Scorpio Horoscope: Sign, dates and personality

Date Range: October 23 – November 21

Lucky Numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22

Top Compatibility: Taurus and Cancer

Ruling Planets: Pluto and Mars

Best Day: Tuesday

Favorite Colors: Scarlet, Red, and Rust

Element: Water



Those who are born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are full of passion and zest for life. They’re assertive and not afraid to stand up for what is right in this life. When their dominant personality is combined with their determination and decisive nature, they are a powerful and resourceful leader.

Scorpio is a water sign, which means that they wear their emotions on their sleeves. While that might always sound like a negative trait, it’s not always true for Scorpio. Scorpios value their relationships and others’ opinions, and for that reason, they make a good friend and keeper of secrets.

Pluto rules over Scorpio, and is the planet of transformation and regeneration. While Scorpios are assertive and sometimes confrontational, they approach problems with a calm and cool behavior. They don’t get upset, they don’t let things bother them, and this type of behavior sometimes comes off as mysterious or eccentric.

If there’s one thing this zodiac sign hates it is deceit and dishonesty. Scorpios are straight shooters. They won’t lie or beat around the bush, and they expect others to give them the same treatment.

Scorpio Strengths

First, let’s break down some of the main Scorpio strengths.


Scorpios put passion into everything they do because they’re so determined to do well. If you find a Scorpio in any form of competitive event, they’re always out in front and trying to beat the rest of the competition. They’re so driven to succeed that sometimes they forget to slow down and enjoy the process more than the goal of reaching the destination.


Those who are resourceful always find success in everything they do because it comes easy for them. When you know how to make something from nothing, that’s where true success lies, and Scorpios are brilliant in this area. This is one of the main reasons this zodiac sign makes such a great manager.

You can put a Scorpio in charge of a set of tasks and give them none of the tools to complete it, and they’ll figure it out every time.


Scorpios are not afraid to step in when they think someone isn’t receiving fair treatment. These are people of great morals, and they demand honest respect as they spend their whole life giving it to others. Do not expect a Scorpio to give you your way if they believe they’re right. They will continue to fight you until you admit that you are wrong.


One of the best traits in relationships and friendships is Scorpio’s honesty. They’re a great friend because they’re always the person you can trust to not only do the right thing but steer you in the right direction when you need it.

Sometimes, all we need is that one friend to tell us something is a bad idea and you should just do the right thing. This zodiac sign will always be the one to give you the best advice and offer a listening ear when you need it.

Scorpio Weaknesses

Here are some of the most significant negative traits of Scorpios.


Because they value and offer so much trust and honesty, they tend to get stabbed in the back often. While distrust might not be an inherited trait for this zodiac sign, it’s a learned one. Over time, Scorpios begin to realize that not everyone shares their desire for honesty in life, and it can lead to feelings of resentment.


Scorpios have strong emotions due to their water sign, so sometimes, those emotions can pile up, leading to depression or anxiety. While they might not show it on the outside, they’re showing it in private, and it leads to the Scorpio retreating back, staying home, and hiding out rather than spending time with friends and family.


While it might be a positive for some, for Scorpio, it’s a negative. This sign can sometimes come on a little strong and act as if they’re the boss of everything. They’ll always think that their decisions are the right ones to make, and if you let them run the show, you’ll never even get a chance to get a word in.

Their dominant personality makes them a great manager or supervisor, but they also find it difficult to work as part of a team.


Scorpios are so driven and motivated that when they see other people achieving things that they want, they can quickly become envious. They wear their hearts on their sleeves but, at the same time, try not to show it. They find they are constantly having a mental battle whether or not to confront someone.

Scorpio Love and Relationships


Scorpios take their passion to the bedroom in their relationships and casual hookups. They’re the most sensual zodiac sign, so they know how to handle themselves as long as they can dominate their partner.

Intimacy and opening up is very important to Scorpios. Remember, they don’t trust people very easily, so this can make it hard for them to open up to someone else. But, if you’re able to build trust with this zodiac sign, expect them to be one of the most intimate and honest partners to love.

When you do fall in love with a Scorpio, their honest and determined nature makes them a great partner. They’ll be the kind of partner who will always be there for you, and you never have to worry about them cheating or running around behind your back.

Just keep in mind, if you’re after the heart of a Scorpio, you’ll need to be patient. It takes them a long time to build up enough trust to open up.

Scorpio Friends and Family

This zodiac sign is very dedicated to their friends and family. They’re the type of people to give you the shirt off their back and then take you to a place where they can buy one for you as well. They’re loyal, honest, and fun to be around.

All of these factors are true because they have such a strong passion for life; They enjoy spending time with family, and they’ll go the extra mile to make sure that everyone has a great time.

The most important thing to understand about this zodiac sign is that you don’t want to get on their bad side or upset them needlessly. They’re extremely emotional, and they will hold a grudge against someone for a long time. They always think that someone is out to get them, and that stems from their inability to trust. If you get close enough to a Scorpio to get them to open up, be careful with their feelings if you value that relationship.

Scorpio Career and Finances

Scorpios are the managers of the universe, and they do their best work when you don’t tell them what to do or how to do it. They’re extremely resourceful and able to piece together a puzzle that doesn’t even come with all the pieces.

These factors exist because of their ability to solve problems and their determination to stay with it until the end. Where someone may have given up a while ago on a job, a Scorpio will persistently and relentlessly keep at it until he or she gets what they want.

This zodiac sign does best in jobs, such as a business manager, police officer, scientist, doctor, or researcher.

Scorpios always work to put themselves and their family in a better position financially. They’re not big spenders because security and financial safety are important, and they want to have control over their money.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

One of the highest compatibility ratings is the Scorpio and Taurus combination. Both of these signs value pleasure and physical intimacy. It becomes the trademark of their relationship, and they can’t even imagine feeling any other way. When these two are together, they’re so madly in love with each other that they don’t even realize anyone else is on this planet.

While this is usually a great thing, it can sometimes lead to possessiveness and hopelessness when one or both partners feel like they’re trapped in a dead-end relationship with someone who is obsessed with them.

Both of these zodiac signs are independent and able to operate on their own. If you find yourself in this type of relationship, know that you can get out and make a life for yourself.

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

A relationship between a Scorpio and Cancer is a lot like Scorpio and Taurus; it’s extreme. Scorpios can sometimes destroy a relationship with their jealousy and lack of trust. Even when the calm Cancer tries to talk them down and make them realize the truth, they won’t listen because the trust is broken.

The way for this strong bond to work is for these two to share a deep emotional bond that only comes from years of trust-building exercises. It’s important that Scorpio and Cancer take their time and don’t rush into any decision too fast.

Attracting a Scorpio Man

Men with this zodiac sign are tough. They’re confident, intense, and fiercely competitive, and they often expect the same from everyone around them as well. The best way to attract a Scorpio man is to play a game with their head and bring out that competitive nature.

They want to compete for you, so make them do it. If they have to work to win your heart, you’ll not only bring out their confidence, but you’ll keep them interested in you, and they won’t be able to resist you when you finally let them in.

While it might seem like a challenge, they also value honesty, so be sure to show them that you can be trusted and that you’re not going to do anything unsavory because that will turn them away immediately. The thought of a mysterious woman appearing to them in the distance is what turns them on the most.

Lastly, the emotional attraction is very important to Scorpio men. They want to be able to look at you and feel a tight bond even early in a relationship. From the start, be sure to make him know you want him and you can be trusted, but you are going to make him wait for you.

Attracting a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women share a lot of the same traits as Scorpio men, but they’re more calm and secretive. This is a complex personality that takes a lot of studying to understand. If your goal is to seduce a Scorpio woman into your bed, forget it. It takes a lot of patience and work to win the heart of a Scorpio woman, and she doesn’t open up her heart very easily, if at all.

Dating a Scorpio woman will take a lot of effort on your part as well. Expect to take her on multiple dates before even getting a lot of attention out of her. She plays a slow game, but once you win her heart, you’re in for an exciting life. She will love you like you’ve never been loved before.

This love mustn’t turn into possession because her devotion to you may lead her to believe that she “owns” you or that you owe her something. Also, remember that Scorpios hold grudges and do not forgive easily. Do everything in your power to avoid heated arguments because you may say something you’ll never be able to take back.

Scorpios are full of exciting energy, and they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their water sign and being ruled by Pluto fills them with emotion, making them a sign of powerful emotional energy. If you find yourself chasing the heart of a Scorpio, slow down and understand they need time to develop trust.