Virgo and Cancer Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

Combining an Earth and Water sign usually results in a successful relationship. These two signs are quite different but what they share is mutual respect and emotional understanding of their partner. They don’t need to agree on everything; all they need to do is agree to disagree, and both of these signs have no problem doing that. In this article you can find complete information about Virgo and Cancer compatibility.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Virgo possesses a lot of strength, practicality, and discipline. Everything they do in their life always has a purpose and a lot of thought behind it. Virgos never act on impulse, and they always take plenty of time to consider all their options before diving into something.

As a result, Virgos have a hard time pairing up with Fire signs like Aries and Leo because they’re too quick to change something or take a different direction.

Cancer also puts a lot of thought into things, but they don’t always act with their brain alone. Cancer is one of the most emotional zodiac signs, and they use their heart to guide them much of the time. They’re very sensitive and concerned about what people think of them. As a result, Cancers need to find a partner who will preserve their feelings and never be too hard on them.

Virgo and Cancer Sex and Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy

Cancer carries the heart and Virgo carries the mind. When you put these two together, you have a relationship that embodies the heart and mind, and that makes for a powerful trip in the bedroom. They’re capable of sharing how they feel with each other, and they’re also able to discuss what they want, so there are clear boundaries and expectations for both.

It’s important that Virgo shuts off their incredible mind long enough to let Cancer in. These people generally lack emotion because everything to them is logical and systematic. Virgos never act on impulse, and they are never one to behave in a fragile way about their relationships.

What does this mean for Cancer? It means that they’ll be on their own sometimes to safeguard their own emotions, and that does not work for them. Cancer needs someone around to nurture and protect them, but that, unfortunately, will never be Virgo. This can result in some disconnect in the bedroom that reflects their ability to feel close and intimate with each other.

Virgo and Cancer Trust


Virgo doesn’t trust easily and it takes a lot of effort for them to trust anyone. Luckily, Cancer is worthy of trust; they’re stable, great at making decisions, and they’re always dedicated to their partner.

Once Cancer decides on someone to love and care for, they’ll never change their mind. Cancer will not cheat, deceive, or lead you on. The reason for this is because their main desire is for a prosperous life that is rich with family, love, and closeness. Cancer understands that they’ll never achieve that goal if their partner can’t trust them.

As a result, Virgo detects this early in the relationship and doesn’t have a problem trusting Cancer. These two share a strong, trusting bond that allows them to be both independent and close. This reason alone is the critical foundation that will allow this partnership to survive the early stages of their relationship. If they can trust each other in the beginning, they’ll have enough time to develop a strong bond.

Virgo and Cancer Communication


Communication is the key to every successful relationship, and unfortunately, it’s one area where these two struggle. It’s the common battle between emotion and logic, and this is something we see very often with zodiac compatibility. You have one partner on one side that wears their heart on their sleeve and leads with their heart (Cancer). Then you have another who uses logic, brains, and process to determine everything (Virgo).

There’s no way that these two could understand each other enough to make it work, right?

Well, there’s one way that they can make it work. Both of these zodiacs can understand each other and respect their differences, and that’s the key to their success. They’re both highly intelligent people who prefer to take “the high road” when it comes to their relationships. As a result, they’re sure to find a way to make it work, even if it’s not always easy.

Because of their willingness to put in the work and make the relationship happen, it can inspire others to do better as well. While this might not be the relationship that sits down and holds a two-hour conversation every night, they’re likely to have success due to their willingness to listen to each other and make the most of their situation.

Virgo and Cancer Emotions


Virgos are natural-born cynics, and they question everything. The one thing you don’t want to question a Cancer about is their emotion. Cancer will immediately turn the other way when you start trying to rationalize their emotions. They believe strongly in mental health, and they see it as important to nurture and care for those who are struggling rather than to provide a logical solution to everything.

This is the single most difficult challenge they face because Virgo is so rational, and they don’t have a lot of emotional depth. If Cancer starts showing their emotions too early, it can scare Virgo away. The Earth sign might think that the Water sign will be too much to handle, and they’ll constantly be stepping on eggshells trying to preserve their partner’s feelings. While that might be an exaggeration, it’s reasonable for Virgo to feel this way about the Water sign.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, Virgo tends to retreat when they’re feeling emotional, or when they encounter someone who is emotional. That is the last thing that Cancer needs. Cancer-born people need someone there when they’re feeling upset or anxious about something. They need others to protect their emotions, and Virgo will never be that person.

For these two to support each other emotionally, Cancer needs to realize that they need to pick themselves up, and Virgo needs to be patient with their emotional partner because they require a bit more attention and care.

Virgo and Cancer Values


The best thing about both of these zodiac signs is their ability to compromise and understand varying viewpoints. While Virgo might sometimes think that Cancer is too emotional, and Cancer may think that Virgo is too “straight-laced,” they find it in their hearts to accept each other anyway.

If they can get past their differences in the beginning, they’re likely to develop a successful relationship that is built on an unbreakable bond. Problems do arise when their values come into question. The most important thing for Virgo to avoid is questioning Cancer about everything they do.

Virgos are very cynical, so they don’t just listen to what people have to say, they analyze and contradict it, and Cancer doesn’t take kindly to this. If Virgo can learn to let Cancer have their way even if they don’t think it makes sense, they might be surprised how love and passion will blossom.

The good news is that these two are generally accepting, and they share a mutual intellect that allows them to talk about their thoughts and feelings rather than fight about them. Values are not one area they agree on, but their core values of love and respect allow them to get along anyway.

Virgo and Cancer Together


When Cancer and Virgo get together to do something fun, Virgo tends to lead the way. These people like to plan everything, have an organized agenda, and follow it is exactly as-is. That’s until Cancer swoops in, rips up the rule book, and forces Virgo to live outside the lines a little. This could work, but it could also aggravate Virgo.

One problem they encounter is that they’re not as reliant on each other as many other relationship combinations. They’re not bound together by a desire to agree and share everything, and when two people can get along by themselves, they might not always find a reason to stay together.

This is where they need to embrace their deeper bond and mutual understanding to keep them going. Over time, the excitement of this relationship will fizzle, but it will be that deeper bond that keeps them together. Even when they go a few days without seeing each other, they need to miss their partner. If they don’t, the relationship won’t likely succeed.


Virgo and Cancer are uniquely matched, but their relationship has the potential for wonderful success as long as they can learn to communicate their needs and desires to each other. If Virgo can simply open up long enough to let Cancer in, they’ll find that the Cancer-born person is easy to get along with and that they are one of the most accepting people out there.

For Cancer, it’s important that they understand the great differences in their personalities and not expect Virgo to act a certain way. The key to success is that both of these zodiac signs don’t start analyzing their partner’s personality because it could scare them away.