Virgo and Aries Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

Virgo and Aries together can make a great couple. Once these two opposite signs fall in love, sparks and tears will be the order of the day. The good thing about this matchup is that an Aries is part of the mix. Once an Aries man or woman falls in love, there’s usually no going back.

At the outset, Aries may view Virgo as a stuck-up drag who knows nothing about having fun. Their negative attitude might make Aries reconsider their decision to accept them as their life partners. In their defense, Virgos aren’t open to the idea of meeting new people. However, their introverted nature shouldn’t be confused for a no-fun attitude.

Before getting deeper into their relationship, let’s find out more about Virgo and Aries compatibility and their traits.

Virgos know fully well how to lighten up and have the time of their lives. The only time they get coiled up is when they’re around people they don’t trust. Since Aries is one of those signs who quickly align themselves to any sign they feel an attraction to, it won’t be long before Virgo lets their guard down around them.

Aries and Virgo have a mutual attraction that’s also amplified by their impressive compatibility. As with all romantic hookups in the zodiac, Virgo and Aries are bound to have bright days and dark ones. Their honesty and vibrant personalities help them get through the dark moments of their relationship.



Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Virgo dates fall between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September. The Virgo symbol is the maiden, which represents this earth sign’s stable independence and pure intentions.

Their ruling planet is Mercury, otherwise known as ‘the messenger.’ Mercury represents intellect and communication. Other signs under Mercury’s command are Virgo and Gemini.

Virgos are the second of the three earth elements in the zodiac (fall between Taurus and Capricorn). Earth elements are generally pragmatic and highly reliable beings.

The maiden is a mutable sign and joins other planets like Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini. Mutable signs are generally the zodiac’s most adaptable forces. These Sun Signs are always open to new ideas and often feel the need to include others in their plans.

Positive Traits

Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign. Anyone born under a Virgo sign stands out for their conservative nature, compelling wisdom, and readiness to broaden their learning. Virgo is under Mercury’s rule and is the epitome of intelligence. The maiden symbol represents this star sign.

Virgos often give off a calm and collected appearance in their relationships and general undertakings. They love to approach life with a unique, systematic outlook.

However, underneath the peaceful poise, there’s an excellent earnestness that requires them to maintain or restore sanity to their worlds.

There’s no chance of relaxation for this sign until everything falls into place. They’re perfectionists who can sacrifice anything – including their relationships – to ensure their vision becomes a reality.

Honesty is a valuable asset that comes naturally to anyone born under this sign. Virgos are often straight, direct, and to the point and never like to sugar-coat their words. Anyone working with a Virgo should be psychologically prepared to handle their harsh but valid criticisms.

Negative Traits

Virgos have high personal standards that often fuel their need to critique anything they don’t like.

Despite being as patient as an ox, a Virgo can also be as stubborn as a mule. If they’re in a relationship with an equally adamant partner, the couple may not last very long. Both parties will often clash and hardly acknowledge each other’s opinions.

Virgo-born individuals are people pleasers. They will readily forfeit relationships with their friends or soulmates to get approval from other people in their life. Virgo’s perfectionist mentality often interferes with their progress and happiness in life. They simply cannot proceed with anything in life without achieving their desired goals.

Their constant dissatisfaction with their minor failures may cause them to have a lesser appreciation of their more significant achievements. Consequently, they end up falling into an extreme form of depression.



Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries folk are independent, fast, and bold. Anyone born under this sign came into existence between the 21st of March and the 19th of April. Aries’ symbol is the Ram. The horns on their spirit animal’s head represent aggression and masculinity. It also stands for Aries’ ‘head-on’ way of tackling issues.

Aries people fall under the fire element, along with Leo and Sagittarius. These three signs are both physically active and extremely creative folk. They are also decisive, action-oriented, and highly optimistic.

Aries’ ruling astrological body is Mars. The red planet is infamous for inspiring competition, aggression, desire, and war among Aries people. Mars also inspires the zodiac’s firstborns to work towards fulfilling their deepest passions.

Along with Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer, Aries beings are also Cardinal signs. All Cardinal signs love to work their way around challenges; they’re natural leaders and doers as well.

Positive Traits

Aries’ typical character traits stem from their yang (masculine) qualities. Aries folk focus more on engaging assertively with the outside world. Aries are self-confident beings who do their best to make their personality noticed. They love venturing into the unknown without having someone to dictate their every move.

Their outstanding organizational dexterity stands out among all the other signs in the zodiac. Aries folk are cardinal signs whose personalities can make them excellent team leaders, directors, or managers.

In addition to being exceptional organizers, Aries folk are also bursting with positive energy. They’re dynamic and energetic mainly because of their ruling planet, Mars. These folks are super focused on their goals and do their best to overcome life’s challenges to tread down the success path.

An Aries can take significant strides without any second thoughts or worries about the hurdles that lie ahead. They rely mostly on their passion, ambition, creativity, and optimism to catapult their lives and leadership efforts to the next level.

Negative Traits

Despite Aries’s high level of confidence, they still struggle a lot with putting their points across. Anyone who doesn’t know them may negatively view them as either rude, arrogant, or not worth interacting with.

These Sun Signs love having the spotlight on no one else but them. They often throw tantrums whenever they feel ignored; they don’t hold back from unleashing their explosive temper through outbursts. Luckily, it doesn’t take long for their anger to cool down.

It’s tough to say, but Aries is a selfish and impulsive being who won’t compromise to get what they want. They put themselves first, don’t listen to outside opinions, and rely on their intellect. If things go contrary to what they initially planned, everyone around them will suffer. They either get depressed or throw tantrums to express their frustration.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility in Friendship, Communication, Love, Sex, and Marriage



When Aries and Virgo get into a friendship, it’s a union of two people who want nothing more than to learn a thing or two from the other.

Aries gets into the friendship as impatient, rash, and impulsive, quick to jump into conclusions further thought. Virgo is the complete opposite. They’re patient, shy, and gentle people who work for their benefit and those around them.

As a result of these differences, there’s a good chance that Aries and Virgo could learn plenty from each other. For that to happen though, both friends should opt to look beyond each other’s flaws. They should instead focus their attention on their positive sides.

At the beginning of their companionship, Aries and Virgo will find it difficult to overlook their differences. However, the further they get into the friendship, both parties will learn to live peaceably and consider each others’ criticisms.



Between the two friends, Virgo is the most demanding when it comes to heartfelt conversations. They love immersing themselves in meaningful, reasonable, and cheerful discussions that make them proud of having someone special in their lives.

Before these two signs can establish a reasonable conversation, they need to first work on their trust issues; this should be done earlier on in the relationship. Aries’ truthful and forthright nature are two traits that Virgo appreciates most.

The Maiden’s attraction to anything pure gives the promise of long-term honesty and fidelity in the relationship. Provided the Ram stays clean and steers clear of any foul language, Aries will open up to their partner and trust them completely.

Verbal communication aside, Virgo and Aries struggle a great deal when deciding which activities they should do together. Since they’re both into dancing, they should consider taking up lessons and connect on a soulful and rhythmical level.



Aries and Virgo are both committed to a working relationship. However, when they come together for a romantic union, their first thought is that they’re not right for each other. Their first thought is that neither has anything to learn from the other. It takes some time before Aries and Virgo understand each other very well.

At times, their personalities may get in the way of their relations. While Virgo is patient, shy, quiet, and detail-oriented, their Aries partner is the exact opposite: impatient, quick to jump to conclusions, aggressive, dominant, and bold.

Aries has impetuous and fiery energy, while Virgo’s is more grounded and slower. Ironic as it may sound, these differences can unite this pair and help them establish a steady relationship. They need to look beyond their partner’s surface and focus more on the underlying character.

Neither Virgo nor Aries should strive to be more superior than the other. They should complement each other in every facet of the union.



Sex between Aries and Virgo is hardly easy or natural. Virgo, being the natural perfectionist, needs their partner to be dressed for the occasion. Aries has no issues with meeting their partner’s wardrobe demands.

One other quality that attracts Virgo to an Aries is their willingness to work as a team. Whenever Aries decides to do something, they do it wholeheartedly and with passion. Sex, in this case, is one of those tasks where Aries and Virgo should work together and put in their best effort. Most times, they end up disappointing each other.

Virgo and Aries have an undeniable attraction to each other. The Maiden has a knack for slow and meaningful foreplay or sex talk. The Ram, however, is hastier and prefers getting right into it without any prior stimulation whatsoever.

To maintain the tranquil sexual atmosphere in the bedroom, Virgo needs to listen to Aries and meet their sexual demands. Ramming or pushing their way into sexual ecstasy may be satisfying, but only on a personal level.



As a married couple, Aries may try to make Virgo their pawn, rather than a spouse. The Ram should keep in mind that it takes two to tango. They should shift their attention to their spouse and focus mostly on what they want.

If Virgo and Aries find it challenging to understand each other at some point in the marriage, there’s no other choice but to persevere.

It helps to have a third party in the mix who can help iron out issues and restore the peace. In case of any miscommunication, the mediator will help make the conversation more manageable and use an emotionally conscious dialect.

Aries and Virgo need to think things through on their own and come up with good ways to make their marriage a lifetime haven. Honesty should reign supreme at every stage of their conjugal bond.

Bottom Line

The relationship between Aries and Virgo is not one you’d call ‘boring.’ With overall compatibility of 50%, it’s far from that. The fun and excitement both parties gain from the relationship make it hard for the Ram and the Maiden to call things off.

Although there’s an acceptable level of uncertainty regarding how long this pair will stay together, there’s no denying how good they relate in most aspects of their relationship. Focusing on the positive side of their union is a sure way to rejuvenate their mutual support for one another continuously.

Additionally, ignoring the relationship’s weak spots goes a long way in setting that much-needed freedom and erratic mood. The Ram can tap into Aries’ never-ending stream of positive energy. On the other hand, Aries can learn a thing or two from Aries on how to speak their mind calmly and become less overwhelmed by their thoughts.