The Compatibility of Taurus With Other Signs

























Taurus Horoscope: Sign, dates and personality

Date Range: April 20 – May 20

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

Top Compatibility: Scorpio and Cancer

Ruling Planet: Venus

Favorite Days: Friday and Monday

Favorite Colors: Green and Pink

Element: Earth



A birthday between April 20 and May 20 puts you under the secure and robust symbol of Taurus, the bull. This sign says a lot about your desire to have a stable life that does not have a lot of moving dynamics.

Your ruling body is the planet Venus which usually stands for extremes and uniqueness, but in your case, it causes you to use practicality and systematic decision-making in everything you do.

You are a person who people consider to “have their feet on the ground,” so most would say you are down to earth. This makes you a reliable person who people can count on to get things done when it matters most. You are usually a trustworthy friend and family member who is always a phone call away for anyone who needs them, and you do not judge others for their behavior or actions.

One of your most crucial traits is your patience with people and jobs. You believe in taking the time to understand someone and listen before you speak. You also take pride in doing something once and getting it right the first time.

You have so many positive traits, and people love you for the great things you do that it sometimes gets to your head. You have so many people around you that need you for your listening ear and helping hand that you take that for granted.

Although your intentions are usually positive, you are not the most motivated or ambitious of the astrological signs; you tend to move slowly and only get things done when it is convenient for you.

One of the primary negatives of a Taurus zodiac sign is their jealousy and possessiveness. You see other people as a threat to your relationships and career life because you love creating balance in your life. This makes you afraid of everyone who gets in your way because you think they are trying to steal your job or your partner.

Taurus Strengths

Now let’s look a little deeper into the strengths of this zodiac sign.


The most prominent trait of the bull is their patience. Taurus zodiac signs are the most patient, and most Earth signs possess this trait. They’re not afraid to sit around and wait for something because they believe that good things come to people who wait. This trait helps them in business and personal affairs.

In their professional life, they are not the type of person to bounce around from opportunity to opportunity. They will focus on one thing and always see it through to the end.

In their personal life, they do not think the grass is greener on the other side. They’ll stick by you no matter what because they’re strong and stable.


When trying to identify a Taurus, it is easy to see them as someone who values stability. They always want to create the best lifestyle for themselves, and they are fiercely independent, but they do not get their head caught in the clouds. Taurus-born people believe in taking a systematic approach to living and not straying too far from what is logical and within reason.


Another trademark trait of Taurus zodiac signs is they never get too carried away with their hopes and dreams. They’re considered the most realistic of all the zodiac signs because they keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, and that’s another reason why people see them as stable.

Earth signs believe in building a strong foundation, and Taurus zodiac signs take this to the next level. If you need someone to tell you whether or not you have a good idea, this is the sign you want to consult.

In some cases, their realistic nature keeps them away from good opportunities, so it’s not always a positive trait. Some people might look at this attitude and think that Taurus is boring and enthusiastic about everything, but they’re naturally cynical, and they never get caught with their heads in the clouds.

Taurus Weaknesses

Now let’s take a look at some of the traits that plague the life of a Taurus.


One issue with Taurus is that they’re defensive and do not like confrontation. Taurus always feels that someone is trying to get them or hurt them in some way. While they may have a joyful and easy-going nature, if someone makes a joke or comment about them, no matter how small, it could upset them to the point of burning bridges with that person.

If you are a Taurus man, you have strong opinions on things, and it is impossible to change your perspective. Once you settle on something, you are certain to remain that way, and no one can change that.

You do not share your opinions with others, though, because you like your life and personal views to stay hidden due to fear of persecution from others. You want people to think highly of you, and you are afraid if they know some of your truths, they may not look at you in a positive way.


Sometimes the patience of a Taurus can also get in the way of their success. These zodiac signs aren’t in a hurry to get anything done, and no one can make them rush. No matter how hard you try, a Taurus is only going to go at one speed, and that speed is usually slower than you’d like.

We’re not saying that they don’t get the job done; we’re just saying they don’t do it very fast, but their process is methodical. If you try to pair a Taurus with a Fire sign such as Aries or Leo, forget about it. These two will butt heads and clash the whole time.

While Leo is over there plowing through the job and likely making a lot of mistakes along the way, Taurus likely hasn’t even started yet.


Taurus men and women are always envious of others, and they can never understand why other people get ahead of them in life. The fact is, Taurus is lazy, and they don’t always put in the necessary action until it’s too late. Then they wonder what happened and why they didn’t get a fair shot.

It’s important to pair Taurus with a more ambitious Earth sign because they’ll combine all the necessary elements of success. Taurus is cool, calm, and collected, and another Earth sign like Capricorn will make sure to hold Taurus accountable when they decide to be lazy.

Taurus Love and Relationships

The love life of a Taurus is similar to everything else in life for them; it is stable and built around a solid foundation. For you, love is only relevant when you have everything else in line. You want to have a stable financial future, career, and lifestyle built before you become distracted by love.

Sometimes this financial stability takes a long time to achieve, and Taurus signs start to feel like they will never find the right person. This sign is a picky sign, and aesthetics are important to them. Taurus pays attention to the way a person carries themselves, and they feel that to gain your love, they should value their appearance all of the time.

A Taurus is a simplistic person, and it is not difficult to please them, but they love material possessions and find it sexy when a person can provide those things. They love someone who is independent as they are and does not require much of them.

If you are a Taurus, at the core of your love is your bullish desire to have full control and ownership over the person you are with, and you are easily vulnerable to jealousy. The smallest slip up can send you into a spiral of violence and self-destruction, leading you to think the person is cheating on you and out to get you.

If you can get over your desire to control your loved ones, you provide a stable and balanced life for any other sign. You are most compatible and likely attracted to the other Earth signs, such as Virgo and Capricorn. This is because you share common interests of balance and relaxation in life.

Taurus Friends and Family

Out of all the signs, you are the most likely to need time alone. You love having time to spend by yourself, and that is because of your deeply independent nature. You feel that no one can solve your problems other than yourself, so if you are having a hard time or struggling with something, the only way to fix it is to spend some time reflecting.

The ideal friend for you should understand that you need your space, and sometimes that may even mean going long periods of time without talking because it will be good for the relationship. Some people will not understand this, and they will see it as harsh or extreme, but for you, it is healthy and means you will find that necessary time and come back feeling refreshed.

Taurus Career and Finances

Most of the Earth and Sun signs are considered to be the workaholic signs, but you are a bit different from the rest. You may not be the person to burn the midnight oil and get up before sunrise, but you are one of the most dependable and loyal workers.

This trait makes you an excellent employee who is loyal to business once everything falls into place. You are the type of person who searches for a job that fits your unique personality, and once you find something that works, you stick with it for life.

Your level-headedness and down to earth personality make you a great decision-maker because you do not let emotion or outside forces play into your decisions. You choose and decide based on the facts, and that makes you a great manager or supervisor as well.

You treat everyone equally, but your fear of others looking at you negatively does affect your ability to be a disciplinarian in the workplace. In management positions, you sometimes become a doormat for people looking to take advantage of you.

How to Attract a Taurus Man

To attract a Taurus man, you must be able to get him out of his comfort zone without scaring him too much. He is looking for someone who is honest and genuine, and he’ll see through your behavior if you’re not.

Taurus men need to build trust before they start chasing after you and remember that their finances are very important to them. Don’t think that you’re going to win the heart of a Taurus before he builds his foundation. Let him do what he has to do, and you’ll set yourself up for a long and stable life.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman

Taurus women demand romance, and they like to be slowly seduced. Expect to spend a lot of time trying to win her over before she even decides to enter a relationship with you. These are not the kinds of women to quickly jump into a sexual relationship without carefully considering the consequences.

Taurus-born women demand security, but when she falls in love, she does so whole-heartedly. She will be yours forever if you can treat her right, but you need to make sure she’s always comfortable and well cared for.

A union with a Taurus man or woman will be one of love, passion, and privacy. This zodiac sign is as strong and stable as the mighty bull. It’s important that you learn to identify your lazy behavior and rectify it as soon as it starts. If you can maintain an active and productive lifestyle, you’re likely to develop a great life full of rewards, love, and nourishment.