Virgo Horoscope: Sign, dates and personality

Date Range: August 23 – September 22

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Top Compatibility: Pisces and Cancer

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Best Day: Wednesday

Favorite Colors: Grey, Beige, and Yellow

Element: Earth



This Earth sign displays strength, personality, conservatism, and practicality. Everything they do in their life has meaning, and there’s always a deeper purpose behind their actions.

Don’t expect to find a Virgo mindlessly wandering through life chaotically. These zodiac signs are known for having their house in order and always keeping everything well put together. If you do occasionally find a Virgo out of sorts, don’t expect that to happen often.

These men and women ensure that nothing is ever left to chance, and they navigate through life methodically, carefully planting one foot before the other.

Much of Virgo’s decisions in life are guided by goals and aspirations. Their goals are important, and they’ll do everything necessary to reach them. Virgo’s analytical nature takes over at times, and some might tend to call them obsessive or compulsive. Whenever there is a small detail out of place, this is the zodiac sign you can expect to jump in and put everything back where it belongs.

Mercury rules over Virgo, and as a result, these zodiac signs usually have a great knack for reading and writing. They’re excellent communicators so expect them to have careers in writing or broadcasting. Their loyal and practical nature makes them great employees, but they’re not assertive or feel risky enough to lead their own business or manage others compared to some other signs.

Virgo Strengths

First, let’s take a look at some of the best features of this powerful Earth sign:

Hard Working

Virgos believe that hard work pays off, and they’re not afraid to throw themselves into the middle of a project and do the work until it’s finished. Virgos are first to rise, the first to arrive at work and the last to leave at night. They work painlessly to see a project through until the end and believe that hard work always turns into rewards in the end. It’s important that these zodiacs understand the difference between working hard and working smart.

Sometimes their stubborn nature makes them believe that they have the best solution to a problem when, in reality, they should’ve listened to someone else, and they would have gotten the project done much better and faster. Instead, they end up taking much longer because they were too stubborn to listen. It’s important that Virgos don’t get blinded by their hard work ethic.


When you need someone to help and support you through a hard time, you’ll want a Virgo by your side. These Earth signs are incredibly loyal and will do everything possible to show you how loyal they are.

Their work ethic trickles down into their loyal nature because Virgos are able to earn the respect of everyone in their life by being the one who is always there when you need someone the most.

If you need help moving into a new home, when you need someone to talk to, and even if you need help getting back on your feet, these men and women possess an incredibly loyal energy that makes you feel comfortable and safe when they’re around.


Virgos are natural-born cynics; they question everything. If you show them a problem with a given solution, chances are they’ll look at it from a different angle and try to tell you a different way to solve the problem.

Their analytical nature helps them in a lot of ways, but it can also hurt them by causing information overload. Sometimes the shortest route from point A to point B is the best one to take. Virgos can complicate something that’s already simple and make a mess out of it. It’s important that these zodiac signs take input from other signs like fire and air signs instead of thinking they know everything all the time.

One of the biggest downfalls of Earth signs is their stubborn nature and inability to believe that anyone else knows as much as they do. That said, when Virgos combine the elements of analysis with creativity, they can lead exceptional careers in research and education.


The best analogy for describing an Earth sign is that they’re a strong foundation for you to stand on. Virgos lead the way with that by being the one you can always count on. In addition to being loyal in relationships and commitments, they’re incredibly reliable. These signs simply believe in doing what’s right, regardless of whether or not it’s the thing they want to do.

The problem with fire and air signs are they want everything to “feel good,” or they think they shouldn’t pursue things that don’t ignite their passion or do anything for them. Virgos cannot understand that thought process because they believe in doing the right thing, and nothing else matters.

If someone needs help and they ask a Virgo, you can guarantee that they’ll be there. This personality trait can lead to issues, though, when Virgo feels he or she is being taken advantage of.

Sometimes people may use Virgo’s reliability and start to take them for granted. It’s important that Virgos have enough awareness to know when this is happening so they don’t waste their time on a lost cause.


No zodiac sign is infinitely patient, but Virgos have more patience than the rest. This trait is another one that is commonly known to Earth signs, and Virgos exemplify this.

Virgos take their responsibilities seriously, and they understand that not everyone shares the same values and moral responsibility as they do. As a result, others might take a little more time to learn something or pick up on it, so Virgos are okay with waiting around for them to catch on.

While that patience does last a while, it’s important to understand that Virgos are critical and incredibly picky about the way things are done. So, if you’re working for one, you better be ready to do something again and again until it’s perfect. Virgos will not cut you any slack. They might be okay with sitting around and waiting a little longer, but they do not have any patience when it comes to taking shortcuts.

Virgo Weaknesses

With every positive comes a negative. Let’s take a look at some of the weaknesses of this zodiac sign:


Virgos have incredibly high standards in everything they do. Some might believe this is because they do everything so well, and others might think it’s because they are simply being judgemental and overly critical. Regardless of how you see it – they don’t care. Virgos will ensure that standards are met, and each person is held to the same standards.

From a business perspective, this makes a Virgo a great manager and supervisor. Subordinates greatly dislike Virgo managers because it is nearly impossible to meet their standards.

It’s important for Virgos to understand that not everyone will be able to do things their way and that there are other ways of accomplishing something, even if it doesn’t fit the mold perfectly.


Virgos are highly dedicated to everything they do. Whether we’re talking about family commitments, professional roles, and personal expectations. Regardless of what it is, Virgos take it incredibly seriously, and they always think that they know best.

These zodiac signs are reluctant to change and, like the Earth, will remain fixated on what they want until you give in or pretend to see things their way. This leads to resentment in the workplace and can cause issues at home as well. In relationships, Virgos are unmoving and are not willing to allow input from their spouse or children.


Some might call them obsessive, Virgos call themselves driven. No other zodiac sign is so dead set on having things done a certain way. Virgos will continue to do something until they get it 100% the way they intended, even if it means being at it all night.

Other signs find it hard to understand this mentality. Some signs prefer to get things done as fast as possible so they can move on, but not Virgos. Expect to be in it for the long haul if you’re completing a project with or for a Virgo. They will push you to your limits.

It’s so crucial in professional and personal relationships that Virgos learn to let go of their obsessive-compulsive nature. They’ll have a much easier time making and retaining friends while nurturing better relationships.


Virgos are the definition of a Type A Personality. Every little thing bothers them, and this leads to anxiety and depression for many. Anytime you find something out of place, a Virgo will overthink this issue to the ends of the Earth and find a million little things wrong with it.

It’s crucial for their happiness that they learn to relax and not stress the small stuff in life. When something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world.

Virgo Love and Relationships

As with everything else, Virgos prefer a relationship that is stable and long-term. They need plenty of time to build trust, and if you cross them the wrong way, they won’t likely look in your direction again. Slow, steady, and patient are three key traits of the ideal partner for Virgos.

They want to feel important, and they need to know that their partner is as trustworthy and reliable as they are.

Virgo Friends and Family

Virgos are highly dedicated to their friends and family, and they’re very useful to have around. The only downside of this sign is that they’ll often find problems in places you didn’t know they existed. This can even lead to them finding problems with you as a person and with your relationship. They tend to dig up dirt on issues that may otherwise be better left unsaid.

Virgo Career and Finances

This zodiac sign values hard work, and they know the solution to every problem they encounter in life. That helps them to shine in any career path that requires great organizational and problem-solving skills. Their ruling under Mercury also has an artistic side, but their analytical and practical side always brings them back to Earth. Expect these zodiac signs to work best in careers in education, medicine, and business.

Attracting a Virgo Man

If you’re going to win the heart of a Virgo man, you must win over his brain first. He’s going to look at you for relief from a constantly running mind. It’s important that you offer him an outlet but take things slow and steady. Virgo men also expect their partner to have their own life in order.

These men are not the type of people to take on a “relationship challenge” that requires them to improve the other person. Virgo will come into the relationship with stable finances and limited baggage, and he expects his partner to do the same.

Attracting a Virgo Woman

Virgo women are intelligent, detail-oriented, and cynical. Do not expect to pull one over on her and think you’re going to get her right into bed. She is patient, and she’ll make you wait longer than you ever thought possible.

She seems independent and cold from the outside, but deep down, she longs for a connection and a relationship where she can open up and share herself. Earth signs possess a hard exterior, but every man and woman has the desire to fall in love and find someone who compliments them. To pair up with a Virgo woman, you need to help her step outside her comfort zone once in a while.

Virgos are certainly one of the most interesting signs in Astrology. These people are the most nit-picky and critical of the signs, but at the same time, they possess a deep emotional intelligence that longs for companionship and understanding.