Taurus and Virgo Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

Taurus and Virgo are earth signs that develop a stabilizing relationship the moment they come together. Some would describe their union as a match of intrinsic practicality. In this article we are going to take a look at taurus and virgo compatibility in life, love and other parts of life.

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

There exists a perfect blend of integrity, stability, devotion, and affection between this pair. Are these unifying factors enough to make them a perfect match? Will their personalities get in the way of their ‘happy-ever-after?

Let’s have a deeper look at each of their traits.

Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Ruled by Venus (the planet of beauty and love), the Taurus zodiac sign is symbolized by a bull that represents strength, determination, and stubbornness.

This earth sign is incredibly patient, stable, understanding, and hardworking. They love to stick to a routine and wait for things to take their course.

They’re also down to earth individuals who don’t appreciate being yanked out of their comfort zone. They can’t stand change! This may affect their chances of finding their life partner.

Since they’re not quick to embrace change, they might stay in the friend zone with their potential partner before finally settling into a romantic relationship. The last thing they want is their life turning upside down in the blink of an eye.

A Taurus is also quite materialistic. There’s nothing they love more than being in the comfort of their home surrounded by their hard-earned possessions.

Virgo Personality Traits

Virgo is ruled by Mars, which is known as the planet of communication and wisdom. This sign is symbolized by a virgin woman – a vivid representation of wisdom and fertility.

Being an earth sign, Virgo is practical, efficient, reliable, and responsible. When in a powerful position, Virgos can take on their responsibilities with utmost seriousness. They will always show up wherever and whenever they’re needed.

Much as they excel as leaders, they also perform remarkably well as workers or employees. They are hardworking, analytic, and organized.

Virgos are unfailingly polite and infinitely patient individuals. They can stick around long enough to see the good in their partners, family, or friends. They’re always willing to help out wherever they can to ensure those around them are okay in every way.

On the downside, Virgos are natural perfectionists. This might seem like a likable trait but it might cost them a few relationships and friendships. They want everything to be done their way without listening to what others have to say.

Let’s now look into Taurus’s compatibility with Virgo in terms of friendship, communication, sex, trust, love, and business association. Are these two signs truly made for each other or is their love just a perfect illusion?

Taurus and Virgo Friendship

Rating: 85%

Even though Taurus and Virgo are different in a plethora of ways, they always enjoy each other’s company. This is because Taurus’s planet (Venus) and Virgo’s (Mercury) are relatively close to the sun.

The two signs are, therefore, share a mutual attraction.

Taurus and Virgo relish a friendship based on realism. They both have high standards, and are well-disciplined, practical, and rational. They’re amiable and earnest with each other. Taurus applauds Virgo’s intellectual prowess, while Virgo applauds Taurus’ commitment and force.

The best part about their friendship is that it grows stronger over time. It’s generally founded on immense common sense as well as integrity.

At some point, Virgo’s critical persona may rub Taurus the wrong way. Likewise, Virgo may not appreciate Taurus’ obstinacy. Due to Virgo’s dedication to service, they might find themselves overlooking this bothersome trait in their friend and focus on their strong points.

Above all, they’re truly devoted to helping each other achieve their personal and combined goals.

Taurus and Virgo Communication

Rating: 90%

Virgo’s intellect and Taurus’ tenderness help both signs to find a common language that they both can understand regardless of the situation. Sometimes, Taurus can be really difficult and stubborn, which can make communicating difficult.

In such cases, Virgo will utilize their analytical traits to explore various avenues by which they can get their point across. They find it imperative to establish their conversations based on their Taurus partner’s intellectual strength.

Taurus often finds it difficult to convince their Virgo lover to perform certain tasks even when they’re wrong. Likewise, it’s challenging for a Virgo to convince a Taurus to take part in something they like to do.

Since a Taurus is well-grounded and stubborn, it becomes somewhat difficult to come to an understanding at times. Luckily, Virgos will always exhibit their intellectual dominance over their partner until they arrive at a common ground.

One language that both understand, however, is the language of success. A Taurus will combine their eagerness to achieve greater things in life with their partner’s intelligence. The conversation that comes about from this symbiotic relationship is a lively one and quite engaging.

Taurus and Virgo Sex

Rating: 85%

The sexuality between these two signs is touching. The reason for this is that both Taurus and Virgo share similar sexual demands. Despite this, Virgos are the least open when it comes to exposing their true sexuality.

This gives Taurus a higher level of control between the sheets, considering they’re not ashamed to try new stuff with their Virgo partner.

A Virgo sometimes avoid sex because of their fear of getting hurt at some point in the relationship. It’s up to Taurus to prove to their partner that their intentions are pure and help them to break free from their fear of being physically intimate.

When it comes to relationships, Tauruses are very sensual and romantic. They will do what it takes to prove their sincere affection to establish a connection.

Sex between these two signs is authentic and fulfilling the moment Virgo lets their guard down and becomes open to what Taurus has to offer sexually.

Taurus and Virgo Trust

Rating: 75%

It’s already been established by now that Virgo has serious trust issues. A Virgo and a Taurus are a perfect match, but when it comes to trust, Virgos do perfectly well with Capricorns. Both signs are hardworking, practical, and tend to suppress their emotions.

However, this doesn’t mean that Tauruses are unworthy of a Virgo’s trust; it just takes time. If Virgo feels inadequate in the eyes of a Taurus, it will be hard to trust their faithfulness and honesty.

At some point, Virgo’s mistrust may take a toll on Taurus. They may start questioning what they did to deserve the secrecy. This may lead them to develop a sense of obscurity toward their partner.

Luckily, Virgo’s remarkable and excellent communication skills will help Taurus to be more open-minded. Minor niggles such as these can easily be sorted out and the pair will regain solid ground in their relationship.

Taurus and Virgo Love

Rating: 80%

As with all other signs in the zodiac, Taurus and Virgo form the basis of their romantic relationship through friendship. They should be able to confide in one another first before taking their union to the next level.

A Taurus and a Virgo play off each other remarkably well. Neither are in a hurry to tie the knot or let their sensual passions take control of their subtle relationship.

Taurus signs are predominantly sensual and passionate creatures who are physically demonstrative and high on love. They’re hopeless romantics who relish courtship and all its traditional trappings.

When they get into a relationship with a Virgo, they desire three things:

  • To have someone to share a beautiful home
  • To grow a family
  • And to find the perfect partner with whom to spend the rest of their life

Virgo signs have a child-like, storybook approach to romance. They’re very specific with the type of partner they want in life, and would rather stay single than end up with a Taurus that’s less than perfect.

All in all, this pair and each of their logical outlook on love makes for an extraordinary marriage.

Taurus and Virgo Business Association

Rating: 55%

Taurus and Virgo come from a similar moral and ethical background. The two can be very good business associates if they ever decide to venture into the financial realm.

Tauruses are great individuals to have as a partner. They understand the value of money, they deal with the most important issues first ,and move forward cautiously while being able to uphold the status quo.

They’re excellent earners and hard workers, but they still need to work on their expensive tastes and uncontrollable spending habits.

On the business front, a Virgo is a problem-solver and a trouble-shooter. They’re the frugality experts who budget carefully, keep the books, and make lists. Since financial planning is their forte, they can easily plan for their income and make sure every penny is accounted for.

Of the two, Virgo is most qualified to take charge of their finances. They stand a better chance of keeping their business association (and relationship) afloat if Taurus takes a back seat and takes instruction from Virgo.

Bottom Line

There’s no denying that Taurus and Virgo are perfect for each other. They have a 73% compatibility rate that’s a combination of Taurus’ clear heart and Virgo’s clear mind. As with all relationships though, there will be ups and downs for this match made in heaven.

For that reason, both parties must take it slow when deciding whether or not they want to spend the rest of their life together. If they do, it’s prudent to take time and understand each other’s way of life, as well as their likes and dislikes.

If they decide not to marry, there’s no harm in staying in the friend zone – provided both signs are comfortable with the arrangement.