Taurus and Libra Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

A Taurus and Libra relationship is one that’s rife with conflicting personality traits. They are both ruled by the same planet (Venus, also referred to as the planet of love), and originate from divergent seasons.

While there’s the possibility of a blossoming relationship between the two, it might take some time and a lot of work to establish mutual harmony and understanding.

How Do Taurus and Libra Differ from One Another?

The first difference is noticeable in their elements: Taurus is an Earth sign, while Libra is an Air sign. Despite being yin, Taurus is remarkably masculine, present-minded, and competitive in nature. Likewise, despite being yang, Libra has qualities that are inclined more toward the feminine side of the spectrum.

Libra has close consideration for the past and the present. They always strive for balance and fairness in the relationship.

Taurus is the living embodiment of spring, a season where the flowers bloom, birds exchange melodies, and the grass is greener than ever. Libra marks the start of autumn (or fall), where the days seem shorter, the northern hemisphere gets chillier, and the leaves change from lively green to browns and yellows.

Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Taureans are represented by the bull symbol, which also serves as their spirit animal. They are generally social beings who love exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals. They are known for their stubborn nature, but of course, there’s a lot more to them than that.

They also love luxury, artistry, beauty, and hedonism. They are known for prioritizing pleasure and comfort over everything else.

They take life as it takes them and they are never in a rush to get things done or avail themselves to work or wherever else they’re needed. The reason for this is that they are over-analysts. The deliberation that goes on within themselves is what makes them stubborn on most occasions.

Once they’ve thought something through and made their decision, there’s no way you can convince them to do otherwise. They have an unlimited reserve of resilience, patience, and tenacity that enables them to tackle anything that’s thrown their way (save for feuds and relationships, of course)

Libra Personality Traits

Libra is symbolized by the scale and this represents their fixation on harmony and balance. They are extremely fixated with equilibrium and strive to achieve a sense of symmetry in every aspect of their life.

Libras are highly social beings with impressive social skills. They have an easy-going nature, are highly communicative and charming. Whenever they throw a party, expect the crowd to be filled with high-profile guests.

They have high regard for interpersonal connections and have an extraordinary discernment in other peoples’ potential and motivations.

As a result of these positive qualities, you can rely on a Libra to be the catalyst in any conversation and liven a dull soul.

Although their emotions seldom sway Libras, they sometimes allow others to sway their thoughts. This makes them waver often, especially when it comes to keeping their word.

Despite this, they are optimistic, extroverted individuals who are blatantly affectionate in their romantic relationships.

How Compatible is a Taurus/Libra Relationship? 

These two signs are ruled by the same planet – Venus. That doesn’t automatically make them 100% right for each other. Join us as we explore their compatibility in friendship, sex, trust, communication, and other critical aspects of a relationship.

Taurus and Libra Activities 

Rating: 65%

Taurus and Libra both have an attraction to culture, literature, and art. Their common objectives and desires often lead to a lasting bond between them. Since they don’t have common interests, it may take some time before the duo realizes how similar their objectives are.

When they dig deeper and find out what they’re both into, it becomes apparent that they’re more alike than they thought at first. In the process, the duo will gradually develop a mutual admiration for each other.

Taurus and Libra are passionate about aesthetic pleasures. They can spend a considerable chunk of their time seeking the most delicate pieces of jewelry and art. They’re also fond of the theatre and drama.

They both view pleasure and feelings as highly significant and a means by which they could balance each other. Libra has the most significant potential for launching new ventures in their partnership. Taurus is consistent enough to see the plans through to completion.

Taurus and Libra Communication 

Rating: 5%

To be honest, this duo is poor at exchanging thoughts and ideas. Language has nothing to do with their miscommunication. Both signs are eloquent and intelligent enough to understand each other just fine.

Taurus is predictable and stable, while Libra is quite the opposite. The latter is indecisive and often unsure of what they want in this life. When the two come together, the result is a messy conversation. It’s almost impossible for the pair not to get on each other’s nerves whenever they sit down to talk.

A major stumbling block in a typical Taurus/Libra relationship is their conflicting opinions about each other. This might seem rather superficial, but, upon deeper consideration, it all boils down to their egos and insecurities.

Even if they try to keep their qualms between themselves, their miscommunication will be felt by anyone who spends time with them.

Taurus and Libra Sex

Rating: 35%

With this mysterious love match, the influence of their ruling planet – Venus – promises a romantic connection. The profound connection is extended inside and outside the bedroom. Even when there’s no intimacy involved, they remain close friends.

Behind closed doors, Taurus and Libra incorporate their passion for beautiful art and ornaments to form an admirable bedroom set up. Every sense has its stimulation.

The bedroom will be decorated with body pillows, comfy throws, and satin sheets. Taurus may opt to promote that lusty and romantic atmosphere by calling for a musk incense – specifically one from Egypt. Their physical encounters will be heightened by dimly-lit candles and some slow, sensual background music.

Libra is more open to trying new styles and positions, while Taurus is more inclined to the tried and true. They’re not known to adjust well to change

Taurus and Libra have the potential to get the best out of their time together in bed. They need to work on making their connection intense by making their needs and desires known to each other.

Taurus and Libra Love 

Rating: 30%

Libra and Taurus need to start their interconnection slow and steady. Before they even think of taking what they have between them to a higher level, they need to start as friends first. This is a prerequisite for any relationship, regardless of the zodiac sign.

The bull and the scales might opt to start their relationship with a love affair synonymous with a Disney fairy tale. Going all-in without knowing each other first will cause the mutual attraction they have between them to fizzle and fade quickly.

Libra needs to instill a sense of security within Taurus at all times. The bull can be an exceptional lover, but also an extremely jealous beast! Anything or anyone that threatens their position in the relationship will be dealt with in a brutal, calculated manner. This can be a real issue, especially since Libras are flirtatious signs of the zodiac.

As you can see, Libra is the one to hold the relationship together by being patient with their Taurus partner and being mindful of who they interact with.

At some point, however, Libra’s patience may run out, and this may significantly affect how they interact with one another – if there will be any interaction in the first place! The sooner they get their trust issues sorted out, the better chances they have to cement their relationship and strengthen their bond.

Taurus and Libra Marriage

Rating: 60%

Neither Taurus or Libra is in a hurry to get the wedding bells ringing. While in the courtship stage of their relationship, Taurus enjoys the ride, while Libra needs to be sure of the decision they’re about to make.

When they decide to tie the knot, expect the ceremony to be extraordinarily lavish and slightly tacky. Libra will ensure everything is in balance by taking charge of the decorations and designs.

As married couples, Libra will come up with unique ways to keep their finances and relationship in check. Taurus may find it challenging to keep up with their Libra partner’s never-ending list of ideas.

Libra will have to go a little slower for the sake of avoiding arguments and opt to take care of issues on a step-by-step basis.


Based on the low ratings above, Taurus and Libra have only a 33% compatibility rate. This relationship can only work out just great if the duo work on their communication and strive to achieve the same goals. They should put each other in their partner’s shoes and discover each other’s interpretations of the world.

Taurus and Libra should realize that they have different thoughts, opinions, and ways of doing things. The best course to take when trying to harmonize this relationship is to understand each other’s weaknesses and address any issues that may arise rather than sweeping them under the rug.

Taurus should steer clear from playing mind games with Libra. Instead, they should boost the trust in them to avoid any destructive behavior. Both signs should focus more on the things that bring them together: culture, beauty, and the love of pleasure.

Taurus should turn up their romance by making regular declarations of love to their Libra partner. There’s nothing Libras adore more than romantic-idealists!

The best ways a Taurus can win their partner’s heart repeatedly is by writing them heartfelt letters, making them personalized gifts, and, best of all, being the most authentic version of themselves.