Virgo and Gemini Compatibility in Life, Love and Sex

When the elements of Earth and Air collide, you’re likely to find a relationship that is challenging but rewarding for the select few who have the endurance to make it work. The Earth sign in Virgo displays strength, practicality, and purpose. These signs are strong-willed and always moving through life in a systematic set of steps to never question the next move. Learn more about Virgo and Gemini compatibility from this article.

The Air sign of Gemini lives life a little differently. These people aren’t afraid to live on the edge, think quickly, and act even quicker. They’re master communicators, and while some may call them manipulators, they don’t spend too much time close to anyone, so they don’t have a chance.

Virgo and Gemini Sex and Intimacy

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Both of these signs ruling under Mercury make sex and intimacy somewhat difficult. At first glance, they have a hard time connecting, they don’t open up very well, and their judgemental behaviors cast negative feelings on the other partner, which is hard to overcome.

That said, they can make it work if they’re able to embrace their differences. Gemini is a masculine sign, while Virgo is more feminine. Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to mean that Gemini is a man; all it means is that one person tends to take the seat of power when it comes to sex.

Their sexual relationship is confusing if they don’t understand this, but the best choice they can make is to let one partner take control, and the other becomes more submissive. Doing this creates a balance of power that should work.

The worst thing these two signs could do is talk endlessly about how they need to make changes and do certain things to improve their relationship. It will create an even bigger divide and push them further apart. They need to get through the extrovert vs. introvert issue by passing control to the more masculine Gemini.

Virgo and Gemini Trust

This is one of the most challenging trust combinations in astrology. You’ve got the tricky Gemini who tends to live life in the fast lane. These people are always shifting gears, moving onto something different, hopping back to a previous venture, and then jumping in a completely different direction again. Virgo can barely keep up, but one thing that stays true is the fact that Virgo doesn’t trust anyone.

Virgo-born people are natural skeptics, and they’ll always blame people for things even if they are not guilty. Out of all the people to get into a relationship with, Gemini is the least trustworthy. Of course, this doesn’t apply across the board, and the trust issue might not always mean that they’re trying to cheat or deceive someone, but it could simply mean that they’re not being as honest as they should.

The key to success here is to hold Gemini accountable and get them to open up about their behaviors. These are not the type of people you can scream at and expect them to tell you the truth; they need to feel comfortable. Thankfully, Virgo is nurturing and caring and should be able to get Gemini to tell the truth if they did something wrong.

Virgo and Gemini Communication

Both of these signs are ruled by the same planet of Mercury. While they might have severe differences, they also possess a certain level of similarities that help them communicate better than any other relationship.

When they fight, they’ll still be able to work it out, come to a common ground, and agree on something. If they disagree on how to approach finances, they’ll have the communication skills to find something that works for both of them. That’s the joy of active and positive communication.

That said, Gemini has a superficial personality that can push people’s buttons, and this will happen with Virgo. Just when the two think they’re having a serious conversation and making a breakthrough, Gemini can tear it all apart with a few choice words.

We also need to remember that Virgo is a fragile sign, so eventually, they can only be pushed so far before they break down. Even if Gemini has good intentions and doesn’t mean any harm, Virgo will ultimately lose it and likely retreat to a private place and cry.

For this relationship to succeed, these two need to realize how much they need their partner and how much they balance each other. When they come together, they can solve any problem because they have exceptional communication skills, but they need to unite their minds and hearts rather than fight it.

Virgo and Gemini Emotions

In this relationship, you have a battle between high and low emotions. Gemini is considered a sign that is low emotion, doesn’t get upset easily, won’t worry about much, and doesn’t care what happens.

On the other side, you have a highly emotional sign in Virgo. These people let everything bother them, they wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they can sometimes think the world is out to get them. While it’s almost impossible for them to reel in that type of strong emotion, these two can complement each other so well in a way they don’t even realize.

Gemini is the voice of reason, but their lighthearted approach to anything can make Virgo-born people laugh right when they need it. Sometimes it’s hard being the one who is serious all the time, so Virgo needs to learn to relax, let go, and realize that they can’t control everything that happens in life.

The most serious mistake they can make is dismissing each other’s feelings. As long as they don’t do that, they should be able to maintain a strong bond no matter how different they are.

Virgo and Gemini Values

These two share similar values because, as we’ve mentioned, despite their differences, both of these signs are forces for good. They represent intelligence and resourcefulness, but they just have strangely different approaches to how they get there. They won’t recognize these differences right away because love will fill their hearts, and they’ll surely ignore all the issues.

The most important similarity these two possess is their value for rationality. While Gemini is somewhat goofy, they never do anything reckless, dangerous, or threatening. Even though Virgo is emotional, they never cross into the realm of self-harm or dangerous behavior towards others. Both are rational people, and these values are some of the only things keeping their relationship together.

Virgo and Gemini Together

If we couldn’t find anything else to make these two look any more different, this is where the difference in personality stands out. While they’re both not that talkative and prefer activities where they can use their minds, their approach is uniquely different.

For example, if they were to go to a play at the local theater, Virgo would get dressed up, purchase the seats, get there 15 minutes early, and everything would be fine.

You’ll have Gemini trailing behind because they had to see if the restaurant around the corner closed down yet, or they get sidetracked talking to a lady about her dog on the walk. After petting the dog, Gemini realizes they have fur all over their clothes and has to go home to change.

It’s the eccentric behavior of Gemini that keeps things interesting, and while the two relate on how to spend their time, they don’t often do it in the same way. Both of these signs are ever-changing, though, so they have each other to take through the journey of life, and even if they don’t agree or always get along, they need their partner.


This relationship can change as often as we change our socks. Both partners will find new and exciting things to learn about each other as they make their way through life. It won’t always be pretty, but they’re dedicated to each other.

When Virgo and Gemini decide to pick someone as their partner, they tend to stick together. They also require their varying personalities to get through life, and after a while, they won’t even know how to function without the other person.

Gemini desperately needs Virgo there to reel him/her in when they get out of control. Virgo needs Gemini to pick him/her up when emotions strike high, and they don’t know how to get out of bed anymore.

Either way, these two spend a lot of time inside their minds, so they tend to overthink their differences rather than work on them and accept them. When they do eventually fall in love, they’ll develop a strong bond. As long as they can learn to respect their partner, they’ll never have to worry about a broken heart.