they have everything intricately planned out in their minds, the Archers will do what it takes to bring it to fruition. It’s easy for a Sagittarius to see the potential in a project or idea long before it materializes. That vision of success is what drives them to play less and work harder.

Sagittarians are great organizers and excel greatly at maintaining an incredible balance between their personal and professional life. They push themselves to the limit when working and party like there’s no tomorrow when they’re on vacation.

These Jupiter-ruled signs have what it takes personality-wise to work in creative and people-oriented jobs. These Sun Signs can make their mark as actors, professors, video game designers, and location scouts.

In any of these jobs, Sagittarians are careful to maintain an acceptable level of professionalism. Their ability to distinguish serious issues from friendly ones helps them get the work done on time and focus on achieving their goals. Also, it helps them steer clear of unnecessary workplace drama.

Attracting a Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men have a shared passion for fun, philosophy, and adventure. If you have a strong dislike for any of these three passions, it’s best to seek emotional fulfillment in an alternative zodiac sign.

On the other hand, if you love meeting new people and learning new things, try your luck with an intelligent, fun-loving Sagittarius gentleman. All you need to do is know when to back off and give them space to breathe. During conversations, choose your words wisely. Men born under this sign will easily keep anything you say in mind and will use them against you in the future!

Attracting a Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarian women are precious gems that any potential suitor would be proud to call their partner. They’re friendly, funny and best of all, independent. Ladies born under this sign are curious, unafraid to experiment, and naturally courageous.

Because Sagittarian ladies are straightforward and honest, they’ll expect nothing less of you. There’s nothing they respect more than their freedom and independence. Take advantage of these two, and you’re automatically off her romantic radar.

When taking them out for a date, consider a romantic outdoor spot. Anywhere outside will spark their adventurous nature and make them more receptive to what you have to offer.


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